The Complete Venus Star and Cycle Files

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Are you ready to go on a complete journey into the Venus Star and Cycle?

Since 2017 we have gathered every 9.5 months at every Venus Star Point for these specialist Venus Masterclasses.
We are more than thrilled to be able to offer over 44 complete hours (plus bonuses) of all our session over the years.
None of the masterclasses are the same, as new information is added in each session, some info overlaps but is unique to the current Star Point and theme, as each star point is unique, oscillating from retrograde to direct points in only 5 signs of the zodiac, over 8 years. Our group of Venus Star astrologers sharing many insights, practical application and valuable research gathered over the years

Featuring our regular Venus Star Practitioners :
Arielle Guttman, Gemini Brett, Adam Gainsburg and Julija Simas,
and other special guests Patricia Walsh, Kelley Hunter, Adam Sommer,

Each masterclass ranges from 2.5 hours to 10 hours with a total of 44.5 hours of learning with us, plus a few bonus videos.

In these classes you will learn about:
The Venus Star Points and how to use them.
The Venus cycle and phases and how to use them.
The Astronomy of the Venus Cycle.
The fractal like nature of the Venus Star and her connection to the golden ratio.
The greater cycles of the Venus Star and Venus Transits
The visitations of Venus to the Underworld.
The Shamanic view of the Descent of Innana to the Underworld.
The  7 Venus /Moon Gates, 7 Chakras, 7 steps, 7 Months.
The themes of each of the 5 Star points – Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio/Libra, Leo
The mundane connections and themes of each Star Point.
The difference between a retrograde star point and a direct star point.
How to embody Venus mediation and intention.
Hear the discussions and recorded Q and A’s.
See example charts and living stories.
Ask questions, share insights on our access pages during your learning process.
By the end you will be using the Venus Star and Cycle like a Pro.

Our stellar Venus Astrologers!

  • Agent 005 -Arielle Guttman(USA)
  • Agent 12 – Julija Simas (AUS)
  • Agent 1123 – Gemini Brett (USA)
  • Agent  46 – Adam Gainsburg (USA)
  • Agent  115  – Kelley Hunter (USA)
  • Agent 999 – Patrica Walsh(USA),
  • Agent 108 – Adam Sommer (USA)

All 9 Venus Masterclasses have full Video session and PDF notes (unless specified)
Venus Star Aries retro  – March 2017 – 3hrs – Arielle, Gemini, Julija – 3 hours (no pdf’s with this session)
Venus Star Capricorn direct – January 2018 — Arielle, Gemini, Julija, Adam G – 4hours (no pdf’s with this session)
Venus Star Scorpio retr0 – October 2018 – Gemini, Julija, Adam G – 4 hours
Venus Star Leo direct – August 2019 – Arielle, Gemini, Julija – 4hours
Venus Star Gemini retro – June 2020 – Arielle, Gemini, Julija – 5hours
Venus Star Aries direct – March 2021 – Arielle, Julija – 2.5 hours
Venus Star Capricorn retro – Jan 2022 – Julija, Adam Gainburg, Patrica Walsh, Adam Sommer – 5hours
Venus Star Libra direct – Oct 2022 – Arielle, Julija, Gemini, Adam G, Kelley Hunter – 7 hours
Venus Star Leo – August 2023 – Arielle, Julija, Gemini, Adam G -10 hours
Check here for further details on all past sessions

Nothing like this exists anywhere else, these archives of material are unique and specialized.
Purchase all 44.5 hours for :

$525 USD

Less than half price for full content.

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The Complete Venus Star and Cycle Files

USD $525.00