Venus Star Gemini: Masterclass with Arielle Guttman and Julija Simas

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Before the next Venus Star Point in Gemini, join Arielle and Julija as they beam in together from Athens Greece to bring you a special hands on workshop on how to use the Venus Star to help track the patterns in your life. This will be a unique experience as it is the first time we will dedicate a whole session to take an in depth look at the Venus Star Points of the participants. This program will not be about the mechanics of it, it will be a deep dive into the workings of  The Venus Star in your personal life. We will be selecting, randomly, from the group, five people to share their charts. If you would like to be part of our selection please email : with your birth details.

2 hrs 

May 22nd, 2024
7pm EEST,

3pm EDT,
12pm PDT


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Agent 005 – Arielle Guttman is the author of Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century (print
book) and The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of your Life (ebook). She lectures on the Venus Star Points around the world and offers professional certification in this unique and heart-lifting method to interact with Venus.

Web address:

Agent 12  – Julija Simas – Is the founder, motivator, designer and instigator of the C*I*A. Agent 12, started the C*I*A in 2005 as a project to raise consciousness and global awareness, to the fascinating and useful world of Astrology. Since, the C*I*A has been her life’s mission, work and inspiration in the world of astrology, working as a consultant, mentor, teacher and promoting astrology and all its uses and applications online and around the globe through the C*I*A website and social media. Julija continues to manage the C*I*A website and the C*I*Academy program and connect astrologers from around the globe in the C*I*A’s unified cause. Julija has lectured and presented at many workshops and conferences around the globe and online over the years, facilitated many C*I*A Retreats and Star Camps since 2011 and international online events.


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Venus Star Gemini: Masterclass with Arielle Guttman and Julija Simas

USD $72.00