The Uranian Planet- POSEIDON – The spiritual keys to the Aquarian Age

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with Eileen Nauman

What on Earth is Uranian astrology?

You might have heard of it in passing.  Eileen has used it for forty-five  years as a medical astrologer and she  has saved many, many lives.   These eight planets (some call them “sensitive points” or TNP’s: transneptunain planets) are in the 4th dimension…you can’t see them, but they can sure influence your life, regardless.  In this presentation Eileen will give us a bit of history on them and then take us on a cosmic trip and introduce us to the first of the eight:  Poseidon. Poseidon is often seen as the the higher octave to Neptune and is a huge upgrade spiritually speaking, to those who have this planet high-lit in their chart.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The mythology of Poseidon – a dysfunctional household and family of Alfred Witte, discoverer of The Uranian planets, named Poseidon
  • Kundalini and Poseidon, meeting Earth and Sky within ourselves
  • Energy medicine is our future. It is Poseidon’s brain child and gifts to our world
  • The dark and light side of our psychology with Poseidon…Truth,  or con artist/liar/gas lighter
  • The medical astrology meaning of Poseidon
  • How to gain good health via Poseidon
  • Find out what all about Poseidon and how it has been influencing your life all along.$25 usd

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“Eileen Nauman, DiHom (UK), EMT,  is a worldwide lecturer and pioneer on a broad range of topics including homeopathy, medical astrology, metaphysics, and shamanism. She is also a New York Times best-selling author under the penname Lindsay McKenna, having written more than 225 novels, translated into 33 languages, and selling over 23 million copies around the world.  She has helped to popularize Uranian astrology through webinars and her best-selling book MEDICAL ASTROLOGY. She is currently in collaboration with an international group of homeopaths to create collective healing for humanity through global proving projects, including the 2005 global proving of Arizona Red Clay (more info can be found on Now, at seventy-seven years old, Eileen continues to be a global trailblazer, bridging the wisdom traditions of the past with a more enlightened, Aquarian Age vision for our planet and our future.”

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The Uranian Planet- POSEIDON – The spiritual keys to the Aquarian Age

USD $25.00