The Solar Return Chart webinar with Oner Doser

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 Solar Return Charts may be considered as a separate annual chart,  one of the most reliable techniques for the prediction of annual events in the native’s life  used by the masters of Traditional Astrology and crowned by French astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin and is still widely used today. The Solar return technique, provides specific information for each new age of our life, giving us detailed information about our situation and where we live,  as well as showing moves to another place, all in comparison with our natal charts. Solar return technique can also be used for Electional Astrology and Astrolocality.

In this presentation,  Öner Döşer will introduce this technique, which show how Solar return’s work with Transits, Profections and also Lunar Returns.


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Öner Döşer,  Agent 24  – is the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology approved by APAI and ISAR, School of Astrology Publishing, and YouTube Astrology TV, is an astrology consultant, author and lecturer.

He trained over 3000 students until now both nationally and internationally, continues teaching in AstroArt School of Astrology and in Kepler College. His studies represent the blending of traditional and modern techniques and attitudes. Öner is the writer and co-writer of 37 books. He is an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer and OPA Turkish Satellite, ISAR Cap and member of APAI.

Öner organizes International Astrology days in Istanbul annually since 2012, inviting important names in the field of astrology.

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The Solar Return Chart webinar with Oner Doser

USD $25.00