The Lost Art Of Decumbiture

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Agent 107 – Nicky Allison

What on earth is a decumbiture chart?  How do we get one and what do we do with it once we have it?

Decumbiture is a form of Horary, where the chart is cast for when a person “takes to their bed”. In other words, the time when someone falls ill. A decumbiture chart can inform the astrologer of whether the illness or disease is acute or chronic, along with what is causing the disease or illness, likelihood of recovery, and what the best course of treatment could be.

In this introduction to decumbiture, Nicky will take you through a short history of decumbiture as it was (and still is) used in medical astrology, and what to look for in the chart to assist your clients with basic medical problems, using chart examples and case studies.

Includes Q and A

90 mins

June,  23rd 2022
10:00 am AEST,
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June 22nd 8:00pm EDT, 5:00pm PDT

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Agent 107 – Nicky Allison  is a qualified Naturopath and Astrologer with 30 years of experience working with clients from around the world for their various health and spiritual concerns.  Agent 107 is a Naturopath/Herbalist and Astrologer with 30 years experience. She has a special love of Horary and Medical Astrology. She holds Diplomas in Modern, Medieval and Medical Astrology and guest lectures for the STA. Nicky specialises in the classical system of Astrology for medical matters which can explain the origin, treatment and outcome of an illness or dis-ease. She uses predictive techniques for people who want to know what lies ahead, and modern Astrology for natal chart readings and predictive work. Nicky is also available for a more traditional approach to using herbs for everyday woes and illnesses in general, based on the natal horoscope.  You can find her on Facebook @nickyallisontradastro and Instagram @nickyallisonastrology

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The Lost Art Of Decumbiture

EUR €23