The Astrology of Fixed Stars Webinar with Ehsan Khazeni

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The Astrology of Fixed Stars Webinar with Ehsan Khazeni

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Astrology and Fixed Stars – Agent 63 Ehsan Khazeni – Iran
Agent and Scholar of ancient Persian astrology.

The stars and constellations were the first inspiring elements of the deep study of the sky,  later replaced by the 12 zodiac signs, then almost forgotten, like many other roots of ancient wisdom. The qualities and ease of use of the zodiac signs rather than the constellations, made astrologers leave behind the wide spectrum of the 8th sphere, that of the fixed stars. This original separation of astrology and astronomy was the main reason that bought about the lack of the need for observation as a significant resource for the astrologer, followed by light pollution and our human transition to living in big cities.  From old Persian books we find  an extensive catalog of the fixed stars, with some lists explaining the influences of over 140 fixed stars.

In this webinar we are thrilled to be hosting Agent 63 Ehsan for the fist time for the C*I*A, to introduce us to the a list of the 15 Primary and 15 Secondary fixed stars presented by Persian astrologers.

This webinar will cover:
The classification of fixed stars:
The Name of the Stars:
The Planetary Nature of the fixed stars:
The Planetary influence on the fixed stars:
Benefic and Malefic fixed stars:
The fixed stars in Electional astrology:
Fixed stars in Natal interpretation.

In this day and age the study of the Real Sky and the Fixed Stars gains in importance in understanding our astrology as the Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs also move further out of alignment.

Agent 63 Ehsan Khazeni – In recent years, Ehsan Khazeni has emerged as the missing puzzle piece that bridges eastern and western astrology, lost since the fall of Constantinople. His brilliant research is eagerly awaited by scholars around the world. Ehsan is currently writing his first book. With pupils from around the globe, Ehsan has emerged as a new kind of an astrologer who will unite the Perso-Arabic world with the West and, coupled with his outstanding programming skills, will transform the face of astrology. –



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The Astrology of Fixed Stars Webinar with Ehsan Khazeni

USD $25.00