Rectification: Simple Time Check-Techniques with Mj Patterson

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With Agent 121 – Mj Patterson

Astrology analyses our lives through an examination of the skies at the exact  moment of our birth. Four minutes makes a BIG difference, as every 4 minutes,a degree slips over the horizon and the chart changes forever.

Because Vital Statistics does not collect birth time information in Canada, and in places, Astrologers need to be able to narrow down and test the time of birth to give accurate information to our clients. Join Mj Patterson NCGR-IV, as she demystifies the science and art of testing and correcting the birth time.


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Mj Patterson

Mj Patterson, B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed Psych., CA NCGR-PAA

Director of the Halifax Astrology School, Mj holds a Level 4 NCGR credential. She began practising Astrology in 1978 and has been professional since 1987. She has held executive posts with the Ottawa Astrological Society and was a co-founder of the Astrologers’ Registry of Ontario, with Jean Hirst and the grand old man of Canadian Astrology: Axel Harvey. Before moving from Canada to the UK in 2002, she correctly predicted the Hamm majority government against all polls.. She returned to Canada in 2011 and has re-established her professional practice  and astrology teaching to certification both in real-time and online. Mj is a founding Director of the Atlantic Professional Astrologers’ Association and offers competency-based world-class astrological education  at affordable prices.

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Rectification: Simple Time Check-Techniques with Mj Patterson

USD $25.00