Pluto in Aquarius: The mission for your generation

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Join Evolutionary Astrologer and  Sol Jonassen for this special 3 hour session, to understand further the challenges, mission and empowered gifts for your generation, those of your children and clients.


The Pluto generations that are now living and breathing on earth are mostly from Leo to the newly incoming Aquarius Souls. In this workshop we will study Pluto’s 20 year haul through Aquarius and how that will hit differently according to when you were born.

The Pluto in Leo generation (1937-1957/58) is moving into the opposition of Pluto to its natal placement: and one thing is sure about Pluto in Leo, they don’t like growing older and if life is good, they will keep on keeping on. For those whose bodies are failing, the longing for running freely again can create  sadness and depression and their big question is if life has anything more to offer?

The Pluto in Virgo generation (1956/57-1971/72) has to accept that working as hard as they are used to is perhaps not all life has to offer. Can they find a deeper liberation and allow themselves to express a more unique and individualised voice?

The Pluto in Libra generation (1971/72-1983/84)  is moving into their middle-years and will finally make headways in being able to make good choices for themselves. They are moving into their own power and have they found an identity apart from that which they have in partnership as a point of reference that directs their lives?

The Pluto in Scorpio generation (1983/84-1995/96) will be going through a massive change as Pluto is squaring Scorpio from Aquarius, leading them straight onto the famous Pluto-square-Pluto aspect. Will they find liberation from their deep existential struggles and power to meet the future?

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1995/96-2008/09) is facing the sextile and will have to work hard to establish security in a world that is spinning at faster rate. These younglings are dynamic and ready to rock, but will they be able to adjust and fit into a society that is so complex. How will they communicate their wisdom?

The Pluto in Capricorn generation (2008/09-2023/24) are still very young, however the transit affects their entire adolescence in ways we can all learn from. The schism between Capricorn and Aquarius sheds some light as to who they are and what they are breaking free from.

And the Pluto in Aquarius generation, who are they?

All this and more will be explored in the upcoming class with Sol.

3.5 Hours



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Sol Jonassen

About the Agent

Agent 32 – Bio Sol W. Jonassen ( b.1974)

Sol W Jonassen has been working professionally with astrology since 1999 and during this time she has presented at most of the major conferences like OPA, Norwac, AA in England, ISAR in Serbia, in India, River of Stars in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Turkey. She also hosted Polaris Astrology in the years between 2012-2017 and has worked internationally as a teacher for many years.

She writes for a magazine in Norway and sees clients either through Zoom or in her office in Bergen, Norway.

Additionally she has a SoulFlow degree, a transpersonal approach to therapy, and is a certified Mindfullness teacher. As an avid yogini you will find her most of the time on her way to some yoga class.

Her website is and you can also find her at Polarisatrology on IG.

Location: Bergen, Norway

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Pluto in Aquarius: The mission for your generation

USD $35.00