Eros : Magic and Astrology

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“The whole power of magic consists in Eros. The work of magic is the attraction of one thing by another because of a certain affinity of nature.” ~ Marsilio Ficino

This lecture explores the principle of Eros, and its primary role in the metaphysics of astrology and magic. Drawing on Orphic mythology, Platonic philosophy, and Chaldean Theurgy, we will shed light on the different aspects and levels of Eros. We will explore its virtues of attraction and mimesis, the connection with stellar light, the alchemical “secret fire” and the creative impulse of the cosmic, and individual soul. These will pave the way for an in-depth understanding of its primacy in all astrological workings, as well as in art and creativity, with particular emphasis on astrological magic and image-making. Finally, we will also learn some practical perspectives on directly engaging with the magical powers of Eros.

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Michael Ofek is a professional traditional astrologer, cosmologist, and astral magician from Israel. He has been practicing astrology and magic for more then two decades, avidly researching all branches of the ancient tradition, with an emphasis on Hellenistic astrology and its connection with Greco-Egyptian cosmology, philosophy, theurgy, and magic. His passion lies in unveiling and reconstructing the roots of the tradition, and the practical re-figuring of these ancient arts. Michael is also a student and initiate of the mysteries of Andean shamanism and of working and healing with entheogens. In his work, Michael stresses the importance of direct experience of astrological processes, for which he has developed a unique system, drawing on and integrating magical, theurgical and shamanic practices. Michael is an international speaker, and gives workshops and lectures worldwide, including magical retreats. He is the co-founder of the Israeli professional astrology magazine “Urania”, which also produces yearly conferences and workshops.

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Eros : Magic and Astrology

USD $25.00