Eclipse Magic – Exploring Saros Cycles

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Eclipse Magic – Exploring Saros Cycles
with Agent 12  – Julija Simas

Each eclipse belongs to a family, called a Saros Family connecting a profound 18year, 11 day and 6 hour cycle.
Join this masterclass to learn about Saros cycles what they are, how they move,  how to find your Saros family
as well learning how to use them throughout your lifetime and with your astrology.

In this session we will also focus our example on the annular Solar Eclipse, Saros 137 of June 21st 2020, occurring
on the world point of 0° Cancer at the coming Solstice.

A must for serious astrologers and students of all levels!

$25 usd

90 mins

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Julija is the founder, motivator and designer behind the C*I*A, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. After completing a Diploma in Applied Astrology and her finishing thesis on “Astrology and the ANIMA MUNDI in 2005”, her ideas were set into motion as the C*I*A was born,  instigating a global network of astrologers aligned with a co-creative purpose, raising consciousness to astrology around the globe. Seeing where astrology is today, we she says the mission is working!

Julija is a practising astrological consultant, teacher, writer, presenter and retreat organiser for the C*I*A. Julija’s focus is on the living breathing nature of astrology, cosmic cycles and real sky astrology. Julija has lectured at various C*I*A events, local workshops, and retreats, online, runs teh C*I*A website and membership program and has presented at many international conferences over the years – UAC 2012, ISAR 2014 and ISAR 2016, Astrology Rising Costa Rica 2017, IVC India Kolkata 2018/2020, International Astrology Days Turkey 2019.
Julija is the chief astrologer at the C*I*A, a an Astrologer for the NPA – New Paradigm Astrology community

Location: Melbourne, Australia


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Eclipse Magic – Exploring Saros Cycles

CNY ¥183