Chariklo and the Walkers – Andrew Smith

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Chariklo and the Walkers – and the Centaurs, the Walkers beyond Saturn

in conjunction with Blue Rose School of Astrology – Ireland

Do you have ‘female’ spirit guides/ prompts that are revealed in dream, that stimulate the creative process?

When you give yourself to your creative expression, do you feel that some deeper presence comes through you? ?

These are but two questions provoked from the interaction with Chariklo, questions that Andrew will explore as part of a webinar on her and other Walkers, a name he has given those ‘alien’ bodies that cross the orbits planets in the outer solar system, the Centaurs being part of that community.

If you would like to join Julija and Andrew for this discussion, please enroll in advance of this fascinating discussion on the ever expanding personal and collective consciousness.

Includes  Q and A and chart examples


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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith (Agent EI) is one of astrology’s rarities in so far as he has been making an exclusive livelihood from consulting with clients since 1995, two years after having a ‘fateful’ encounter with Jeff Mayo’s Teach Yourself Astrology in January 1993. In addition to a global client base, Andrew has been a director of the Blue Rose School of Astrology since 2011 and one of the original writers for the C*I*A. His approach to astrology has been heavily influenced by his client-centred work, along with an exhaustive spiritual framework. His primary interest is to help people better understand the patterns and scripts of their lives and to help raise up their awareness regarding the choices that they make.

Email:   Website –

Some of his writing can be also found on his social pages on Facebook, Insta and Telegram


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Chariklo and the Walkers – Andrew Smith

USD $25.00