The Astrology of Intuition with Cassandra Butler

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It’s said we are `all psychic’, or at least intuitive.

Have you ever wondered if astrology can assist in developing our intuitive qualities?  Have you ever wondered if practicing astrology can open up `psychic pathways?’ Have you ever wondered if there are times in your life WHEN you are more psychic? If you’ve asked `yes’ to any of these questions, then this is the webinar for you!

Especially… `now’ as we navigate the New Moon Cycle in Pisces, conjunct both Neptune AND Vesta! Make the most of the mercury retrograde in Pisces because our `right-brained-intuitive pathways’ are working overtime in March. Learn how to connect with your personal psychic pathways, with the help of astrology!

Join agent 56, Cassandra Joan Butler for this enlightening webinar, where you will learn;
1) the astrological signatures of psychics (based upon research);
2) the when and how of psychic enhancement;
3) the great astrological cycles of `otherworldly’ connections; and
4) How YOU can enhance your personal intuitive style using astrology.

Cassandra is a full time practicing astrologer for over thirty years. She is also a natural and trained psychic medium who integrates all three skills for her clients. Based in Buffalo, New York, she is passionate about teaching, and has presented at the UAC, SOTA, and Kepler Conferences. She is the president of the newly formed Buffalo NCGR Chapter, and a proud and active Agent for the C*I*A.





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The Astrology of Intuition with Cassandra Butler

USD $25.00