August 1st: Astrology and Epigenetics Webinar

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Astrology and Epigenetics

By A.T. Mann – Agent 1618

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The foundation of Life Time Astrology is that the spiral movements of the planets around the Sun during its million-mile journey every day creates a nested helix of spiraling bodies that echoes the form of the DNA molecule in every living being on Earth, and that information is exchanged via resonance: as above, so below. When the human genome was sequenced and decoded, it was thought to be a rigid pattern of biological inheritance, however the new science of epigenetics proves that our parents and the influences of our early life, even back into the womb, has the capacity to modify the expression of the genes.

The parallel of astrological processes to modern genetics, biological science and psychology, when seen in this light, is a revelation that elevates astrology onto a higher and more relevant dynamic. Life Time Astrology predated these ideas decades ago and continues to utilize scientific metaphors and processes to enhance our ability to recognize, understand, help and work with our complex life in time. By using a logarithmic time scale beginning at conception, we can discover the mechanisms of our parents’ relationship, our early life during gestation and the processes of our life that are the foundations of epigenetics. Learn the deeper language of this profound astrology that adds deeper insight into our lives, not only in this life, but also in our previous incarnations throughout the world age.

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A.T. Mann developed Life Time Astrology in the early 1970s and has written many books about its use in our psychological narrative, our biological and healing characteristics, and even an ability to date prior incarnation influences in history. He has written books on the sacred in its applications in architecture, sexuality, landscapes, trees and understanding the language of nature. He is a mandala painter, Feng Shui practitioner, and lecturer around the world, and lives and works in Hudson, NY.

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August 1st: Astrology and Epigenetics Webinar

USD $25.00