From Family Dramas to Catharsis. The role of astrology in the Family Labyrinth

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With Christos Archos (Greece)

From Family dramas to Catharsis. The role of Astrology in dealing with the family labyrinth
In this webinar Christos delves into the age-old wisdom of astrology, revealing how the celestial bodies and planetary alignments can serve as powerful tools for understanding and resolving complex family issues. Attendees will discover that astrology is not just a tool for predicting the future, but a profound mirror that reflects the complexities of our family histories and relationships.

Through compelling anecdotes, real-life examples and expert insights, the lecture explores how astrology can shed light on underlying patterns, conflicts and karmic connections within families. It reveals the potential for healing, reconciliation and cleansing found in the birth charts of family members.

90 minutes plus Q and A

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Christos Archos – C*I*A Agent 315 is an Astrologer living in Athens, Greece. He studied Psychology and holds two masters but also is a professional astrologer since 2004. His research is on relationships and synastry, astropsychology, CBT counseling, existential psychology, and Psychosynthesis. He has written several articles, holds radio and TV shows in his country, and he is Chief Editor for the Greek version of for a humanity healing foundation. He teaches and lectures across the country and he is incorporating modern psychology principles to his astrology practice. He is coordinating the program of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastrology in Greece, a program whose purpose is to find the way ancient people understood celestial phenomena. The program already is successful with several tours held in the Acropolis museum showing how the Acropolis is built according to the celestial beliefs of the ancient Greeks. He is the president for Mediterranean and Balkan Institute for Astrological research.

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From Family Dramas to Catharsis. The role of astrology in the Family Labyrinth

USD $25.00