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Progressions and Directions: Masterclass x 4


Advancing the Chart
Progressing and Directing the Horoscope

Learning to use and follow and use transits in our astrology is only part of the full astrological picture for any given natal chart. When we add the profound and potent cycles of Progressions and Directions we get more information and more meaningful layers to understanding the phases of certain life developments. By incorporating Progressions and Directions we get a more precise timing of when things will shift and change. These 4 classes will give the budding astrologer more of the tools necessary for astrological divination.

PRESENTED by Julija Simas

Advancing the chart : Using Progressions and Directions
A natal chart is fixed in time, yet there are various ways to see the potential and unfoldment of the chart over a course of time. The main techniques used by astrologers are TRANSITS, PROGRESSIONS, SOLAR ARC DIRECTIONS and RETURNS.

Progressions and Directions advance the horoscope using symbolic time frames and references calculated from time of birth, both systems move the horoscope forward, or backward (converse), using a symbolic rate of motion. Progressions use an actual orbital motion of the planets, where planets move at different rates of speed depending on their natural orbits and cycles. Using Directions planets are advanced at the same rate of speed and in the same direction apparent motion of planets of 1° per year.
Using progressions and directions help us to uncover the phase cycle of unfolding happening at any particular time of life.

These classes concentrate on the Progressions of the personal planets Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and the Directions of all planets.

Add more to the astrology you already know, by learning to advance your horoscope/chart and get the extra layers of meaning for particular periods of time in your of life.

All 4 masterclasses

= $150 USD

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Progressions and Directions: Masterclass x 4



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