Astrology Consultations with Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

CNY ¥1,615

Astrology consultations with Sol W Jonassen

90 minutes: $220 USD

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Sol is a longtime evolutionary astrologer (since 1999) who also works in the field of healing and therapy, with a degree in Soulflow, a transpersonal psychotherapeutic method, and Mindfullness. Her approach is always holistic with a strong focus on practical advice. Sol has a long experience with working with artists, creative people, healers and people with special abilities.

She offers in-depth readings offering numerous different approaches:

  • Karmic themes and how to work with them
  • Creative potential and how to manifest a deeper purpose in life
  • Medical astrology
  • Synastry and composite charts
  • Family lineage and healing
  • Asteroids and their influence in the chart
  • Spiritual alignment and energy work especially through examining the different themes in a chart

Consultations are always online unless you are in Bergen, Norway and can visit her at her office.

Links and appointment times are offered upon booking and the session is recorded.

Contact: or through

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Astrology Consultations with Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

CNY ¥1,615