Astrology Consultations with Agent 144 – Alex Trenwoth

USD $220.00

Astrology Consultations with Alex Trenoweth

1.25 hours (75 minutes)–
$220 USD

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Return sessions are available upon request:

A fully qualified Astrologer and professional schoolteacher with training in safeguarding and child protection, Alex is one of the few astrologers in the world who specializes in family consultations. Her particular area of expertise is working with parents and teachers to support the adolescents in their care. She also provides

  • Individually tailored consultations with forecasting
  • Counseling and parent-preparation classes for couples
  • Support for Lockdown Learning with astrology to help parents understand how their children learn
  • Support for helping teachers organize their classroom with astrology
  • Online mentoring for professional astrologers who wish to expand their practices to work with parents

Consultations are always online.
Links and appointment times are offered upon booking (Alex lives in London England). Recordings are available.

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Astrology Consultations with Agent 144 – Alex Trenwoth

USD $220.00