Astrology Consultations with Agent 12 – Julija Simas

USD $250.00

$250 USD
75 minutes 

also includes:
ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY – pick the right time for weddings, launch business, products etc


C*I*A MEMBERS 20% off

JULIJA currently has a 2 month waiting list, please email for earliest dates
(although sometimes can be earlier as cancellations come up, please enquire

C*I*A Members and return clients have priority for Julija’s consultations and mentoring and receive a 20% discounts please ask for CODE

NOT a C*I*A Member – JOIN HERE


All sessions receive mp4 video recording and Mp3 audio of our session.
Any relevant charts or reports will be emailed after our session.

ONLINE consultations are done via conference platform on ZOOM Meeting.

Times available for consultations vary, but generally I don’t work on weekends.
Waiting time usually a couple of weeks.
After payment, Julija will contact you to make an appointment date and ask a few relevant questions before our session via email.

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“Thank you for such an excellent reading, your technical excellence and experience is first rate but what gives you the edge IMO is your passion for astrology, you really care to help people understand that cosmos expresses itself through them and it is the reason I place my trust in you”.

” Julia is an amazing, funny, compassionate & tender soul. (Obviously, most Pisces are).
I finally got to have a reading with her earlier this week and she lived up to her online persona. She is warm, friendly, supportive and most likely the best astrologist I have ever seen, and trust me, I have been to many! She is especially great with working with women; i.e. relationship stuff, family dynamics, free-range child rearing…… I have had readings with astrologists where I walked away feeling judged, doomed, totally un-evolved & dismissed. Julia helped me to see places in my chart and my daughter’s chart that gave me a completely new outlook. She gave me a little schooling on Progressions too so I may one day get them. LOL. I cannot recommend her enough! She is very affordable too! No ego and made me very comfortable being myself & expressing myself. She is a gift to this world and I am so grateful for her”.

Kathleen Phalen

After visiting various therapists and doctors to help me, my phantom physical condition could not be explained or even found. I was experience a numbing sensation on the left side of my body, from sensitive teeth, to numbing in the arms, then legs, then feet. After a session with Julija where she explained to me the difficult transits I was having (a Pluto transit to my Moon, in the 8th house) it all started making much more sense. I called Julija within the week and told her I was feeling so much better and my phantom symptoms had started to shift”
Mija – Vic  

“I can’t thank Julija enough for such an enthusiastic and thorough reading. When your down in the dumps, not wanting to leave your cave,  a consultation with her certainly helped put me back on track”

Kai – Thailand 

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Astrology Consultations with Agent 12 – Julija Simas

USD $250.00