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  • Astrology Consultations with Alex Trenoweth 1.25 hours (75 minutes)-- $220 USD C*I*A Members receive 20% discount, applied upon checkout. Return sessions are available upon request: A fully qualified Astrologer and professional schoolteacher with training in safeguarding and child protection, Alex is one of the few astrologers in the world who specializes in family consultations. Her particular area of expertise is working with parents and teachers to support the adolescents in their care. She also provides
    • Individually tailored consultations with forecasting
    • Counseling and parent-preparation classes for couples
    • Support for Lockdown Learning with astrology to help parents understand how their children learn
    • Support for helping teachers organize their classroom with astrology
    • Online mentoring for professional astrologers who wish to expand their practices to work with parents
    Consultations are always online. Links and appointment times are offered upon booking (Alex lives in London England). Recordings are available. Contact: or
  • ATOMIC ASTROLOGY with Agent 84 Russell Ohlhausen

    Does anyone ever say to you, “Since you believe in astrology, then tell me how it  works…”? Do you have any plausible answer to satisfy them, or yourself, for that matter? Someone may utter something like “gravity isn’t strong enough” or “it’s probably Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’…” Have you ever considered how scientific principles could apply to astrological fundamentals? You may have heard astrologers toss around ideas that quantum mechanics somehow plays a part or that it’s all frequency and vibration but have you paused to consider how this might fit in with what we know of the physical sciences? If, as astrologers, we are going to talk the quantum talk, we have to walk the atomic walk..!

    Matter and Spirit are One. When humanity learns something new about the Universe, we learn something deeper about ourselves. In this talk we will discuss the links between physics, biology and cosmology, and how they all unite to create an incarnated spiritual life, which we comprehend through ultimate study of astrology Let’s explore some untrodden Uranian territory with an eye set toward the Aquarian Age; and since ‘everything is connected’, let’s get to connecting it!

    90 minutes This Presentation is now available for immediate view and download with payment, please check the ORDER sent to your for link PDF   FREE for C*I*A Members (now ready to view in Membership area – JOIN MEMBERSHIP for 2 informative webinars per month All registered will receive link to attend LIVE webinar 1 week before event, and a reminder will be sent before we start – 1 day  before event. All correspondence is sent to the email that you registered with via Paypal, or Stripe. Make sure to check YOUR SPAM folder!  
  • Astrology consultations with Sol W Jonassen

    90 minutes: $220 USD

    C*I*A members get a 20% discount, applied upon checkout

    Return sessions are also available to same discount.

    Sol is a longtime evolutionary astrologer (since 1999) who also works in the field of healing and therapy, with a degree in Soulflow, a transpersonal psychotherapeutic method, and Mindfullness. Her approach is always holistic with a strong focus on practical advice. Sol has a long experience with working with artists, creative people, healers and people with special abilities.

    She offers in-depth readings offering numerous different approaches:

    • Karmic themes and how to work with them
    • Creative potential and how to manifest a deeper purpose in life
    • Medical astrology
    • Synastry and composite charts
    • Family lineage and healing
    • Asteroids and their influence in the chart
    • Spiritual alignment and energy work especially through examining the different themes in a chart

    Consultations are always online unless you are in Bergen, Norway and can visit her at her office.

    Links and appointment times are offered upon booking and the session is recorded.

    Contact: or through

  • The distant Kuiper Belt Objects, KBOs, are an exciting roster of indigenous creator deities from around the world enriching our astrology in this new millennium. These recently discovered celestial neighbors open us to another level of consciousness, perhaps the quantum field emerging from the increasing alignment of science and spirituality. We will look at the most influential KBOs in the planetary cycles of 2022, including some favorites like Eris and Haumea as well as the lesser-known ones Varda and Praamzius. Which of these new planetesimals are engaging your attention?

    $25 usd All who purchase will also get access to the recording and download. The recording for this event is now available for immediate view and download, please check your order.   FREE for C*I*A Members no need to register Consider a C*I*A membership for 2 webinars like this per month and access to over 70 webinars in our archives!  
  • “This Looks Rather Familiar" In this webinar, the returns of Jupiter and Saturn will be explored. To “return” to a place means we evaluate how things have remained the same as well as how they have changed. By using live audience examples, Agent 144 shows how each of the return points of these social planets unfolds in the course of their cycles.
    75 mins plus  Q and A and examples
    Now available for Recording download purchase
    $25 usd Please check your order/email  for PDF with  link details  to attend:  If you cannot make the live event, recording download links will also be sent within 24 hours of event. All correspondence is sent to the email that you registered with via Paypal, or Stripe. Make sure to check YOUR SPAM folder! FREE for C*I*A Members and in available in member access Consider a C*I*A membership for 2 webinars like this per month and access to over 90 webinars in our archives! Now with Monthly payment plan!    
  • Are you ready to go on a complete journey into the Venus Star and Cycle?

    Since 2017 we have gathered every 9.5 months at every Venus Star Point for these specialist Venus Masterclasses. We are more than thrilled to be able to offer over 44 complete hours (plus bonuses) of all our session over the years. None of the masterclasses are the same, as new information is added in each session, some info overlaps but is unique to the current Star Point and theme, as each star point is unique, oscillating from retrograde to direct points in only 5 signs of the zodiac, over 8 years. Our group of Venus Star astrologers sharing many insights, practical application and valuable research gathered over the years Featuring our regular Venus Star Practitioners : Arielle Guttman, Gemini Brett, Adam Gainsburg and Julija Simas, and other special guests Patricia Walsh, Kelley Hunter, Adam Sommer, Each masterclass ranges from 2.5 hours to 10 hours with a total of 44.5 hours of learning with us, plus a few bonus videos. In these classes you will learn about: The Venus Star Points and how to use them. The Venus cycle and phases and how to use them. The Astronomy of the Venus Cycle. The fractal like nature of the Venus Star and her connection to the golden ratio. The greater cycles of the Venus Star and Venus Transits The visitations of Venus to the Underworld. The Shamanic view of the Descent of Innana to the Underworld. The  7 Venus /Moon Gates, 7 Chakras, 7 steps, 7 Months. The themes of each of the 5 Star points - Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio/Libra, Leo The mundane connections and themes of each Star Point. The difference between a retrograde star point and a direct star point. How to embody Venus mediation and intention. Hear the discussions and recorded Q and A's. See example charts and living stories. Ask questions, share insights on our access pages during your learning process. By the end you will be using the Venus Star and Cycle like a Pro.

    Our stellar Venus Astrologers!

    • Agent 005 -Arielle Guttman(USA)
    • Agent 12 - Julija Simas (AUS)
    • Agent 1123 - Gemini Brett (USA)
    • Agent  46 - Adam Gainsburg (USA)
    • Agent  115  - Kelley Hunter (USA)
    • Agent 999 - Patrica Walsh(USA),
    • Agent 108 - Adam Sommer (USA)
    All 9 Venus Masterclasses have full Video session and PDF notes (unless specified) Venus Star Aries retro  - March 2017 - 3hrs - Arielle, Gemini, Julija - 3 hours (no pdf's with this session) Venus Star Capricorn direct - January 2018 -- Arielle, Gemini, Julija, Adam G - 4hours (no pdf's with this session) Venus Star Scorpio retr0 - October 2018 - Gemini, Julija, Adam G - 4 hours Venus Star Leo direct - August 2019 - Arielle, Gemini, Julija - 4hours Venus Star Gemini retro - June 2020 - Arielle, Gemini, Julija - 5hours Venus Star Aries direct - March 2021 - Arielle, Julija - 2.5 hours Venus Star Capricorn retro - Jan 2022 - Julija, Adam Gainburg, Patrica Walsh, Adam Sommer - 5hours Venus Star Libra direct - Oct 2022 - Arielle, Julija, Gemini, Adam G, Kelley Hunter - 7 hours Venus Star Leo - August 2023 - Arielle, Julija, Gemini, Adam G -10 hours Check here for further details on all past sessions Nothing like this exists anywhere else, these archives of material are unique and specialized. Purchase all 44.5 hours for : $525 USD Less than half price for full content. Lifetime ACCESS and /or Download ALL 44.5 hours of Videos and available PDF's  If you are a C*I*A Member, please use your 20% discount code available in Member area Access all recordings, with immediate access Check your ORDER for LINK ACCESS and DETAILS  
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