Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Gender: Feminine
Modern Ruler: Pluto
Traditional Ruler: Mars
Anatomy & Illnesses: Reproductive organs, urethra, genitals, ovaries/testes, prostate,
Parts of the body that transform themselves, grow, reproduce, eliminate or expel bodily fluids and wastes.

The scorpion’s body is represented in the Scorpio glyph by an M-shape with an arrow extending outward depicting the scorpion’s sensitive tail and readiness to act.

Scorpio is the easiest zodiac constellation to identify in the night sky, as it is very large, well-defined and does resemble a scorpion. Scorpio rises on its side but sets head first. The brightest star in Scorpio is Antares, one of the four Royal stars. Known as the Heart of the Scorpion, Antares is ared supergiant 9000 times more luminous than our Sun. It contains many globular clusters, including M4, M6 (the Butterfly cluster), and M7. In both the northern and southern hemispheres, Scorpio is best seen at midnight in the midheaven when the Sun is in Taurus during April and May.


    • The eighth zodiac sign, Scorpio, moves on from the indecisions of Libra by taking control.
    • Scorpio wishes to experience intense intimate relating that is deeper than the social relating found in Libra, including profound issues of trust.
    • Scorpio is deeply emotional and sensitive, and attuned to the ‘otherworld’ of the shadow (i.e. what is suppressed or hidden) with the courage to confront what is dark and fearful.
    • Scorpio seeks to penetrate, probe, solve mysteries, uncover truths and explore psychic depths.
    • Scorpio seeks power through holding on to intimate connections, not letting go emotionally, and striking out or manipulating if feeling betrayed or rejected.
    • Scorpio is also associated with the phoenix symbolism of rising up from the ashes, and seeks power through transforming, regenerating and resurrecting.
    • Scorpio represents the deeply powerful and creative source that is found within, including the kundalini energy.
    • Scorpio represents, transformation whereas Taurus the opposite sign represents grounding energy.

Intense, profound, penetrating, secretive, complex, vindictive, cunning, tyrannical, complex, provoking, jealous, resentful, temperamental, intolerant, sexual, paranoid, obsessive, passionate, deep, instinctual, perceptive, suspicious.

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