Saturn Retrograde: April 30th until September 18th

by Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Saturn Retrograde: Invite Mr. Scary to Tea!

Take a breath and more importantly, exhale. Saturn is retrograde from April 30th 12:55 am UTC until September 18th, just enough time to get clear on ways to handle your fears.

All retrogrades are times of adjustment. You know the `re’ words; redo, reevaluate, redesign, rethink, reflect whenever a planet retrogrades. Saturn, like all planets, retrogrades with regularity. THIS retrograde of Saturn is somewhat epic because of its cat and mouse alignment with two other powerful players; Pluto and the south node of the moon. As Saturn retrogrades it triggers the south node of `endings’ with an exact conjunction as it nears transformational Pluto. All this can truly stir up a whole lot of fear!

We are at a karmic crossroads. Karma in this context will be experienced as an inner dialectic. Not so much as taking `action’, but a time of `reflection.’ A time to consider how to be responsible for our internal world; our thoughts, our inner dialog, our anxieties. Hello world, meet your shadow! This retrograde will ask us do a `reality’ check within; what are your deepest fears and how will you handle them?

Saturn is often described as the grumpy old man who levies laws and rules, structure and significance. Laws like gravity, old age and death. We may sense something significant is indeed `dying ‘in our lives. Change and loss, even necessary changes feel downright scary. A solution may be to consider the `worst case scenario’ of your deepest fears. And then, do your OWN internal dialog. Stand down the fear by recognizing how you can be your own authority. Affirm that you have the Saturnian strength, persistence and patience to handle anything! And, sometime during the next five months’ invite Mr. Scary to tea and have a nice chat. Your inner dialog should have a contingency plan or two as you reflect upon ways to handle your worse fears.

Again, this retrograde is unique because of the impact of Pluto and the south node all percolating in Capricorn. Fear in this context is the fear of not having control of one’s life, a Pluto manifestation.  The best antidote for the Pluto influence is to simply learn the art of `surrender.’ At the same time, the nodes generally describe connections. Those relationships which no longer serve us, where the Saturn retrograde occurs, will transform in some way. They may end.  We may be asking a simple question; Is this person for me, or, against me?

Between the south node and the Saturn retrograde we will be cleaning up our act. We will be seeing our lives through the lens of reality, and, reflect upon words such as commitment, structure, responsibility, and boundaries.  The reevaluation process of the retrograde will ask us to clear out negative traits of Capricorn from our lives; rigidity, manipulation and isolation. Consciously moving our awareness to the opposite sign of Cancer is one solution. Ask yourself what feeds your soul, where is home, and who is family.

Saturn rules time. The retrograde will help us identify what truly matters. Time management will become a priority. Do what you love, period!

The retrograde falls on the sabian symbol degree of a `relay race.’ As the retrograde occurs we may feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to get `somewhere’ even if we aren’t sure where that is! A relay race relies upon the effort of others. Another internal question may be this one; who can I rely on now, and in the future?

The collective certainly reflects the meaning of this important retrograde. Capricorn rules authority and authoritarian structures; governments, banking, businesses and hierarchical organizations. We may need to stand up to megalithic power structures. Be the David to the Goliaths in your life!

To help in your journey, identify where the Capricorn line-up is occurring. Yes, you may be feeling a tad fearful, or at least a bit vulnerable wherever Capricorn is lighting up your chart. But with anything in astrology there ARE solutions!

To navigate the retrograde: 1) Acknowledge where you feel fear and vulnerability; 2) Devote some time to inner reflection and dialog to achieve `serenity’ identifying what you can change and what you can’t: 3) Accept the truth of your own authority; 4) Gracefully allow the relationships, goals, and beliefs which no longer serve you fade away; 5) Embrace the opposite Cancer energy and `juice-up’ by celebrating the people and activities which make you feel at home.

Saturn Retrograde: Use your ascending sign/and or Sun Sign for additional retrograde suggestions:

Aries: Reevaluate your fears of success and of achievement in your career.  Be willing to surrender what you no longer want to do in your work. Let go of old goals which no longer serve you. Believe in your personal competence.

Taurus: Rethink your philosophies and beliefs. Let go of what no longer serves you. Explore new ways of thinking through travel and learning. Acknowledge that you don’t `have to’ know it all in order to make a valuable contribution.

Gemini: Focus on identifying your inner strength based upon inner resilience, and spiritual history. Conquer fears about what `may happen’ to the world’s economy and focus upon what gives you immediate joy. Reevaluate the role of intimacy in your life.

Cancer: It’s all about your partners. Reflect upon who you want to go forward with in your life, and who will remain just a fond memory. Don’t be afraid of putting up boundaries in your relationships. Consider nurturing those people who reciprocate.

Leo: This is your redo time for the way you do your work. Work smarter not harder over the next five months as you discover more efficient ways of working.  Dispel fears around health by redoing positive health habits; diet and exercise.

Virgo: Don’t fear taking off time from work to just `play!’ It’s also time to reconsider the activities which light up your life, and let go of the habitual ways of `having fun.’ Fears surrounding children may need to be addressed.

Libra: Don’t be afraid of clearing out the clutter in your home. It’s time to let go! You may also fear the safety and security of your family. Establish new rules based on respectful boundaries with family members.

Scorpio: This is an excellent time for you to pay attention to the words you use in your self-talk. Let go of being overly critical or pessimistic while balancing the word `realism’ with your expectations of life. Don’t fear speaking your truth.

Sagittarius: Redo your budget. Let go of fears concerning finances and begin to implement a money plan which works. This is your time to align with finding a source of income which complements your true values.

Capricorn: Repeat this statement throughout the retrograde; `You are enough!’ Focus on your emerging new identity while trying to dispel fears of incompetence or lack of recognition. You are changing rapidly; surrender to the new you!

Aquarius: Realize that you cannot change the `inevitable’ as you release spiritual fears and a sense of helplessness. Release distractions in your life so you may spend positive time alone in reflection.

Pisces: Reevaluate your friends. This could be a period of allowing out worn contacts, associations and groups to phase out of your life as you make new dreams with new people. Spend time with the people who are most aligned with your spirit.

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Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56
Cassandra Joan Butler, BSW, MS, LMT, is a practicing astrologer since 1987, based in WNY outside of Buffalo New York. She offers `integrated consults’ utilizing her skills in mediumship and  social work (Cornell University)  communications (Syracuse University), and healing (homeopathy and massage). In addition to her college teaching, Cassandra has held weekly astrology classes since 1995, and workshops at various international venues such as Lillydale Assembly, Chautauqua Institution, SOTA and the Jungian Center of WNY. Cassandra has written astrology columns for various publications, and has extensive experience on radio and TV. She has been the astrology columnist for the midwest’s `Pathfinder News’ since 1991. She is the producer/host of the radio program `Cosmic Connections.’ In 2013 she  founded the Church of the Divine Grace; a spiritual church with astrological underpinnings, and, in 2014 she founded the `Sanjo Institute of Spiritual Studies’ which offers students a blending of spiritual tools for healing. Cassandra is passionate about applying astrological wisdom to all avenues of life for healing of mind, body and spirit.

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    Jeanne says:

    Right on target. I’m Capricorn/Aquarius cusp and have been telling my inner child, “You are enough!” for a couple of weeks. Never mind how I was triggered into standing up for my own worth, or who applied the pressure, it came UP and I AM THAT I AM. Thanks for this post on Facebook!


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