Birthing the New Reality – Saturn at the Galactic Centre 2017

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Saturn at the Galactic Centre 2017

Saturn at the Galactic Centre during 2017 makes the times we are living so very interesting. As a relatively new area of exploration and a new concept for astrologers, after exploring myself the images and the symbols of such a potent energy with planets in this area in the past, I can certainly see merit in using the Galactic Centre. It appears to be a great symbol of being pulled into something larger than life, as a conduit to a most creative force that exists in oneself and in our collective destiny.

The Galactic Centre is the point around which our whole galaxy, The Milky Way turns. It was discovered in Feb 1974, fittingly with the North Node at 27° Sagittarius and Saturn at the South Node. The Galactic centre moves like a fixed star at the rate of precession through the zodiac at 1° every 72 years, forward in the tropical zodiac(as the Aries point moves backward) and is currently at 26°59′ Sagittarius. At this centre is a super massive black hole, a galactic gravitational centre, a huge cosmic womb of sorts. What we know of black holes is that they are massive forces of energy sucking in everything around them, yet full of power, potential and creation. The core and key of the birth of the galaxy itself.  It is as big as 4 million suns. It is 25,000 light years away. To give you an idea of how far away that is, Alpha Centauri our closest star is 4.3 light years away, with mega giant star Betelgeuse 642 light years away.

When we consider Saturn here, as an image, it may help explain how we are all currently feeling. Saturn is the planet that represents being in control, in Sagittarius it is confirming our beliefs, our visions of what lies ahead, and our current moves to stand firm with what we see is the best way forward.  Yet here we are, with Saturn at the Galactic Centre and it feels more like we are being sucked down into a huge black hole, on the edge of an event horizon of something big. But we don’t know quite what it is!  We can feel the vortex sucking us in and we have no choice but to keep going. Things seem to be beyond our control, the world is in turmoil, the economy, politics and the climate have gone AWOL. We are fearful, yet somehow excited about what’s ahead!
The birth of a new world perhaps?  The one we don’t know yet!

Saturn, here calls for us to take control of our future now more than ever. Yet the future can’t be controlled, it can only be created. Saturn the mythic God,  Chronos, ate his children as they were a threat to his own creation, to his autonomy, to his control. Whatever you/we are creating, we need to make sure we also become a responsible for it!  Making sure also that those who seemingly hold power and control over us, do no disturb our visions and creation stories. Careful what maybe unleashed, created and formed from this source with huge potential. All the information we need, like a blackhole is already held within it!

What an amazing image – Saturn at the Galactic Centre!

So as the Galactic Centre is so big, yet so far away, for astrologers it is perhaps significant to use wider orbs to ascertain its influence. Fixed stars are given  1° orb either side, therefore as this is such a big centre, I would give 3-5° either side, let’s just stick to that for now, making the range of the GC, from somewhere around 22° Sagittarius to 2° Capricorn.  Saturn is transiting this area in 2017, exact now and during this Pisces Solar eclipse and for the next few weeks. It will be exact again when Saturn is retrograde here in May, to return again to exactness in Nov, Dec, moving in and out orb the rest of the year. Generally, by looking at past events with planets here, we see great big solid shifts in perspectives, mind expanding new realities birthed, and other reality shifting dynamics.

As Saturn’s return cycle is 29 years, the last time Saturn was here was in 1988-89 joined to Uranus(more below).  Pluto was here in 2007/2008 and the world economy began its down turn with the birth of the GFC as cryptocurrency was birthed. Neptune was here in 1982,  a recession hit the USA, and how’s this for a Neptunian heist, the largest cash money robbery of nearly 10 million dollars happened in New York. Uranus was in this vicinity in 1987/88, as the soviet union began to dissolve and another Stockmarket crash happened in October.  The next major planet to pass here will be Jupiter at end of  2019, as it does every 12 years. Much more research can be done on all this, but I’ll concentrate on Saturn here for now.

Looking at Saturn at this  GC point in the past we find, times when our reality and perspectives changed big time!
1781  – GC was at 22-23° Sag,  Uranus was discovered!  Saturn was a 20° Sagittarius at the time. The discovery of Uranus opened up our universe for the first time as it doubled it in size overnight. By the time Saturn was at the GC, the world was reeling with the new discovery, mind blown and began adapting to this concept and what it meant All of a sudden a new world had dawned.

Another time was 1929 – OCT – when the Wall St Crash, rocked the world of finance and (as did Pluto here in 2007/2008).

In 1959 – we rocketed off the first Monkey into Space.

In 1988-89 the  amazing Hubble telescope was getting ready to be launched, and was launched, and our view of the universe has never been the same,  consequently leading to further understanding ourselves in our expanding universe. A Brief History in Time was also published by Stephen Hawking.

Looking at other planets traversing the zodiac at the Galactic Centre were :

Pluto in 2007- 2008, – when major shifts on the planet took place, with the GFC, the attention to the global Banking systems, and the birth of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin In 2007 the first Zeitgeist Movie was released, and blew many a mind in what really was behind the banking system in the USA and around the globe.

Jupiter joined Pluto here in Dec 2007 – ushering in  a new age of truth and transparency, through the world of the internet and the rise of social media, where everyone gained a voice and an outlet for exchange in ideas, causes and information exchange, as well as the rise of whistleblowers.

In 2017  Cassini–Huygens the unmanned spacecraft sent to the planet Saturn will complete it’s mission during this time, bringing us incredible images of the planet Saturn like we have never seen before. Saturn by far the most beautiful planet to look at through a telescope or binoculars, and now with this great new technology we get a vision of Saturn its rings and atmosphere, also with incredible inner perspectives beaming back images until September 15th 2017.

As we can see Saturn here at the Galactic Centre seems to bring with it a time where an update to a new global reality hits the world stage, a mind expanding global update. Wherever we find ourselves right now, personally and globally by feeling the pull of this huge creative vortex we find ourselves in, be assured a new reality is birthing.

What we know about Saturn is that he is the MASTER of one commanding one’s own reality. At this time it is significant to source the grand vision that you have and what can become manifest with it, what can be made real?  We have been sculpting at that the vision since Saturn has been in Sagittarius,  but now as it moves over the galactic centre again, we are on the doorstep of something much greater for ourselves, something much bigger for the globe, as the new reality dawns.

Coupled with the exactness of this combo during the Pisces eclipse, we can see how important this particular timing is for all of us right now. As Saturn won’t be back here for another 29 years, yet makes a mark during 2017, take control, or else be sucked in. Remember to master one’s own Saturn is the key to be fully liberated!  To be fully living in your own creation and command.

Some studies have been done in the area of individuals born with planets at the Galactic centre that add more information about the Galactic Centre and its influence in astrology.  Astrologer Mandi Lockey has an article here, looking into the world of Whistleblowers and natal placements at 27° Sagittarius. Again we find mind blowing information coming out from these sources, as whistleblowers help to awaken our world and set it on a new course. For once we know something we can’t unknow it!  Our faith in the powers that be has changed considerably since the whistleblowers came to town so to speak!

As astrologers we become ever more conscious of the new cosmos constantly birthing in our system, always exploring and evolving our intake. It maybe too new for some to consider, but definitely worth exploring. A closed mind in astrological concepts and thinking, just doesn’t go together in my mind. My own Ascendant is 22° Sagittarius, and well seems close enough or in the vicinity of the GC, I can’t help but explore more of this great science of images, the power of symbols, connections and meaning.

Where is the Galactic Centre in your chart where Saturn is now making a magical quintile to the Pisces Solar eclipse this weekend? Where is your creative energy vortex that is about to birth a great new beginning that you will be the responsible parent of?

With this Pisces eclipse it is no longer a Dream but a reality!

As above so below, – News today NASA have discovered 7 Earth like planets circling a Sun, with some form of life, and say no other star system has ever been found to contain so many Earth-sized and rocky planets, of the kind thought to be necessary to contain aliens.  WHOA stay tuned for more info on this one!

Saturn is exact at Galactic Cetnre, in Feb, June rx and again Nov 2017 but in range and orb for all of it and into 2018

ECLIPSE 26th FEB 2017 8° Pisces

Coming up this weekend Feb 26th depending where you are, is the last eclipse in the Pisces /Virgo polarity until 2024, when the nodes return to this part of zodiac. For the last two years we’ve experienced eclipses in this polarity, with the first eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius polarity two weeks ago at 22°  Leo which occurred onFeb 10th/11th.

Wherever Pisces and Virgo sit in our astro charts, is where we have by now somehow cleaned or cleared the swamp (I remember saying this to my Astro group in Melbourne last March, talking on eclipses, so hearing POTUS say it throughout his campaign was very apt and quite hilarious). We’ve either sourced forgotten dreams, uncovered hidden treasure, sorted toxic mess, and generally cleaned up a few things around the house, with Virgo being the North Node. Toxic environments, friends, relationships, jobs, bosses, unhealthy attachments all had to be dealt with, maybe somewhat uncomfortable as this messed with our comfort zones, Pisces /Virgo is such a place. We may have found that we were swimming in our own bliss or toxic mess and were called to do something about it. Any sense of false security blew up in our face, mixed with the mutable crosses last year and so on. By now we have hoped to have sorted most of this, as we learnt that the victim game or the poor me attitude is of no help, and after a good clean up we move forward healthier and happier than before – right?

This weekend is the last chance for the final sweep in our cosmic pond. Eclipses bring with them much power and transformative energy. Here we have a chance for that last final flush out, anything that can be holding us back, as well as the last chance to source and uphold the big dream before we forget it! Last week’s Leo /Aquarius eclipse ushered in a shift in pace and heralds the shift of the nodes coming in our way in May. We’ve been invited to now, move on to create what we have dreamed of, as our special gift to the world.

It is a significant time as Jupiter rules Pisces and also Saturn at the Galactic centre, to follow our bliss and create our vision, we need faith, and belief in its possibilities, we need to be able to swim freely, free of fear and guilt for being able to follow our bliss. Jupiter is currently opposite Uranus, Agent of change, and Saturn is in trine with it. Jupiter is Libra, asks us to adjust our relationships at this time, so freedom within them can reign. The astrology of this Pisces eclipse is heavy with water and fire, the most creative yet volatile mix of energy, carrying the potential to ignite and fire up, or fizzle, fry, boil over and even disappear. Some dreams may need to go, but others will never die.

Remember Pisces, is the last sign, it is all about nurturing the seed of new beginnings, the seeds that still lie under the surface, unexposed, not yet out in the light, like an incubating dream. This incubating period will now soon be over and it will be high time to get on with making it manifest. Quite significantly during this eclipse and for the next few months and as Saturn is at the Galactic Centre.

There is no better image for concretising our visions, our  dreams and making them a reality than the Lord of the Rings, form and structure, control and command , Saturn at the most fecund and fertile point in our galaxy. Wherever we find ourselves right now, is significantly bigger and larger than you may realize, personally and globally. All the more reason to stay focused and connected to the very source that breeds you at this potent time.

It is important to remember also where we were 6 months ago  when the last Solar eclipse occurred exactly opposite this point at 8° Virgo Sep 1st 2016, at this time we may have been in the midst of personal renovations, and the cleaning of body, mind and spirit, with them done, this eclipse in Pisces ties up the whole of the last 2 years. Take a look at how you’ve grown, evolved, awakened. Reflect on the condition of the Soul now, to what it was previously, lessons learned and some things that can now be best forgotten. Do the final clearing the letting go, and make sure to keep all the good stuff!

With what has been written about Saturn at the Galactic Centre at this eclipse, in quintile 72° to the solar eclipse, in two very significant ways we are birthing and moving fully into our new reality, be very conscious of the process you are now in, as if in a lucid dream, mastering and commanding your dream space, which is your life.

Powerful stuff!

 On the Saros Cycle 140 South Solar

The eclipse at 8° Pisces, belongs to Saros  cycle 140 – Solar/South. The Series began in 1512, the height of the Renaissance and carries and finish in  2774.  Does this feel like a Renaissance of sorts in your life? Saros cycles refer to the family of eclipses, an eclipse belongs to.  These eclipse series are birthed at the poles, and peak as total eclipses as they move north or south towards the equator, to peter out again, like dragons circling the globe.  Saros cycles repeating every 18 years, move one third around the globe, to return to the same place very 54 years. There are many eclipse cycles and families circling the globe for vast periods of time. Eclipse families can last for 1000’s of years. This one is an annular total eclipse, a long eclipse, as annular eclipses occur when the Moon is slightly closer in it’s  perigee, closer to Earth. This series that began at the South Pole and is now nearing the middle of it’s cycle, that will; finish in 2774. The last Solar eclipse that happened in this series was 18 years ago Feb 16th 1999 at 27° Aquarius  at the South Node. Another eclipse occurred here 19 years ago, at 8° Pisces but was part of another set of Saros family on 26th Feb 1998. Both connecting us by Saros Cycle and by Zodiac degree to 18-19 years ago, and the Nodal cycle, Can you remember your life back then, what was birthed anew back then? I started formally studying astrology in 1999, as this Saros cycle eclipse occurred on my Saturn in my 3rd house, signifiant for sure!

For more advanced and research minded folk following our C*I*A Updates, can follow all eclipses and their cycles or families at this website link below.
Find the eclipses happening in the years of your birth, and track them every 18 years!
We have set up an eclipse table here

Most astrologers use the Pre-eclipse that occurred before you were born, find your Pre- eclipse Solar and Lunar , know its Saros family and stay connected to it.
If your were born near eclipse season, chose the eclipse closest to your birth.
See eclipse table HERE:

Of course for more help with all of this and learning more  throughout the year, join our C*I*A membership!

More on eclipse and visibility HERE

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  1. conv
    conv says:

    “7 Earth like planets circling a Sun, with some form of life, and say no other star system has ever been found to contain so many Earth-sized and rocky planets, of the kind thought to be necessary to contain aliens.”

    for real? get you shit together.

  2. Kimberley Horner
    Kimberley Horner says:

    So pleased to find this information. Just in the last two days found out about the GAlactic Center. I was born Dec 17, 1964. Sun 26*17′ Sag, Vertex 24*53′ Sag, South Node 23*01′ Sag, Mercury 27*55′ Sag, Juno 28*06′ Sag. I am only about 2 years into study of astrology. I knew Saturn was giving me some grief for a few years with the transit, but once I figured out how much of my chart was connected to this GC I had to try to determine if someone out there had thought about the possible effects of Saturn on the GC. Thank you so much. I know I was meant to have this information now. It does feel like quite a turning point for humanity.

  3. Maribel
    Maribel says:

    I was born 2/5/1974 and have my North node at 27 deg Sagittarius in 11th opposite natal Saturn at 28 deg in Gemini in 5th house. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m not connecting with others and have isolated myself from family, coworkers and friends. I’m waiting for something to happen and I don’t know what it is. I’m in a self imposed prison

    • Lavender
      Lavender says:

      You are not alone Maribel. That prison can feel like the loneliest place, but when the bars finally fall you will also see it as a womb – the place where your strength grew – quiet, gentle, and built the foundations which will never leave you, even in the darkest nights.


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