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Saturn & the Solstice “The Reality is….”


There are countless people currently under Saturn’s watch.  If your Moon is in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius his rings are being ratcheted down by Sade Sati.  If you are born between 29-32, 59-61, 88-91 you are returning to the place from which you came.  And there are other perspectives still which can help you understand if your travel plans lead to Tartarus or towards the Golden Gate.

Collectively speaking, Shani is coming home on his favorite day of the year: The Winter’s Solstice.  When in Capricorn, his feet become more confident, absent of any doubts of where his toes are pointed.  Even if the mountain taunts us with impossible winds and whispers of defeat, we must always remember: “Not dead. Can’t quit!”

It’s useful knowing of the collective weather patterns, but it’s also nearly useless until applied specifically to your own chart.  For all of you astrophiles, it may be time to wean yourself from the online boob, turning your gaze towards tradition, serious self-inquiry, even mentorship.  Saturn is the Work. He reveals to us how we can improve.  He points towards the scramble we must risk in order to land successfully along the wyrd road of our Destiny.

I have a friend who loves to say, “The reality is…” We all have our little phrase we use unconsciously. It’s revealing.  For him, he’s in the throws of his Saturn Return like many of you.  I never noticed his love for the saying until Saturn started dragging his scythe on the grounds of his Being. Saturn has reconfigured his tongue…his Reality.

You see, the Reality is…
when you’re hungry, you feast
when thirsty, you find clean water
when cold, you try to be like Wim Hof
when hot, you dance in waterfalls
The Reality is…
If you check your Facebook more than 36x a day, you are legally insane
if you are triggered more than once a day
you might have lost touch
The Reality is….
that if you curse Saturn, he will curse you back
that if you fear his return, he will place more monsters in your closet
queuing up more challenges until you start to love him
He absolutely adores it when you feed his crows
(black sesame is ideal)
The Reality is…
Saturn is reality
he always knows what time it is; he’s always on time because he is Time
And it takes time to know his wisdom
to love wisdom
to be Wise
It may be time to see every experience—without exception—as an opportunity to grow
It’s all timed perfectly
Failure is the greatest gift
Because if we aren’t growing, we are dying
We cannot retrieve time spent, so we must use it wisely
The reality just IS…..

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




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