Jupiter square Saturn – 2016

By Agent 56 – Cassandra Butler

THE Two exact waning  cycle squares of Jupiter and Saturn
March 23rd at 16° Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius

 May 26th at 14 ° Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius


The Jupiter- Saturn squares of 2016 offer us an opportunity to finally fine tune the application of our beliefs and philosophies to our work, our daily habits, and  to our self care. It’s a clarion call to `walk our talk,’ even if that walk feels as though we are navigating a tightrope. This is a call to action to get serious  (Saturn) about what we say is our highest purpose ( Jupiter). It’s time to get to work; reformat, restructure and create habits which are reflective of our deeply held beliefs.

Two dates signal exact square action:  March 23rd at 16 degrees of Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius , and, May 22nd at 14 degrees. The overriding square affect lingers in the ethers until late summer. The squares this year are part of the winding down of the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 2000.

To understand the Jupiter-Saturn squares of 2016 we must return to its’ roots; the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 2000. The conjunction occurred at 22 degrees of Taurus. The Sabian symbol for the degree is: `A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.’ A most appropriate degree when we reflect back to 1999. The `jewels’ were computers! At the end of the 1990’s, millionaires were made in Silicon Valley California daily, even hourly, during the dot. com explosion. But then 2000 rang in, and with it, the new twenty-year cycle commenced; the  Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus.

Love and money reflects Taurus. Perhaps better expressed; the love of money. Money lovers had a difficult jolt in 2000.  Holes appeared in the dot. com bubble of the late 1990’s; Big holes! The NASDAG stock index crashed from 5,000 to 2,000 in mere weeks wrecking havoc on the new high tech economy. Of course the conjunction itself was in square aspect by Uranus in Aquarius. The context of the new computer age, Uranus  Aquarius, squared off with the realities of too fast expansion, ( Jupiter/Saturn).

The cycles of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are comprised of broader 200 year cycles . Since 1842 every Jupiter/Saturn conjunction took place in earth signs, except for the 1981 Libra conjunction. The earth signs ARE about matter; money, property, land,  One could say that the present world economy has rapidly and radically altered since the mid-nineteenth century. Of course! One hundred and fifty years ago societies were first emerging from its’ provincial agricultural base and subsequently mutated into various industrial/technological economic systems. The apparent structure of the world today is moving towards a structure more defined by multi-national corporations than by nation-states.

Deemed the `social ‘ planetary pair, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction defines the social political and economic structure of a twenty year period. We can recognize two semi-cycles within this time. The first ten years of the cycle are filled with intense excitement as the culture expands (Jupiter) the new structure ( Saturn) with a sense of gusto. People tend to risk and experiment as many rapid changes occur.  At the opposition, ( 2009-2011) the culmination occurs and we receive the feedback from the first impulse. And then at the  waning semi-cycle people often seem to be exhausted, needing a period of reflection and assimilation, especially if the pace of change had been too rapid.

We are now experiencing the last gasps of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and, we are more than exhausted. The world has witnessed economic downward spirals over these past sixteen years, culminating at the real estate bubble and the banking debacle, in the United States, along with numerous  global economic downturns. The U.S. recession occurred right on cue at the Jupiter-Saturn opposition. The Pluto station in Capricorn in 2008 added to the mix.  Many people are living under an umbrella of distrust and uncertainty projected upon their governments and the `powers that be.’ Life feels uncertain; cloaked with a sense of suspicion and insecurity.

We might not be able to do a `thing’ about the world-wide economy, multi-national corporations, the interest rates, global warming,  the proliferation of nuclear arsenals, terrorism, etc. etc., but we CAN work the coming squares within our own energy pattern with as much grace and focus as we can muster!

Squares signal a time of action through focused effort. The Jupiter-Saturn square embodies a tension between expansion and optimism ( Jupiter) and rules and restriction ( Saturn). Jupiter in Virgo expands our relationship to self-care; diet, exercise and daily habit patterns designed to keep us healthy. On a macro level Jupiter in Virgo suggests we will be more discriminating about the food we eat. There will likely be greater awareness concerning  genetically modified organisms, or,  GMO’s,  and nutrient-poor processed food products throughout Jupiter’s transit in Virgo. The `rules’ or regulations regarding the release of GMO’s  vary widely from country to country. In the USA, Congress recently passed legislation blocking states from requiring GMO labels on foods. In this instance, the desire to expand information about food ( Jupiter in Virgo) was restricted by Saturn in Sagittarius.

Of course on a personal level each of us may encounter our own self-limiting ( Saturn) behavior concerning the impulse to eat healthier: organics cost too much, it’s more time consuming to cook from `scratch’, it’s easier to just eat `food products’ instead of food. At the Jupiter-Saturn square dates in March and May,  we can reevaluate our attitudes and `rules’ (Saturn) about expanding our health (Jupiter) in a way that’s congruent with our truest of values. Those values relate back to the genesis of the meaning of the 2016 squares; the conjunction in the sign of Taurus ( way back!) in 2000. 

Remember, the squares of 2016 are part of the journey of Jupiter-Saturn which began in the sign most identified with values; Taurus. Where we find Taurus in our charts is what is being tested and reworked in 2016. What are your most cherished values? What would you protect with every ounce of your being? Your freedom, your money, your love, your home, your friends, your health, etc? By reflecting upon where Taurus falls in your chart you may gain greater insight on how the squares will be operating in your personal life as 2016 unfolds and beyond.

The 2016 squares represent the last great effort of finding our own `gems in the jewelry store’. Finding a balance between the brakes of Saturn and the accelerator of Jupiter is the process. Think of it as being an exercise in `defensive driving.’


Jupiter square Saturn 2020

Jupiter in Virgo is not limited to nutrition, and Saturn in Sagittarius is not limited to being the `regulator.’ The square action demands we synthesize both energies to form a new and more perfect structure in our lives with the basis being action follows beliefs. This will require effort and awareness. And there will not be any wiggle room within; no fibbing allowed! Saturn in Sagittarius demands we be honest with ourselves.  For example, If you `say’ you are a spiritual person who meditates, you won’t be able to shirk from your daily practice. If your self-image includes the trait of generosity, be prepared to actually donate something of value to a good cause. The gravitas of Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us to pay attention to what we say to ourselves which ultimately reflects our inner beliefs.

Jupiter inflates for negative or positive. In Virgo, `negative’ traits of criticism, perfectionism and addiction to work can manifest. An all or nothing attitude can prevail, for example, as applied to a healthy lifestyle. The best of  dietary intentions can be torpedoed if someone gives up eating sensibly simply after eating one jelly-filled pastry! Self-care can potentially receive a boost from the squares. The discipline and dedication of Saturn blending with Jupiter allows a `no more excuses’ attitude to prevail.   In this example, a healthy lifestyle is achieved through the consistency to healthy choices which Saturn potentially offers.

Let’s explore how the Jupiter-Saturn squares may operate within your chart, using a solar perspective or your actual rising sign. The following considers the path of the original conjunction in 2000 from which the squares emerge. Consider these `cook-book’ phrases as you navigate the Jupiter-Saturn squares of 2016!

Aries– Work expansion is modified through careful strategic planning resulting in increased income and self-worth.

Taurus- Freely express your creativity as you rely on the intimate feedback of a trusted partner in order to create a more authentic sense of self.

Gemini-Expand and improve your domestic situation with the assistance of a partner which leads to a deeper sense of inner peace.

Cancer-Believe your opinion matters and speak up at work in order to cultivate the like-minded friends you crave.

Leo-Identify your many skills and talents while discovering what truly gives you joy as you restructure your career.

Virgo-Choose personal freedom within the context of your domestic duties in order to live the life which reflects your beliefs.

Libra-Spend more time in solitude and soul-searching modified by your daily duties in order to achieve the authentic personal power you seek.

Scorpio-Expand your network of friends, clients and customers without overextending your time and resources with the ultimate goal of finding a true partner.

Sagittarius-Be bold and decisive in making career changes as long as you don’t overtax yourself with the goal of creating the `perfect job.’

Capricorn-Find peace with the God of your understanding as you explore your personal need for quiet reflection resulting in a deeper sense of  joy and creativity.

Aquarius-Make a commitment to your own personal growth and psychological well-being while enlisting the support of a trusted friend which leads to the domestic tranquility you desire.

Pisces-Allow your significant others to give you support and nourishment while you climb the ladder to career success resulting in the message you want to convey to the world.

We have but a mere four more years until the “Great Mutation” in the year 2020, when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle shifts from the element of manifestation, earth, to that of air. The NEXT Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place at 0 degrees of Aquarius, so, make the most of creating a new foundation for yourself. The 2016 squares are opportunities not to be missed!

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