Saturn in Sagittarius Dec 2014 – June 15 2015 – September 18 2015 – December 2017

Patricia L Walsh – Agent 999

“An old man turned ninety-eight 

He won the lottery and died the next day.
It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay…
It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late.
And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think ? “
Alanis Morissette


Saturn will enter into Sagittarius, December 23 2014. In the summer of 2015 it will retrograde back into Scorpio and re-enter Sagittarius in September of 2015 until Dec 2017. Recap of Saturn in Scorpio – Pluto in Capricorn (Mutual Reception) In preparation for lectures back in 2012, I contemplated the mutual reception of Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio (Oct 2012-Dec 2014) with Pluto already hunkered down in Capricorn since 2008. Planets in mutual reception are often looked at as supporting each other’s energies, this mutual reception happened in a sextile aspect (also considered to be easy flowing). But Pluto and Saturn are no lightweights, as the events of Sept 11, 2001 reminded us, when they were in opposition. I thought a supportive aspect between these two planets, normally associated with intensity and concentration/limitation, could indicate a pressure cooker in which suppressed shadow material rises to the surface.

There’s no doubt that Pluto’s time in Capricorn already has already rocked the world with a global economic crisis, along with the ongoing Pluto/Uranus squares, urging radical political and social change. With the backdrop of Pluto in Capricorn there is a flavor of ‘entrenchment in that which makes us feel secure’ behind all the current transits, adding explosive tension to the felt urge for a structural overhaul. The need for change and the need for security are almost always at odds with each other and currently on the world stage, one area we see this played out is between the ‘haves and have-nots’.

Business as Usual

I recently came across a series on the financial channel CNBC, The Profit, where an entrepreneur, Marcus Lemonis, helps failing businesses turn around and become profitable. Marcus himself is a likable guy, showing empathy and genuine concern for the people behind the product, a quality not often found in big business. In the process of fixing businesses he’s helped to mend families and relationships, he seems genuinely unflappable when someone explodes he deftly de-escalates the situation often treating the person with more respect than you’d think they deserved. He talks frequently about integrity and won’t do business with the disingenuous.

In one recent show he advised the owner of a chain of failing hair salons on everything from letting go of a recent bad break up with a partner to, how to change the packaging of her salon products to increase the price. A simple design change boosted the price to $15 for a previously priced $9 bottle of hair product. It left me questioning… that integrity? Isn’t that Ironic?

Packaging, marketing and sales are such common buzzwords these days that we fail to examine what these processes often entail. Finding slick ways to push products is the norm in today’s business, if the product is quality or not. What’s worse is that we accept this as perfectly normal and even admire and glamorize those who succeed at these tactics because largely…. quantity-in-life has replaced quality-of-life. Watching this show I found myself in that dizzy area between really liking Marcus for his humanity and intelligence, yet disliking all that goes with ‘business as usual’ ……when is enough.…enough?

Pluto in Capricorn/Saturn in Scorpio while in a positive sense may have had more people thinking (or forced to think about) streamlining, downsizing and economizing, it also greases the gears of industry where the ‘ends justify the means’ and in lean times, everything takes a backseat to the goal of constantly increasing profit. Saturn heading into Sagittarius may forcefully trim some excesses, but marketing and sales are realms that the centaur happily frolics in. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is associated with outright lies, as well as ultimate truth and many shades in-between. Blurring the lines between truth and lies is a basic tactic in advertising, be prepared for spin to increase especially when it is in the interest of big business.

Concentration of power is another theme of Pluto’s time in Capricorn, strengthened again by Saturn’s recent transit in Scorpio it has brought the words ‘Plutocracy’ and ‘Oligarchy’ back into our vocabulary. In fact in 2014, a joint study between Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded the USA no longer operates in a democratic fashion but rather is an Oligarchy or in their chosen words is run by “economic elite domination”. Plutocracy, synonymous with Oligarchy has it’s origins in the Greek ‘Ploutus’-wealth and ‘Kratos’ –strength/authority and so far Pluto’s stay in Capricorn has not disappointed in bringing to the surface our personal and collective shadow issues around power, resources and wealth.

Now is  a good time to take stock of what has bubbled up to the surface of your consciousness, about yourself in the last 2 years?

Embracing the Shadow

Shadow material often lies deep below the threshold of our consciousness, it is everything we are NOT aware of…we all have it…and we all suppress it. Outside of all the things we are unconscious of; our shadow is comprised of personally rejected and socially shamed impulses and desires. Undesirable qualities that we cannot accept within ourselves such as greed, hatred, ruthlessness, pride etc… are tucked away from our awareness…..until we meet that quality in others and our reaction can range from dislike to outright hatred. It’s a neat trick of the psyche, to help us maintain a consistent identity (ego), any quality which does not fit our ideal self-image is projected onto others and situations outside ourselves, but as Jung stated when speaking on the shadow “We become the thing we fight the most”. Unconscious reaction to that which triggers us in others, often results in our acting in exactly the same way, of which we usually remain blissfully unaware of.

BUT….. when we consciously engage the rejected parts of ourselves we are doing ‘shadow work’ and the end result is a more wholesome self-image and expanded compassion for ourselves and those around us. As mentioned earlier, the last 2+ years of this mutual reception have been an opportune time to embrace the rejected parts of ourselves. But it’s also been an incredibly intense time for many people, as shadow material can often overwhelm us causing everything from depression to suicidal impulses. Saturn’s exit out of Scorpio into Sagittarius may keep the pressure on, but make things seem lighter, simply because we might be able to find the humor in our own human foibles and laugh at the irony of it all.

The Sagittarius archetype, in a healthy expression, has long been associated with truth and personal authenticity; this can be further strengthened by Saturn’s positive characteristics of integrity and congruence. Saturn often asks us to look at ‘reality’, take responsibility and encourages us to act with integrity, apply hard work and discipline before we reap the rewards of our efforts. Integrity is the key here, as Saturn is also known as a ‘Lord of Karma’, reminding us to be mindful from the beginning of the quality of what we sow….…as we will reap the exact result of each seed. The higher octave of the Sagittarius archetype has long been associated with truth seeking, honesty and personal authenticity. Combining, the focused aim of the archer (pointing inwards towards our deepest core self) with Saturn’s principled approach, can help us to dig even deeper, with the assurance that the labor of ‘doing ones personal work’ will eventually result in a bountiful harvest!

For those intent upon their own personal growth, this sort of ‘soul making’ is an ongoing process best engaged with a competent guide, or at the very least with a road map of what to expect when in shadow territory. Following are some suggestions……….


You know you are in “shadow territory” when..

Your actions do not equal your words – Hypocrisy

Just as Saturn is finishing its transit to Scorpio the Bill Cosby allegations of rape emerged again. (Outer planets transits often make definiative statements when they enter and exit a sign or house in a personal chart). If these allegations are true, this is clear example of hidden hypocrisy erupting in the face of denial. This is of course not the first time a famous or powerful persons actions do not meet their words or public image, and because the bubble of fame and public adoration often gives them an inflated sense of self and feeling of ‘special power’,

it is easier for them to rationalize or be in complete denial of their own incongruous behavior. Before we believe everything we think about ourselves, we need to acknowledge that we often the last ones notice our own hypocrisies. All the more reason why it is important to listen to those, whom we trust and have our better interest in mind, when they point out areas where we are not ‘walking our talk’.

You ask yourself, did I just say that with my ‘outside voice’???

The truth is, trying to repress anything is a pretty poor strategy, eventually, like steam building pressure in a closed container, it will either explode or less dramatically… leak out. Saturn also rules the mechanism of repression while Sagittarius is often known for its blunt blunders….sometimes these are common mispronunciations or mixed up words but according to Freud, these so-called called Freudian slips, point to unconscious unexpressed drives. For example a man who was asking a busty waitress what the customary tip was, slipped and asked “How much TIT is usual”?

Other times, our actions betray us, or we make jokes or quip about something that reveals what our deeper urges truly are. In 1984 in a potentially serious situation, Ronald Regan joked during a sound test for a radio address “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Fortunately for you, a slip about your Mother-in-law is not going to put the Soviet Army on Red Alert, but be aware, one way or another the  hidden truth may trip you up. So you might as well pay attention to what you say and do, and look at your slips as sages, wisely pointing you towards deeper truth about yourself.

Something just comes over you

Cousin to the Freudian slip is the ‘disproportionate reaction’. An example many are familiar with is ‘Road Rage’, where getting cut off or delayed by another car in traffic evokes the same kind of response one would have, as say …. a bear tore down the front door and was heading upstairs to the infants bedroom. When unconscious material is triggered and floods the conscious mind, it causes irrational responses that are larger than the moment. Sometimes these responses are ‘childlike’, not surprising as some of our repressed shadow material has been there since childhood (not to mention from past lifetimes as well). All the aggression you tempered when Mommy denied you a treat and you learned to smile rather than scream to get what you wanted…can come out when you’re pushing your way to the front of the line on ‘Black Friday’…or when your partner leaves his/her unwashed dishes all over the kitchen.

Everyone seems more stressed these days, and as we know stress can weaken not only our immune system, but our defenses. That applies not just biologically, but psychologically as well. The next time you feel like you’re going to ‘loose it’ look at the cracks that appear in your carefully constructed ‘persona’ as passageways, for light to seep into the darker corners of your psyche. Invite the ‘irrational’ to guide you to its real source, you may discover these long buried urges have a story to tell and healing to impart.


Things that go Bump in the Night

When  the busy-ness of the day fades and the twilight liminal space, between the conscious and subconscious reigns…….the imagination comes out to play. Lying in bed at night before sleep can either be a tortuous struggle where every fleeting thought is magnified or a rich opportunity to unwind from the day with mindfulness. One technique offered via Theosophical thought (Alice Bailey) is to re-run the day in your mind’s eye, from the present moment backwards. Allowing scenes, activities, thoughts and emotions to arise and fall in your field of awareness, without judgment but with patient watchfulness. New perspectives may arise and you will help your psyche let-go of the day. It is theorized that this is actually part of what the dream process does anyway, a sort of defrag, so to do just before sleep, allows the psyche to bring up more profound material in the dream state.

Keeping a journal of dreams and working with them further is a classic form of shadow work. It is proposed that each character, situation or even object in a dream can represent an unknown dimension or aspect of our self. Suffice to say, problematic, frightening and disturbing dream characters or images often point directly to personal or even collective shadow material. Working with each dream in waking time can not only bring deeper self-awareness, but can reveal and heal splits and conflicts within the psyche.

Tips for Embracing the Shadow………

Accept you are human

Cultivate curiosity for that which you negatively react to

Share your shadow traits with another – admit them

Dialogue with your shadow

Look for the shadow in dreams and engage it

Find the positive in the shadow – experiment with opposites to find the truth in both

Design rituals and sacred space to confront darker parts of oneself

Coal in your stocking……or a diamond in the making?

What happens when expansion meets contraction; generosity meets stinginess: joviality meets gloom? You may find the answer in a Charles Dickens classic – A Christmas Carol……… the question becomes are you the optimistic Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim or the bitter Ebenezer Scrooge? Dickens wrote in his own diary in 1841, the initial inspiration for the Scrooge character came from a gravestone for an Ebenezer Scrooge who was a corn merchant. The headstone was engraved Meal Man, which Dickens misread as Mean Man, which stirred him to imagine what it must be like to carry “Such a terrible thing to eternity”. Well when the universe gives you lemons make lemonade, and Dickens made a classic out of a typical Sagittarian type blunder! In the spirit of Synchronicity (which also holds an honored place in Sagittarian consciousness) while Dickens was conjuring Scrooge in his imagination (1841) Saturn was transiting between Sagittarius and Capricorn! Ultimately, A Christmas Carol is a tale of redemption where even the most embittered and miserly of characters, transforms (with the help of a few ghosts) after a long hard look at the past, present and future and discovers his own generosity and humanity in the process.

After the dark period of Saturn in Scorpio and confrontation with that which we preferred not to face, the meaning of the struggle is revealed in Sagittarius; there is potential within, not previously known and abundant grace is available when we conspire with our own evolution.

Saturn and Sagittarius’ ruler planet Jupiter, are opposite yet equal energies, Saturn is cautious and limiting while Jupiter is optimistic and expansive. Optimism and realism can make strange bedfellows, out of balance, cynicism can arise and color ones view to the point where no joy or hope can be found, on the other side, too much optimism leads to naiveté and life lived as a series of ‘Hallmark Highs’ that feel good but lack depth and sustainability. As the old adage says ‘Trust in God, but tie up your camel at night’, yes the world IS out to get you but the universe also has your back. Harnessing the better qualities of both Zeus and Saturn make this an opportune time to make some dreams reality, setting realistic goals with well thought out plans to accomplish them. Another side of this combination is to carefully consider what you aim or wish for; this Saturn in Sag time may have a bittersweet quality to it, as the universe may decide to give you more of what you need, and not what you think you want.

This transit may ignite a desire for new learning, a gathering and understanding of knowledge on a deeper or higher level. This time period may have us all contemplating deeper meaning about ourselves and our place in the cosmos. In August of 1987, when Saturn was also in Sagittarius the Harmonic Convergence happened. It was a massive, globally synchronized meditation that initiated on a large scale, what many today call the “New Age” movement. Back to truth in advertising and spin, the Harmonic Convergence was promoted as occurring along with extraordinary astrological alignments, this claim was dubious at best (look at the chart for Aug 16 1987 yourself and decide) but at least it wasn’t made up, just to sell more t-shirts. Since that time the “New Age” has come back down to earth and an interest in indigenous and Shamanic practices has become vogue. Sagittarius is associated with Natural law and Capricorn/Saturn with man-made structures and laws, while both have a part in Judicial processes. Issues about justice for the earth, flora and fauna, may draw more serious attention and collective focus. Wouldn’t it be great if Gaia, (the earth) could get the same legal ‘personhood’ that corporations have? In line with this thinking I just saw that the first Native American woman, a member of the Hopi tribe, was appointed as Federal Judge in Arizona.

As the picture at the beginning of the article shows, issues around freedom and mobility may arise especially long range travel. Illustrating this theme, the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded seconds after launch (1986). Barring explosions, you may simply be torn between the urge for wider fields to romp in, while needing to handle responsibilities that limit your freedom. Focus is heightened, and there may be an urge to rush to the finish line as the goal is so clearly in sight, but that yellow brick road may have some misplaced bricks, causing bruised toes and stumbles. Slow down….and remember Dorothy’s biggest lesson, You already have everything you need…take time to notice what’s right in front of you ….. and keep your eyes on the road……….

Patricia L. Walsh (Agent 999)

Evolutionary Astrologer, Regression Therapist and Author of ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes’



Agent 999 – Patricia Walsh 
I was initiated as agent 999 in the glorious outback at Star Camp 2013. The number 9 represents completion, a culmination of all that went before it, prior to initiating a new cycle at 10 (or 1). Repeated in triple, it resonates with the three levels of the cosmos and human psyche. My main work in this life is to help others (and myself) bring long standing Karmic Complexes to resolution thus to serve the impulse of evolution within the core of the soul.  My South Node and this North node are at 0 degrees, which in the form of astrology I do, Evolutionary Astrology, also represents culmination of a karmic cycle. I knew this since I was young, and yes as they say, we often teach what we need to lean. My inner teachers told me when I was in my 20’s “This life is like a period at the end of a very long sentence”. More about 999, HERE

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