Sacrifice – the New Moon in Libra conjoined the star, Diadem

by Agent Ei Andrew Smith

Sacrifice – the New Moon in Libra conjoined the star, Diadem
 1st October 2016 at 12:13am UT


Tested in every conceivable way possible, her faith stretched, her belief strained and her sense of hope dimmed, Princess Faithless’ joy has ebbed in recent weeks. The pressure has been unbelievable and her soul weary, her body close to exhaustion from the sleepless nights.

‘What have I done to deserve this? I never asked for this life. Did I do something bad in a past life? Was I born under a bad star? Why is everything so tough? When will it come to an end?”

Looking up towards the inky sky, her eyes keenly scanning the night candles for something resembling a sign, something to give her hope, in the distance she can just make out the figure of someone laying something on the ground. Curious, she moves ever closer, until he is within touching distance of this nocturnal guest.

If she was startled, she didn’t let on, as the twig underneath Faithless Spirit’s feet drew Little Spirit’s attention from the alter that she was preparing.

“Good morning Princess”, beamed Little Spirit. “Would you like to join me on this starry morning?”

“It’s alright. I’m fine. Sorry for disturbing you. I just wasn’t expecting to discover someone in this dark.”

“That’s okay. You are not disturbing me. I’d love for you do join me. I do love this time of the day. It is the quiet within the dark, just before the Light rises.”

“So you don’t feel depressed in this gloomy light or frightened by the eerie shadows?”

“Oh no. It is such a marvellous time of the day. It is the light that illuminates the truth within the shadows. Can’t you sense the preparation? Can’t you feel the anticipation? Can’t you smell the freshness of the air and sense the rising of the heat? It is such a wondrous moment to stand between worlds, witnessing the end of one world and the birth of another. It is such a privilege to feel the rush of light spread slowly inside, healing the darkness and calming the soul. The morning light stirs your soul and opens your mind to the eros of a new perspective. It is an innocent beginning as the veil of the unknown yields and something original begins.
It is a perfect time to let go that which binds you; that which troubles you; that which keeps gOd at bay. It is a perfect time to clear and cleanse your soul and to empty your soul from all that binds you. All you need to do is surrender something valuable to you, offer it up and let it go, trusting that the light will carry you, bathe you and soothe you. Have you anything you would like to offer up to the Light?”

“It is not that simple. I have responsibilities. I have many expectations. I have a role that I need to maintain. I have so many commitments. I long to be free so that I can be me. I know this sounds strange, but I never asked to be a princess.”

“Oh but it is simple, my dear friend.”

“But how do you do that?”

Pointing down at the various artefacts on her mat, Princess Faithless is surprised to see a tomato slice, a walnut and an almond lying on a small plate. “What I do is to think of what burdens me and then search for an object that resembles that encumbrance. That object can be meaningful to you or can symbolise something that is burdened within you. The tomato represents the burdens that I carry within my heart; the walnut is my overactive brain that stops me from being still; and the almond symbolises the blockages I carry that stop me seeing with my inner eye.

“At the edge of the night, as the waves of darkness brighten at the shore of dawn, I imagine those unkind thoughts and experiences living within the objects I have chosen. I then ask the rays of light to bless those offerings and I then place them into a small fire, that I was about to build.”

“What would you like to offer, Princess?”

“I do not know, but I feel unable to truly see my path. I’ve always had people do things for me and tell me how I should act and say. I cannot see any way forward”

“Why don’t you take off your diadem and offer it up”

“That’s mad. I couldn’t do that. My father would kill me”

“But see how it lays low on your brow, blocking your inner eye. It is no wonder you cannot see your way back home”, replied Little Spirit.

“Maybe it is time to give up your special status and any desire to be someone, and just be you”.

Faithless Princess reached up to her forehead and sure enough, her diadem lay firmly across her brow, neatly dissecting the place where her third eye sat nestled inside her skull. “What I have got to lose”, she thought. And with that she took off her crown and lay it on the ground.
Feeling a pressure lift from her, she could feel the breath of consciousness gently whisper in the trees, cooling and soothing, easing and comforting, as she stood alongside Little Spirit, facing the spot where the Sun would rise.

“I call upon those Guardians of the Five Realms to oversee this protected space within which I offer up that which is precious to me and empty myself so that you can fill me with nothing and everything” Little Spirit reverently toned.


Surrounded by the burgeoning pastel light, not yet fully dawned, the offering of spring excites Faithless Princess’ soul, just as the clouds gradually transmuted into lighter colours from the stain of night’s ink. Feeling gratitude build for all that she could see, feel, hear, smell and taste; for all that she has experienced, the kind and unkind; for all that she has learnt, in isolation and in fellowship; for all that she has loved, in friendship and in union; for all who have shared her path, teachers each and everyone, both friend and foe; for the pain that has taught her to embrace and release those enemies of her soul; for the joy that now lifts her heart in hope; and for the love that remains ever present within and without, reminding her that she have never truly been alone, even during those darkened moments.

Instinctively Faithless Princess bowed deeply from her waste to the Light growing in the East, she offer up her precious diadem, the symbol of everything that she has been defined by. A simple thank you slips from her throat as a single drop of water cleanses her eyes.

Two petals from a lotus flower, one purple, one white, float towards her on this breeze, as her offering is heard. Anything and everything is possible. Anything and everything.lotus-flower-51

Little Spirit reaches for Faithless Princess’ hand and whispers, “Anything is possible because you are Boundless; explore and experiment because you are unlimited; engage the world with the whole of your body and soul because you are unfettered; give love without asking for anything in return because you are unsullied; let your hands create from pure imagination; let your voice freely carry your light; let your feet brighten the ground you walk upon; let your heart be a beacon of hope for you are the Light in a world that has forgotten”.

Faith-filled Princess turned to Little Spirit, eyes alight, hope rekindled, heart beating loud and clear, her soul awakened and enthused. “Thank you”, she said.


Can you feel the eager anticipation build? Can you feel the desire to move out of your solitude, brush down your wings and ready yourself for flight? Can you sense that you are on the threshold of a phenomenal new adventure? Can you feel hope return? Can you feel the nudge to step out and up? Can you feel your Light build with intensity? Can you sense your confidence start to expand? Very different from the quieter light that has surrounded you in the past year, eh?!

Having spent the past year consolidating what you have learnt about yourself, integrating that knowledge, having honoured the quiet urge to retreat into your interiority to process; having noticed that you have not expanded your conscious awareness in an actively dynamic manner and have merely coasted within your existing beliefs and world views; and having noticed a hunger returning in recent weeks, crying out for you to feed it, eagerness and anticipation are being rekindled prompting you to dig out your passport and top up your credit with your book supplier and conference organiser as you can sense a desire to, once again, actively broaden your horizons.

There has been a tremendous amount of emotional processing and releasing this past year as you have been steadily preparing for this dawn and the rejuvenation of your tired emotional-body. Dampened from the tears, nostalgic from the memories, tentatively you start to take those first steps out of your cave, towards the warming light yonder. And warm the light it feels in contrast to this darkened place that has been your home. Yet throughout this entire review process you have been offered the opportunity to dive deeply into your interiority, to swim in the waters of your deep and experientially embody the weight of emotional content of your maternal line, feeling fluidly and deeply the scripts that have been handed down through your DNA. It may not have been easy, it may have brought much up for you, but now, excitement builds as you stand on this threshold, glimpsing your future, as in your hand lies the embryonic seed that you are about to plant, a seed that you will have to patiently nourish as it will eventually flower in six years’ time.

As the Sun and Moon embrace on Saturday morning, they do so within the realm of Libra in alignment with the alpha star, Diadem, within the constellation called Coma Berenices, a star that can be found at the celestial longitude of the Luminary coupling. The sign of Libra, is one of the four initiators from which the cornerstones of our consciousness are created. Those cornerstones: spirit, breath, emotions and matter are the elements that make up our energetic bodies, with ether being the element from which all descends. Libra is all about the creation and free movement of the Word, from which we came from, when our spirit started to come into form within this realm of existence. Jupiter, the celestial archetype that holds within its matrix your ability to reach for the stars, to believe and expand your awareness, has moved into this sign in September, marking a strong time for the open expression of your Word, helping you share your ideals and your opinions with your world.


Yet sacrifice is required within this fecund space, as you feel the need to sanctify and draw nearer to gOd. As the breath of consciousness sweeps around the Earth, like Little Spirit you may feel the need to offer up something important to you, so that you empty yourself of ego and open the way for this breath to fill you and purify your being. Sacrifice is to make something sacred and defines the meaning of the star, Diadem. Offering up is often a term for sacrifice, which suggests an uplifting of something or the transformation of something from a lower form to a higher form, specifically, the translation of something mundane to something supramundane. This was the significance of burnt offerings in the primitive mind, in that, thought burning a sacrifice, one transformed something material into something spiritual, and thus it could then be received by deity, which is spiritual. Flower offerings, light offerings, incense offering, food offerings and such are given as symbols of sacrifice, so too spiritual study and contemplation, prayer and meditation are holy sacrifices. Mundane activities when they are dedicated to the evolution of the soul-being, even the act of love making is considered a vehicle of holy sacrifice in Gnosticism, when lovers embrace one another as the Lord and the Shekinah within the Bridal Chamber. What you decide to offer up, is a decision that only you can make, but the Kairos is apt to engage proactively in an act of sacrifice this weekend.

With your emotions lifting, you can feel the nascent potential of your inner being opening up and freshening in in this healing light. Weariness may stay a while but eventually yields as the shadow of death dwindles and the promise of birth gathers momentum. Contentment and feelings of ease and relief wash over you, it is good to know, that there is some part of your being, maybe even a higher part, which understands who you are, where you came from, and what you are truly seeking. As you re-discover how you truly feel, you reconnect with your heart-centre and inadvertently become a beacon of inspiration for those who wish to do the same. No matter what, it all began with you and your own inner exploration this past year and now the time readies you to disseminate and put out into your world what exists within your emotional body.

Light-filled, the energy of the Divine Mother arises to marinate the bitterness of the past, comforting and protecting you within Her halo of benevolence. Images of the past arise to be healed and released, as your soul flits between the present and past. Your emotional body lifted and opened further up, feelings course easily and fluidly around you, enabling you to better create the conditions of your reality since everything you do starts not with a thought but a feeling. Consumed with dreams and surrounded by a tide of serendipity, this profound space is speckled with emotional truths, signs and angels pointing you in the right direction.

The quality of your Inner Spirit is vastly supported during this benefic and healing invitation, as you are called upon to make choices to guide the manner in which you consciously choose to grow. As your Presence starts into another period of outward and dynamic growth, eagerly seeking to expand its trail on the Earth, your Christ consciousness speaks ever so clearly through you and you have the ability to infect the world with your joy and wisdom, your humour and benevolence, and your support and consideration, lifting up all those who come into your Field.

This is the time to radiate your unique emotional essence out into your world; it is time to effect lasting and positive change as you seek to live the calling within your to become deeply caring of those you love, the earth and all who you connect with.

Blessed be this moment and all that you offer up within this sacred space.

Thank you again for taking the time to either read or to listen to this article.

To access the PDF that will help you locate this lunation in your chart, please click on the following link – 2016 Libran Lunation

To listen to Andrew narrate this piece – Narration

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 22:32 BST, 26th September 2016.

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