Africa : A Sirian portal to the Cosmos

By Agent 90 -Patrica L Bell

In the words of Carl Sagan, we are 40%-star dust. It makes us think how we became 40%-star dust. Let us look with James Theodore Bent. Let’s look back in time when he was an archeologist. He found these sacred stone circles in South Africa. That’s right sacred stone circles in South Africa, and where the first humanoid was found. Our human adventure started 75,000 years ago in a place called Waterval Boven 4 hours North of Johannesburg, South Africa. In the mountains there are these stone circles, and there is a place called Adams Calendar. Why is this significant? If we look at prior research of where humanoids came from medically, we all understand that we all came from a black woman in Africa. So, as humans we know that we have a genetic connection to Africa. What transcends that? Why 75,000 years ago was there an energy to create humanoids? Let’s go on an investigative mission. This is Agent 90 from the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. With a questioning mind and an adventurous soul, we’ll jump on a plane to South Africa to check out these stone circles, and how they are connected to the sun and the stars. When we look at getting to the circle itself, we recognize that there are certain planetary alignments. Certain key planetary alignments importantly to Orion, and to Sirius. How could an African tribe known as the Dogends know about a planet called Sirius? How could they know that there was not only Sirius A, but Sirius B, and Sirius C? Which is the one that exploded, but yet they were also very much aware of the Orion connection, and then as you look at Adams Calendar you will see that the stones are precisely in alignment with these planetary aspects, So, as inquiring minds we ask why was this so important 75,000 years ago to create a structure in alignment with the sun, but with all of the astrological aspects. Was it part of the research that said that we not only came from the stars, but that we were actually energies from those galaxies of planets that formed ourselves to be the humanoid. What an amazing thought of how these structures got put together so that you could stand at Adams Calendar and see pyramids that now only aligned itself with Adams Calendar to begin with but aligns with the Great Pyramid of Giza. That’s right the Great Pyramid of Giza. Getting back to Uranus in Taurus. When James Theodore Bent located the stone circles Uranus was in Taurus.

The next time the circles got some notoriety was back in the 1930’s again Uranus was in Taurus where people came to explore the gold that was in this region. Now here we are in 2019 Uranus in Taurus again. What’s different about these circles? The stones sing when certain planetary alignments as with solstice, and the equinox. The stones can vibrate on a level that creates a singing sound. Stones that sing Hmm, more than just that it’s inquiring why did the stones have to sing. We look at Chichen Itza and we look at other places in which we know we are astrologically aligned, and yet we know they had a connection. As Zecharia Sitchin in his research in Samaria that we came from ancient gods from other planets that came to earth and created other humanoids. Is that part of our truth? Is that part of our adventure? What does it mean to us now? Does it mean that what we are trying to do is to elevate the human experience into a galactic connected state of mind. Wow, and yes that is a big Wow! We know that as astrologers that the planets have an effect on us. We know that we are connected to the stars. There is no doubt that we can tell by how they effect our lives, and how we can connect to those energies to make our lives the best that we can. We can have an astrology chart and yet evolve above it. How we can also know that by understanding this Uranus in Taurus this time again. We are being asked to look at our own personal growth and evolvement. Yes, we hear talks about space forces and things like that what about a true galactic understanding. Many of us who are experiential astrologers or shamanistic astrology understand that there is certain power vortex’s in this zone. Of course, Adams Calendar happens to be one of those powerful vortex’s, and upon arriving there during an equinox I was able to personally feel that connection for myself, but then again that was a very personal moment.

Yet today in this article I want to present to you other agents the opportunity to question in your mind exactly how you would want to connect with the stars. How would you want to connect with galactic heritage? How would you want to use the energy from above in creating the realities in this so below called life and how we can use this energy to transform us because with Uranus in Taurus if there was times for the physical transformation we’re talking about now and yes we are also talking about how the earth is transforming. When we look at the vibratory fields sound and with energy and with the planets, we can bring that into a certain harmonic within our own personal charts to allow us to move forward in this adventure. Now let’s take a sidebar here Uranus in Taurus I have spoken before of the aspects of the royals. Yes, the Queen has a 0 Taurus sun Prince Charles has a 0 Taurus moon, and he has a North node of 3 Taurus, and our dear new Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has Uranus in Taurus at 4 degrees. Now I don’t have to go on to tell you that child along with the other young ones that were born with Uranus in Taurus are going to have a profound affect on the monarchy. What is interesting and brings it back home is the new chart of South Africa. That’s right the new chart of South Africa gives it a 5-degree Taurus sun, and what do we hear in the newspapers today about all of a sudden, they are going to move Prince Harry, Megan, and baby Archie to South Africa. Very interesting. Yes why? They have known and the royals have been very connected there because the royals believe that this is a place of anointment.

Some of the books like Solomon’s Line address the fact that Prince George will be king and address the fact that the new baby Archie will be directly involved with South Africa. So, you say I don’t live in London but in the USA, Australia, or someplace else the idea is a focal point, and the royals have focus on this point for a reason. The reason has to be evolvement, but it also happens to be a wealth. A wealth that happens to be there. Now, what kind of wealth could there be? Yes, I understand that Africa itself is a very rich country filled with minerals, gold, and many other kinds of aspects, but maybe we can look beyond that and maybe we can say that there is a spiritual vortex there. Not unlike Stonehenge not unlike other places in this world in which there is a connectiveness that with our own personal sensitivities that we can go on our private pilgrimages to allow us to understand what id next. The key here is listening to what is going on at the present and part of it is the sound transformation. The other part of it is looking at the aspects of how we need to vibrate. So many times, we have asked ourselves how we get ourselves in alignment, and yes, it is a pilgrimage to go to South Africa. I promise you any of you that make this journey you will see what magic it holds for all of you. In the following tape presentations, you will see myself and my guide Edwin and you be able to understand even more in depth how much magic there is in this land of South Africa, and how you and I can tap into that energy. Now I am going to present the fact that we all need to look at where Taurus is in our chart. Of course, for me Taurus happens to be in the 9th house of overseas travel. So, this puts it precisely in alignment with my understanding and my spiritual evolvement. Yet as astrologers I really want you to look at the fact that you to maybe able to find some magic and understanding with these connections to galaxies and planets, and the sun directly to these stone circles.

When we talk about the stone circles and the harmonious frequencies, they amplify this is an important realization that these stone circles act as an amplification of subtle earth energies. Which are harmonically coherent fractals with the earth frequency all perfectly resonating with the prime resonate frequency of the earth. By being amplified the frequencies of these stone circles are exposed to coherent harmonic frequencies of mother earth, and all the cells of our body begin to vibrate and resonate in harmony with these natural earth frequencies or energies. Al the cells and organs of our body slowly start to come into coherence with the natural frequency of earth itself. So, any dissonance or diseased cells in our body will be broken down and expelled. This is the simplest way to explain how the stone circles can heal us. While you know we must do ongoing research and give evidence of how we can use these ancient structures. We look at the exciting and reoccurring effects of the ruins, at Adams Calendar with these profound spiritual experiences particularly when they are in alignment with the astrological or astronomy of the site itself.

The well-known Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa said he was initiated at the Adams Calendar site in 1937 as a young shaman, and that this site is known to African knowledge keepers as the birthplace of the sun, and where heaven mated with mother earth, and where humanity was created by gods. Credo detailed the explanation of deep significance of this site when he explained that it was not just any god of ancient times that created humanity but a specific deity that the Zulu knew as Inaki. The same deity known as Inaki in Samarian texts which kind of pulls a spin on our understanding of Aunnaki on the earth plane and the fingerprints that not only are they left behind in these stone ruins but also the genetic manipulation of the human race. After survey Adams Calendar turned out that the north south east west alignment is out by 3-degrees 17 minutes and 40 seconds. This became a critical discovery because in theory of the crustal shift or crustal displacement was proposed by Charles Hopgood, and strongly supported by Albert Einstein. Adams Calendar gives us the geophysical proof that such events did occur, and that what we know however at this stage is that the shift happened. It also allows us to understand where we are at this present time with our alignment with the sun, ad how brilliantly we need to connect with that alignment during these earth changes.

The history of these great stone circles is really a lot of untold stories to the world. Because traditional knowledge keepers such as African shamans for thousands of years have kept this stone calendar a way in which it was just a very primal source but yet when we get to the place of leading us to decode one of the greatest missing pieces regarding our known human origins an how are our archaeological discoveries suggest that the Samarians’ may had gathered much of their knowledge from the civilization that emerged thousands of years earlier in South Africa. Which already were thought to be the cradle of humankind. Now the arrangement of the large stones that were neatly planted on the edge of a cliff in the town of Kaapsehoop South Africa which was spotted in the 1800’s. Realize that there was not An ordinary are natural arrangements of these Mana lifts so the process began measuring and calculating that went over a number of years. This was a great deal of work done more recently in 2003 to 2007 by Johann Hein from his airplane and in spotting this difference because there’s hundreds of them that he found that the movement of the sun and this African Stonehenge named Adams calendar had a link to the countless others stone ruins in South Africa and suggested that these ruins were initially forces to start us rethinking the activity by early humans in a so called cradle of humankind. Quite frankly I find this fascinating now that we see movies and we’re looking at a film called black Panther and we see the fact that we have a thought pattern that is being presented during this time of your Uranus in Taurus about a very powerful Connected advanced society being in Africa and then we find the stone circles not unlike many others that have their connection to this amazing extraterrestrial link now as we continue to look at it the stone circle rules have become a scattered in large clusters and the sub continents that includes South Africa Zimbabwe and Botswana and parts of Mozambique complex links to Nesper it and Waterfall Boven, Matsu taro, Carolina, Dahlstrom, Leimberg and a radius of approximately 60 kilometers. Covering the area of modern-day LA has emerged from the most mysterious ancient city on earth. Now there was a discovery of a bird statue which resembles Horace carved out of dolerite and a small sphinx about 1.5 meters carved out of the same dolerite rock and a petroglyph which many carvings of Samarian crosses, circles, and ankhs radiating a circle suggesting a prototype of Samarian, and Egyptian civilizations had there origins in South Africa thousands of years before they emerged in the north.

Agent 90 – Dr. Patricia Bell is regarded as one of the world’s most gifted clairvoyants, astrologer and speaker. With a Ph.D. from the International College of Spiritual Science in Montreal, Dr. Bell’s studies have brought her under the tutelage of some of the world’s most noted teachers in Astrology, Kaballah, Humanities, North American Medicine, World Religions, and Yoga.

A resident medium of the exclusive Lily Dale community, Patricia has helped thousands of people to heal, connect, and find answers to life’s toughest questions. Valued as the Great Mother in holistic circles, Patricia continues to touch and contribute to the world’s spiritual well-being with her dedication to her work.

Dr. Bell’s is also the author of the recently published book titled “Timeless Love – – A guide to healing grief and learning to live again” described as “constant prayer” and “a litany of love and liberation.” Often the subject of magazine articles, radio, and television programs, Dr. Patricia Bell has made many media and event appearances that include:

  • Joyce Keller Radio Show
  • Liberty Times Newspaper, Taiwan
  • Natural Awakenings
  • Radio Amerika
  • Eva Magazine, Slovakia
  • Learning Annex Speaking Tour
  • Former Czechoslovakia Government Television
  • Crystal Vision, Hollywood, FL
  • Learning Light, Anaheim, CA

Today, Dr. Patricia Bell continues to provide spiritual guidance to people from all over the world. Her clientele ranges from young children to elders, including celebrities and corporate executives.

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