Sacred Solstice – Capricorn Ingress

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas


Capricorn Ingress 2016
Wednesday, 21 December 2016 at 10:44 UT,
 9:44 pm AEDT
20th Dec 5:44pm EST,  2:44 p.m PST

There is much more in the world that unifies us than separates us, as the ripples of uncertainty radiate across the globe.  It is the over flow of a chaotic year ending, with the anticipation of what will be in the coming year. These major turning points, the Solstices in our Tropical Astrological methods are always aligned with the cardinal ingresses, when the Sun enters Capricorn and Cancer at the Solstices, and Aries and Libra at the Equinoxes. As they say, where we are now, is exactly where we need to be! Without the chaos rising up over 2016, we wouldn’t see as clearly as we do now what was really going on, as things would remain dangerously the same.

earthtiltThe equinoxes occur when the Sun crosses the equator, for Aries when moving North, for Libra when moving South. The Solstice points are the cardinal extremes that denote the Sun’s journey North and South in declination. It is the earth’s inclination toward the Sun at 23.5 degrees that creates these extremes, as defined by the Tropic of Capricorn, when at extreme south, and the Tropic of Cancer when extreme North. Here the Sun standstills for 3 days (solstice meaning standstill) as it appears to turn around to move back toward the north.

These sacred turning points have come to be overshadowed by the christian festivals of Christmas and the birth of Christ in our western world, yet both reflect a Sun God being born, or re-born every year. Christmas Eve is 3 days after the Solstice,  and we rejoice as the Sun begins to move again, the re-birth of the Sun God. The Solstice tradition is one of the Re-Birth of the Sun, returning from the dark and wintery depths for the Northern Hemisphere, yet the height of summer in the South, where the Sun’s power and intensity as giver of life is celebrated. The Sun God, the Solar Deity, is the bringer of light and the giver of light and was at the core of  many ancient celebrations at these great turning points of the wheel of the year.

As tropical astrologers we know the significance of this cardinal point of Capricorn as part of our astrology wheel, a reflection of the way our earth turns and tilts in the cosmos. Although it is winter in the north and summer in the south, as with all astrological symbolism, it remains universal for any place on earth as the Sun will enter Capricorn. In an astrology chart on what we call a natural wheel, Capricorn sits at the top of the natural chart(in archetypal astrology, connecting to the meaning of the 10th house). From this perspective,  this part of the chart represents our aspirations and what we reach toward to become in life. Below, in the 4th house area where we find, Cancer(the other Solstice Point) the place of our roots, our tribe, family, and traditions that are upheld(or not) above. The horizontal, Horizon line is the Ascendant and the Descendant, East and West are the natural places for Aries and Libra, representing our outlook, our perspective and how we interact with others. It becomes the core of understanding houses in an astrology wheel, with a cross of matter, grounding us into this life,  representing our incarnation on this planet. It is our Tree of Life and living. Astrology charts have these strong foundations, yet as we know, astrology charts all have different signs, rising and culminating, making our charts unique, yet the symbolism remains strong with these principles in each.

GLYPHS-CaprYet for the purposes of our global outlook and intentional, collective astrology, we move our symbolism to that of a world tree, growing up through the centre from the wellspring, from the source and conditions of the world soul, the Anima Mundi, Cancer. Here we are all united as a common tribe, are all children of the great mother earth and all spring from the primordial ocean. It was out of this ocean that the Sea Goat, Capricorn emerged in ancient Babylonian myths, he rose from the primordial ocean with the knowledge of the Gods, and used this knowledge to build civilisation. So through this ancient symbolism we can unite North/ South, Up/ Down, and the extremes of winter /summer and look closer at what this time of year represents for the collective, the meaning of our modern civilisations and who controls them.

As we know the stars have been an inspiration and guide to many ancient cultures, and the axis mundi, the four cardinal points reflect the Anima Mundi, the world soul, the merging of heaven and earth. Many ancient cosmologies tell of a magnificent World-Tree that grows at the centre of the universe and encompasses all realms of existence: its stem pierces through the world of human affairs, its branches reach high up to the domain of the Gods, upholding the firmament of the heavens and all the stars and planets, while its roots stretch far down into the dark, chthonic Underworld. The image of the World-Tree or Tree of Life is truly universal.  At this time of year many decorate an evergreen Tree, with a star on top.

The current climate is reflected in the astrology of the moment! As our birth charts depict our lifetime,  the Solstice charts, through various traditions were used to depict the months or year ahead for a particular town or country. At the C*I*A as we have done since 2006, we look at this chart as a signature of what is to come over the coming months until Aries Ingress March 2017. With the Anima Mundi in mind, we tune into theses main turning points of the wheel of the year, taking part with a participatory spirit.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and shows what we have mastered and built for ourselves. Think of this in collective terms and we can see where we are.  Capricorn represents those that have made it in the world, those with authority and clout, those responsible for governing the system, the status quo and what is expected. Enlightened Capricorn, is the great respected and responsible, caring world parent or leader.  With Pluto currently here mid transit, we can definitely see the shadow rising from the underworld quite clearly, all that we have repressed and been kept in  the dark about, all that we are too fearful to confront or are indeed powerless to control. We are surrounded by leaders and governing systems, we no longer trust, nor have faith in.

Currently Mercury rx is joined to Pluto the great transformer,  which also ushers in the next new moon and the new year, and the year following, giving a strong signature of redefining our world and the transformative recognition of the reality we find ourselves in. Uranus and Eris continue moving together throughout the first part of 2017, a sure sign that the chaos will be continuing for a while longer as more people rise to be counted, as our actions that stem from Eris-ian feelings of being left out of the important decision making, show their ripple effects and consequences around the globe. The chaos of the unexpected was a great signature of 2016, as radical Uranus combined with Eris, Saturn squared Neptune and Neptune rode the South Node in Pisces, eclipses here too disrupted our comfort zones.  It all felt like our collective karma was being unleashed onto the world for another grand awakening.  (Remembering the Aries Ingress Here) How have we let this come to be, as we don’t have much faith in the democratic system and it’s principles left to hold us now. Where is the democracy that we’ve fooled ourselves to believe exists?

To sum up the Solstice Chart and what is happening on our World Tree for the next 3 months:

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter and Uranus,
– we think “Oh God how did we get here?” and “How have we let this come so far?”
– more will be revealed with this signature prominent for the next 3 months.

Saturn is in Sagittarius
perhaps spoiling a lot of our fun as the truth is being dug out. It’s always easier not look or not want to know. Saturn’s tool is the scythe, and is currently cutting through to the truth in Sagittarius, for all to see.
–  Saturn rules control, form  and structure: it is hard to know exactly what we are building. It maybe only a vision right now!
–  But what can we do with the truth? Isn’t truth that which we build upon, that reflect the foundations of what we have built, the system and the justice within the system.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces
– We are all hurting  somehow,  our collective pain for Syria and other war torn places and the ongoing crises, but what can we do?
– The two master teachers come to confront us on what we have learnt and what we will do with our knowledge and information.
– There is wisdom that comes from the pain of living, there are alternatives we need to implement and trust in.
– Breaking with the status quo and seeking alternative ways to heal the systems that be. So many still cling to the status, quo,  consensus reality, the norm and what’s expected, tried and tested (Saturn), but it ain’t working folks, especially not for all!
– New seeds need to be sown and alternatives embraced and not feared.

Saturn , Uranus, Chiron, Jupiter all come together at the 20° of their current signs, making various aspects between each other, bringing them all together, is a serious matter.
The system, the change, the healing, the justice!

Uranus in Aries, opposite Jupiter in Libra
–  If he can do it, so can I!  I’m free! You are Free. We are all free, to do what we want!
(As does Mr Trump, Mr Putin et al) As the leaders take lead doing what they want, so can we, can’t we?

Jupiter in Libra, opposite Uranus in Aries
– It is , the “I’ll fuck you over, while I smile in your face” signature!
– Makes us all want to sort out our alliances, see the truth for what it is, and the people who align with our principles, that stand for justice and peace. And love, what happened to Love(Libra), Venus trine Jupiter, love of fellow man? Isn’t all we need,  Love!
– Move toward positive change in the face of adversity.

Mars in Pisces
– Now this is a spiritual warrior at best and a hopeless worrier at worst. The extremes will come over the next few months as we try and manoeuvre  between extremes, the ups and downs of Pisces, the agony and the ecstasy. We will see the good in the bad, we will see the bad in the good, and all combinations.  Yet with Mars we need to think about how energy is being directed. Be very mindful, be perceptive, be knowing, and remember Mars would rather fight for the underdog, than himself, and remember, we are all the underdogs here!
– A collective fight ensures, yet remember too, what can be achieved without guns, tanks, missiles, muscle power, ego’s , that have so obviously not solved anything!

Venus in Aquarius
– Venus nearing maximum elongation in her evening cycle, Venus is bright and strong. Hold up that ideal, like a star shining bright, and never let it be extinguished. The collective spirt rises, don’t give up on it!

 The Last Quarter Moon in Libra
– The Moon is in its last quarter phase,  it is a phase likened to contemplation, the fallow, resting and preparatory stage of the life cycle.
– It is the “Crisis of Consciousness” point as the Moon squares the Sun in its waning phase, where we revision and reorientate ourselves, written about  by Dane Rudhyar and the workings of each Lunation Cycle.
– The last quarter Moon is when we need to realize that we are letting go of something, when we begin to realize that we need to start to embrace the new, and begin to shed the remnants of the last cycle that no longer serves our needs.
– Ruled by Venus in Aquarius, the Moon works to balance as Venus holds her light high!
– This year 2016 is also the ending of a numerological number 9  year, in 2017 we turn over again to number 1!
The last number 9 year was 2007, remember how the world changed in 2008, the last 1 year, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the GFC hit the world stage. As Uranus moves away from the square to Pluto and opposes Jupiter into 2017, we await a year of significant shifts and turns as we re-invent the way it should be.

So at this sacred Solstice, I’d like to wish all our C*I*A Members, fans and Agents a truly soulful connection to the end of the year, make this turning point significant for yourself, be a grounded warrior of truth that holds a flame for an enlightened world and leaders.

With the Moon in Libra and Venus trine Jupiter in Libra, let’s hold up our ideals of truth, love and justice for all in these life changing times. Remember to take time out today to set global loving intentions that will reverberate far and wide. Focus on expanding your Aura at this Solstice, sit quietly light a candle, relax with your breath. With every breath expand your Aura, wider, and wider as if you had the healing power of the Sun radiating from your heart. Feel the heat and the vibration as our Auras intersect and send cosmic agent ripples around our troubled globe.

Happy Solstice!