Science, Art and Magic of the Sabian symbols

with CIA Agents

For this FREE event we have gathered a few Agents to take a look at the next few months through the lens and magic of the Sabian Symbols. As we know much of astrology is a symbolic language and the symbols and images that arise for us through the Sabian Symbols will give us a deeper insight into what the planets in our charts or at any given time express.

Join Sabian Symbol expert, Astrologer Agent 360- Lynda Hill, our beloved Australia astrologer who wrote the book many of us use. Agent 777 Nadia Smirnova our resident nuclear physicist who will help us understand the science behind the magic of the Sabian Symbols, and – Agent 29 Deborah James who has has been very busy during lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia, painting astrology charts inspired by Lynda’s book using the Sabian Symbols .

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