Retrograde Cycles

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Venus Retrograde in Gemini - 2020

Once every 19 months, the planet Venus goes retrograde, which means that she appears to be moving backward in the heavens. It’s that time again. Venus is retrograde from May 12 - June 24. Scroll down to read what it means for your sign. Venus is the planet of relationships and finances. So, Venus retrograde cycles influence us in two of the most sensitive areas of our lives
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TRICK or TREAT: MERCURY RETROGRADE - Oct 31st - Nov 22nd - 27° - 11° Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde On October 31, Mercury comes to a standstill and begins to give us the impression it's moving backward. It's also Halloween, the day when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we can access the other side. Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween in the sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with divination, occult matters, and death and rebirth. It's no accident, Mercury, which rules our thoughts and thinking patterns, stations retrograde in Scorpio on a day that highlights Scorpio's themes. It indicates what we will consider and think about during this retrograde cycle
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Uranus Retrograde: August 11th - Jan 10th 2020

There’s a ripple in the cosmos this week; the great awakener, Uranus, retrogrades on August 11th at the 6th degree of Taurus. This Uranus  journey retrograde, or `inward,’ continues until January 10th 2020.