Reflections in the Dark Mirror held by Mars & Pluto

by Agent 108 Adam Sommer

Mars PLuto art by Andrew Jones[/caption]

When they come together, the lights go out. When the lights come back, it’s all a different color. Sometimes we see red, sometimes it’s just black.  What feels like darkness to most can turn into quite the fruitful experience if we are willing to see through Kali’s eyes…

When Mars & Pluto align (this one: a square), there is always a confrontation.  Yes, it happened yesterday, but the vibe still lingers like the pungent fumes of an alcoholic.  Whether the trigger was pulled or your finger still rests upon it, it is absolutely vital to take full responsibility for your reality.  It usually feels about as comfortable as walking through a pit of vipers, but hey: That fear, that poison, those eyes are trying to make you stronger.  Keep walking with the fear.

The last major aspect between the two Lords of Scorpio was on July 2nd when they opposed each other.  Try connecting the bloody dots and see how you have alchemized the poison since then. If you enjoy seeing it all as a cycle, fall back to October 19th of 2016 when their cycle began at 15 Capricorn.  Can you see how far you have come? Or is it different? Maybe it is how far you have fallen? Whichever road you have chosen with these shadow talkers, it’s perfect. Healing is always in the return. Come April, they will conjoin once again, giving us another year-plus stretch of macabre topics to work with, impossible people to deal with, revealing the shimmering hole to salvation. That hole leads to wholeness and it can only be found in the dark, in the blackest of shadows.There is no other way.

The crux of Scorpio season has passed.  Now we get to regenerate faster than the Wolverine. You are doing the good Work! Your heart knows this, not the haters.

  • Fun fact: This one also cleansed the Earth of Charles Manson. One of the most heinous expressions of Scorpio. May his Soul be blessed and washed thoroughly for the next round.

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,