The Uranian Planet- POSEIDON – The spiritual keys to the Aquarian Age

with CIA Agents

What on Earth is Uranian astrology?

You might have heard of it in passing.  Eileen has used it for forty-five  years as a medical astrologer and she  has saved many, many lives.   These eight planets (some call them “sensitive points” or TNP’s: transneptunain planets) are in the 4th dimension…you can’t see them, but they can sure influence your life, regardless.  In this presentation Eileen will give us a bit of history on them and then take us on a cosmic trip and introduce us to the first of the eight:  Poseidon. Poseidon is often seen as the the higher octave to Neptune and is a huge upgrade spiritually speaking, to those who have this planet high-lit in their chart.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The mythology of Poseidon – a dysfunctional household and family of Alfred Witte, discoverer of The Uranian planets, named Poseidon
  • Kundalini and Poseidon, meeting Earth and Sky within ourselves
  • Energy medicine is our future. It is Poseidon’s brain child and gifts to our world
  • The dark and light side of our psychology with Poseidon…Truth,  or con artist/liar/gas lighter
  • The medical astrology meaning of Poseidon
  • How to gain good health via Poseidon
  • Find out what all about Poseidon and how it has been influencing your life all along

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