by Olga Morales from “Tuning into the Zeitgeist” C*I*A workshop 2012- Melbourne


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    ddunn says:

    Please explain “MC”. Not familiar with that abbreviation.

    Surprised that I feel so centered at this time. Attributing it to sun conjunct mercury 26 degrees scorpio. Comfortable with the current energy….

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    Lynne says:

    With a natal T square/cross Moon/Jupiter 15/17 Aries opp Saturn 13.57Libra..squ Uranus 10 Cancer..opposed by Chiron 10 Capricorn.. I’m taking notes 2/5/8/11 houses.. and have been increasingly aware of the pressure to make some changes to make life feel more secure, which will impact most areas, but with all that Cardinal, I believe myself to be built for the journey, as will be the kiddies born at this time, too. Yep it’s crazy.. I feel it too, but as the aspects tighten, the sense of being on the diving board, nervy about the jump gives way to practical preparation for what’s needed. Hubby(Aries/Cancer) and me are heading away for a few days break (no we can’t really afford it 2/5/8/11 in action!) in the south of France this Thursday and flying home on the solar eclipse..that’s an example of Cardinal chutzpah. We feel the fear and do it anyway. Thanks for all your cosmic them.

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    Robin says:

    My Ascendant 13 degrees Cancer. Descendant also with Jupiter in 16 degrees Capricorn as part of a Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Saturn stellium. So far so good. Moon 16 degrees Libra.

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    Tania says:

    I have Mercury at 28 degrees in Capricorn. I also have Pluto at 29 degrees Libra. I am very new to chart interpretation and I am having an incredibly difficult time emotionally recently. I wonder if this is a factor for me.

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    Link says:

    Geez, did you just make that up? I’ve got Sun/Mars at 27º Aquarius, Saturn at 25º. heh. Nessus has been hanging around these latter degrees of Aquarius too. Transformation central here. Although. . . . Aquarius is FIXED. Oh and Pluto 13º–so mebee not so fixed…..

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    sandra says:

    I’m Aries 17 degrees , moon 13 degrees Libra , rising Scorpio 13. I’m feeling the pressure from everywhere, family pressure 8 year relationship falling apart , my mind changing , and lots of confusion . Hoping this let’s up but I have a feel it won’t until mars reaches his next point in sag. This Uranus retrograde is not working in my favor :-/

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    Tania says:

    I have sun and moon in Aquarius. Mars and Venus in Pisces and Leo ascendant. I am not sure if Jupiter is transiting my natal first or twelth. I do hope it is first. Can you recommend a good astrologer who is interested in family and relationships?

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    Martisa says:

    I have my Ascendant at 13 degrees Aries. Have been forced from one job to another with no cause/reason. I keep reading about Saturn being on Scorpio 28 and how this will all play out again when Saturn retrograde back into Scorpio. I wonder if the answers will come forth at that time.


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