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Pluto and its Nodes, their planetary rulers, and aspects to these from other planets, correlate to the root structure within any birth chart. From that root, all else – the South/North Nodes of the Moon, their planetary rulers, and aspects to these points – are ‘birthed’ from that root. It’s like a tree that has branches where the root produces the trunk of the tree, and the trunk then produces branches with leaves. This core root and its branches within the birth chart is treated EQUALLY for it is the very structure of the chart itself. If we understand this root structure within the birth chart and relate it to the Natural Law of Cause and Effect, then we can understand the chart at once. It will, of itself, induce inductive logic. And from there we can then understand the origins and causes of all the specific leaves manifesting from the branches, ie why is this Mars in Gemini squaring Mercury in Pisces.
– School of Evolutionary Astrology

Plutpand Its Nodes

To commemorate his discovery of Pluto in 1930, a small amount of Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes were set aboard the New Horizons spacecraft* as it performed its flyby of Pluto on 14 July 2015 (assisted earlier by a Jupiter “gravity assist” flyby). Placed on board also was a science instrument named after Venetia Burney the girl who named “Pluto” after its discovery.

In Evolutionary Astrology, we begin an analysis by looking at the fundamental root in any chart:

            • Pluto (sign/house)
            • Pluto’s Nodes (sign/house)
            • Pluto’s Nodal rulers (sign/house)
            • Aspects from all of the above to other planets (and their signs/houses – and if more information is required, also their Nodes)

The core signatures of the Discovery and Flyby of Pluto are:*

Discovery of Pluto – 18 February 1930

            • Pluto 18° Cancer Rx (ruled by Moon in Scorpio)
            • South Node of Pluto 20° Capricorn (ruled by Saturn 9° Capricorn)
            • North Node of Pluto 18° Cancer (ruled by Moon in Scorpio)

85 years later . . .

Flyby of Pluto – 14 July 2015

            • Pluto 14° Capricorn Rx (ruled by Saturn 29° Scorpio)
            • South Node of Pluto 20° Capricorn (ruled by Saturn 29° Scorpio)
            • North Node of Pluto 20° Cancer (ruled by Moon in Cancer)

Note the repeating trilogy/themes of Scorpio/Pluto (Soul, metamorphosis), Capricorn/Saturn (structure of consciousness, reality), Cancer/Moon (self-image, security). We can deduce by the symbols of this fundamental root that the Soul (and the collective of Souls) is changing its current reality, and changing its egocentric self-image in this lifetime to reflect the ongoing evolutionary requirements. And of course the Soul itself changes, grows, and evolves via these dynamics.

Most contemporary astrological knowledge of Pluto comes to us via Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, the teachings of which are continuing to spread like wildfire throughout the worldwide astrological community. The reason for this is the world of astrology has reached a time has come moment to align with Natural Laws, and to find deeper spiritual meaning, the foundation of Green’s teachings. Sagittarius correlates with Natural Laws within the manifest creation that can be understood by the Soul, while Pisces correlates with the totality of creation that includes both the known and the unknown. Natural Laws are simply natural – the path back from distorted man-made laws and beliefs, self-interest, and exclusion to how we are naturally wired via the Natural Law of giving, sharing, and inclusion.

Pluto is the underlying Natural Law of evolution
for all things, including humans.
– Jeffrey Wolf Green

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of the Nodes of Pluto. Pluto does not have to be so mysterious. Pluto’s Nodes take 24,000 years to go through the whole zodiac: the length of one Astrological Age. And the Nodes of Mars also take 24,000 years to move through the zodiac – Mars being the lower octave of Pluto that instinctually carries out the Soul’s evolutionary imperatives. We can deduce therefore that the Astrological Ages can be used to track the Spiritual Journey of the Collective of Souls over great lengths of time. And within that, we can analyze the individual and collective desire to evolve itself.


The Natural Law of Evolution for everything is represented individually and collectively by Pluto’s movement through the zodiac. The totality of Pluto’s past – how humanity has evolved to date – is defined by its South Node which has been carried through to the current moment in time. The South Node of Pluto in Capricorn correlates to what defined the past, and how and why it has come to the current time. The North Node of Pluto in Cancer serves as a vehicle for the evolutionary future to manifest.

Let’s examine the fundamental root (Nodes of Pluto) to discover why we are looking at the distortion of reality now, how we are seeking to change it, how we are re-aligning with our true self-image, and the reasons why that reflect the ongoing evolutionary requirements.

Via the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn, we are revisiting the time of the patriarchal takeover in order to metamorphose, eliminate, and dissolve the artificial structures, dynamics, beliefs, memories, conditionings, and behavioral patterns of the past. Every person on the planet has the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node of Pluto in Cancer! This has been the case since 500 AD, and allows us to understand the importance of evolving both of these archetypes. However, this takes place in a very slow, ongoing evolutionary process from life to life.

Each Soul has a very long past and is shaped by that past. The past is projected into each new moment in the present. It is important to remember that all choices, desires, and decisions are made by Pluto (the Soul). Pluto propels us toward the deepest growth in this lifetime. The relationship between the Soul and our subconscious identity, the Moon, reflects a state of tension generated by the pull of the past – a need for security – and the need to move out of the past into a new future. Most Souls project their past into the future in order to feel secure, and that is the reason why history keeps repeating itself.


Transiting Pluto conjunct the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn correlations:

            • core sense of guilt
            • high standard of inner judgment
            • fundamental fear of losing control
            • need to be recognized by society
            • problems with traditional gender role assignment
            • repression, suppression, distortion
            • depression, futility, reflection

In revisiting the past, we will reflect upon what went wrong. How do we change the current reality so that history does not repeat itself? And how do we create a bright, new, cleansed, and undistorted potential future? We will reflect upon all these dynamics in order to determine what is no longer needed, what needs to be brought to culmination, and what needs to be sustained, yet evolved in a new way, for the evolution of the collective of Souls to continue.

Looking at our diagram of the Natural Law of the Past-Present-Future, the South Node of Pluto in Capricorn represents the collective memories of specific past lives and past life dynamics between the transition from the Matriarchy to the Patriarchy which all Souls on Earth are drawing upon in their current lives (however, not all Souls actually lived during those times). The transition took place over a period of 1,000 years between 6,500 BC to 5,500 BC during the Age of Cancer and the sub-age of Capricorn (when man-made sky gods and world religions were created).

This brings us to the past 1,000 years of the Virgo sub-age of the Age of Pisces. During this period of time the biblical garden of Eden myth conditioned us to believe in the separation of the spirit from the flesh, that we were inherently bad, and were being judged by god. These distorted beliefs led to deeply embedded, man-made, unnatural guilt in the psyche, the inequality of the sexes, and the sadomasochistic pathology in relationships.

Right now transiting Pluto is already conjunct its own South Node in Capricorn within a 3° orb . . . and the intensity is building toward the exact conjunction on 23 October 2018 @ 19° Capricorn. The ruler of Pluto in Capricorn at that time will be Saturn @ 4° Capricorn (exactly conjunct my Venus!) . . . with a triple dose of Capricorn energies operating. Pluto conjunct its own South Node in Capricorn will bring awareness of being stuck in dynamics from the past that we wish to move away from, but can’t. The process of becoming unstuck from the past can mean a re-living of past life conditions (targeting the halls of power, privilege, and control – the patriarchy) so that they can be resolved via the North Node of Pluto in Cancer (rebirth, caring, sharing, protecting). The conjunction can also mean natural resources of the Soul (organization, discipline, self-determination) being brought forth for evolutionary reasons.

Transiting Pluto opposite the North Node of Pluto in Cancer

Cancer correlations:

            • current self-image of the Soul
            • how the Soul develops its egocentric emotional security
            • anima/animus dynamic within the Soul (or inner male and female)
            • problems with consensus-defined gender role assignment
            • early childhood environment
            • displaced emotions due to lack of nurturing
            • mother, family, clan, ancestors

Transiting Pluto will oppose its own North Node on 23 March 2017 @ 19° Cancer (ruled by Moon 28° Capricorn) before it conjuncts its own South Node,[1] contributing to the actualization of the core evolutionary dynamics for every Soul. The exact hit of this transit is just one year away, but we are already feeling the build-up to this momentous opposition. It will signal the return of the Goddess (Cancer) in a way that we become aware of our social identity, allowing us to cooperate, meet others half way, and share ourselves in the social sphere.

The Plutonian spotlight will be on artificial structures, dynamics, memories, conditionings, and behavioral patterns that have reached an extreme imbalance, and that need to be thrown off. This will enable accelerated evolution and a powerful forward momentum through reaching a balanced state of giving and receiving, developing emotional security from within, and integrating the natural masculine and feminine within ourselves.

The ruler of Pluto at that time (23 March 2017) will be Saturn 28° Sagittarius – conjunct the Galactic Centre! – bringing an intense maturation process that will focus on nature and the natural world. 28° Sagittarius correlates to Daemon Souls, those who are utterly unified with Nature (especially animals and plants), and who are helping humanity return to a state of balance within Natural Laws. We will clearly see how the present patriarchal orientation has led to the environmental devastation of the planet and its many species.

We will be presented with a challenge, the operative principle from the past being Saturn, to move beyond the patriarchal orientation of conformity to distorted beliefs and a distorted reality, the most prevalent being those of invented religions and their rights and wrongs. And to throw off (opposition) or discard all such distorted beliefs, untruths, and delusions so that a natural knowing (nothing to believe in) and alignment with the Natural Law of sharing, caring, and inclusion is restored.

In this process individuals having learned who they are in comparison with others, will remain centered within their own self-security while contributing at a social level. The evolutionary requirement to reach out to others will stretch the yin energies so as to induce insecurity. This may cause the Soul to want to retreat back to the unconsciousness of the past, yet the evolutionary momentum will challenge (or force) new dynamics to be born, the main ones being the evolutionary necessity to change the current self-image of the Soul in terms of taking responsibility for what it has created in the past, to become mature, to become emotionally self-secure, and to evolve the self-image to reflect our true role as nurturers and preservers of the planet.

Quest of Every Soul

The return of the Goddess will not only signal a new self-image of emotional security from within for each Soul, but will have the potential to bring balance and healing to our relationships. As the patriarchy loses its potency and death grip, in its wake is a slow return to the Divine Mother (Cancer), to the female/yin creating principle, that brings caring, sharing, and nurturing to self, others, and to Mother Earth – thus restoring our planetary family. Changing our self-image means moving away from extreme, patriarchal, egocentric masculine energy. However, we don’t want to create an egocentric feminine either, but rather move toward an emerging consciousness that is worldcentric in orientation – to bring transcendence and balance. This relates to the Nodes of Pluto advancing into Leo (North Node of Pluto) and Aquarius (South Node of Pluto) in 500 years’ time – about the same time we enter the Astrological Age of Aquarius.

This quote from Mary Blue, author of Lilith: Keepers of the Flame sums it up:

Pluto’s nodal axis is again in Cancer/Capricorn, however this time Cancer forms its north node and Capricorn its south node. What this means is that we, as immortal Souls, must return to where we began – our spiritual root and Mother dwelling in the eternal Garden, although not like then, existing in an unconscious state. Now we are challenged to integrate the knowledge we have gained through reality as empirical life experience (Pluto’s south node in Capricorn) and give birth to ourselves (Pluto’s north node in Cancer) as Her consciousness of unitary wholeness, one within Herself. This then becomes our inviolable Truth and the means for recovery of our eternal way of life, having proven through mastery of Earth tutorial that we remember and have actualized our Soul’s self-existent, primal nature as love’s becoming.

The quest of every Soul is symbolized by the fundamental root made up of South Node of Pluto in Capricorn (supported by Saturn in our chart), North Node of Pluto in Cancer (supported by the Moon in our chart), and these integrated in each moment by transiting Pluto in Capricorn, and its relation to the natal placement of Pluto, the South and North Nodes, their rulers and aspects.

It is an ongoing imperative at the very core of our Souls to bring these issues up to consciousness, to focus and act upon them so as to help the collective grow, evolve, and create a new reality. The North Node of Pluto in Cancer indicates that the core evolutionary momentum is to be expressed in each moment of our lives. We can ask ourselves this question in each moment: do we care?

Our collective group of Souls is learning how to live in absolute balance with Natural Laws and Nature. We are returning to matriarchal principles by re-aligning with the true self-image of what it means to live in harmony with the Earth, our Home, and Spiritual Mother.

From a solid foundation (Capricorn) of self-empowerment, self-authority, and self-discipline, we will actualize enhanced management of the ego (Cancer) that will bring inner security and a new self-image. All creation emanates from the Feminine, the Womb, and as each Soul slowly feminizes, will give birth to its True Nature of Compassion and Devotional Love. Embracing matriarchal principles once again will allow positive collective and individual growth and evolution to occur.

The North Node of Pluto in my chart is exactly conjunct my Moon in Cancer in the 9th house, and in this lifetime, it is an honor to be a woman dedicated to sharing these teachings.

[1] Mean motion for Planetary Nodes is forwards (not Rx like the Moon’s Nodes) yet they can go Rx at different times of the year. Due to the irregular motion of the planets, the South Node of a planet can be Rx, yet its North Node not. When the various planets move above or below the elliptic of the Earth, the Nodes are not constant: they are irregular. Unlike the Moon’s Nodes, Planetary Nodes are not always exactly opposite each other.

Agent 369 Linda Jonson

Agent 369 Linda Jonson

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