Journey of Endurance- Pluto Retrograde:

by Agent 128 – Christina Caudill

Pluto Retrograde: Journey of Endurance April 22 – October 2

21 degrees to 18 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto’s South Node

Pluto stations to begin its retrograde period on Sunday, April 22. Often referred to as Lord of the Underworld and archetypally aligned with Scorpio, Pluto’s retrograde period often involves karmic lessons of surrender, regeneration and eventual rebirth. The material unearthed by Pluto’s stations are often of a shadow nature, those secrets and deep unconscious desires locked away from conscious view, but that must be illuminated, surrendered and healed for the process of deep transformation to occur. This is the tilling of the soil of the unconscious to bring light and fertilization to the psyche and one’s deep resources of personal power.

Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn is the catalyst for a journey of solitude and endurance. It may force an internal examination, perhaps to the point of a dark night of the soul, in order to understand our deepest desires. As Pluto stations rx within 2 degrees of the conjunction of Mars and Black Moon Lilith and sextile Jupiter in Scorpio suggesting themes of sexuality and women’s rage against disempowerment, violations and abuse from the patriarchy. Capricorn symbolizes our reputation, public image and career direction and Pluto’s rx transit can have us transforming how we’re viewed in the world which often comes down to our personal integrity and the subconscious needs that drive our ambition. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is also recently begun its retrograde period so issues of internal authority and how we can live up to the responsibility of being the masters of our own destiny may emerge as we begin to recalibrate the structure and foundation of our world.

This rx station is especially significant as Pluto is conjunct its own South Node in Capricorn, suggesting the collective shadow around power and powerless is emerging. We can have a sense of being swept up in collective movements or events that sense as inevitable as the external power structures of society undergo a metamorphosis. The last time Pluto was on its own North Node in Cancer was when it was discovered in 1930 and at the time fascism was on the rise and depth psychology was in its early stages. There are repeating themes in the world today with the spread of extremist views with power and control issues at their root.

In Evolutionary astrology, Pluto symbolizes the karmic lessons of the soul through many lifetimes and the journey of retrograde Pluto through the Underworld can feel ancient. We may face blocks that we stumble over time and again but never learn the lesson to liberate from them, often because our ego senses its potential demise in the process. Pluto deals with issues that have been brewing a very long time: months, years, potentially lifetimes. The Pluto Polarity Point indicates where the soul’s area of intended evolution is found and which may take lifetimes to achieve, as the ego battles for survival against the soul’s evolutionary journey.

April 25-27 warrior Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, triggering simmering tensions and tectonic shifts of power struggles. The insatiable Plutonic drives of desire, control and power become frustrated and irritated by Mars’ prodding spear and the raw primal energy of epic proportions seeks conscious release. Pluto is the unstoppable force and during the station retrograde, something of value must be surrendered yet the more we cling to it, the more we resist the process of metamorphosis.

The July 12 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer will be opposite Pluto and conjunct Pluto’s North Node, catalyzing the intense drive of the Pluto obsession for control and the Cancerian need for protection and preservation.

As Pluto is associated with deep bonds there is often some degree of resistance to releasing attachments to the known. Issues of death, abandonment, betrayal and shame are some of the darker shades of Pluto’s domain. Or there could simply be an urge to move on from a current life situation that has passed its expiration date in order for something more vibrant to take root in its place. Pluto’s ultimate goal is regeneration and the only way to truly reach the rebirth phase is to surrender the old to make way for the birth of a new phase of life.

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Agent 137 – Christina Caudill
After over a decade managing a contemporary art gallery, Christina found her true calling as an astrologer, applying evolutionary astrology as a tool of insight and healing. Based in Amelia Island, FL, she teaches online courses, writes for her astrology website and advises private clients on uncovering their unique path to fulfillment in alignment with their soul’s intention. As a triple Capricorn (Sun, Rising, Mercury) she believes in applying the consciousness raising awareness of astrology in practical ways that can make the difference in one’s experience of their life journey. She’s honored and humbled to be lightbearer of keeping the legacy of astrology alive while honoring it’s evolution toward the awakening of humanity.


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