Pluto Uranus square – Take 5:
Cardinal Impact:

Since June 2012 and the 1st Pluto Uranus square, we’ve been living on the edge of chaos, in a world in transition, to exactly what we are not quite sure!

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

24 June 2012 – 8 deg Cap – Aries- Pl rx
* 18 Sep 2012 – 6 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx PL SD
* 20 May 2013 – 11 deg Cap – Aries – PL rx –
* 1 November 2013 – 9 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx
* 21 April 2014 – 13 deg Cap – Aries – Pl rx
* 14 December 2014 – 12 deg Cap – Aries – UR rx
* 16 March 2015 – 15 deg Cap – Aries– Pl rx 

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It’s been written many times, that the effect of the Pluto and Uranus square has been rocking our world long before the 1st exact square took place in June 2012, even up to 5 years beforehand. It was early 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn and the GFC took flight, then Uranus launched into Aries on March 11 2011 creating a shockwave that came in the form of the Fukushima Tsunami. The Tsunami was created by an undersea earthquake overwhelmingly destructive and lethal for many Japanese people, but also the whole world was affected by the threat of nuclear fallout and it’s far reaching, long lasting and devastating effects. which led to breakdown of the Fukushima power plant reactors’ cooling systems. Radioactive fallout from that catastrophe is set to contaminate the Pacific Ocean for many years to come. Together this was Uranus  – shock, surprise, panic,  and Pluto – underground, threat, destruction, power, breakdown. Remembering Uranus was just on the verge of leaping out of Pisces, the most universal of all water signs.

Now the 5th Pluto Uranus square in the series of 7 exact squares is about to take place on 21st April UT,Easter MONDAY, 7:20pm, joined by Jupiter and Mars over the next 24 hours, making up the infamous cardinal cross. Yes, to live through these times almost feels life threatening, not to the extent that we will all perish, but serious enough to rock the very core of who we are, what we do and how we partake with the world around us. The global consequences of what we have done and continue to do to the Earth threaten our very existence and safe evolution into the future. Uranus ignites new spirit, Pluto evolves us to the next level, Jupiter encompasses our beliefs and wisdom and Mars brings us to action. The cardinal signature responds to breakthrough and many new beginnings, taking charge and moving forward. Throughout all of this we are constantly challenged to question what we do, what we can’t and can live without, what needs to be let go of, or renewed and how we can breakthrough to these possible ways forward. What has been collapsing in the world and our own private worlds is obviously what is not working and needs an overhaul, some Pluto and Uranus treatment.

The signature of the Cardinal Cross.

Jupiter square Uranus : This is the final of 3 squares between these planets that mark the opening square of the 14-year cycle that began in 2010/11 in the last degrees of Pisces and the first degree of Aries. This is an unrestrained and adventuresome cycle which suggests innovative shifts in cross-cultural awareness, travel, education and beliefs; social awareness through liberation and visionary movements. It suggests the growth of the Promethean character, the spirit of change and rebellion against the status quo. In a system where there is already turmoil this could be volatile and eruptive; however it is also an image of possible inventive and ground-breaking action taken to address global dilemma 

Jupiter opposite Pluto : This is the last of 3 oppositions in the ‘full moon’ phase of the 13/14-year cycle that began at the end of 2007 in the 29th degree of f.  Pluto is interested in eliminating deep-seated problems, and bringing repressed issues and taboos to the surface.  It is also concerned with power and powerlessness so Pluto’s opposition to Jupiter may reflect the exposure of scandal and deceit in the affairs of those invested with power in religious, educational, political and social institutions. Ethics and morality or the lack of these is uncovered. 

Uranus square Pluto : This is the 5th in the series of 7 opening squares of the cycle that began in 1965/66 at 16/17 c. Due to Pluto’s varying speeds through the signs the cycle can vary between 110 – 150 years. This cycle suggests that new ideologies, opinions, attitudes and ways of thinking develop and arouse new urges in societies that have become fixed. The opening square suggests movement and action, an instinctive impulse arises to act on the intention of the cycle which appeals to order and coherence. Consciousness is shone on deeply compulsive and blind actions of the collective. This cycles maps out global change through generations; the 1st generation to carry this seed impulse is approaching 50.
The above bold taken from Article by Brian Clark  on the Grand Cross of Easter 2014 

So here we are at the 5th Pluto Uranus square another most definitive moment in history, the world is on the edge as revolution strikes around the globe, resistance by the most powerful show their full force as we watch on with anger in our hearts, frustration and disempowerment, yet with a stirring in our guts that we are on the brink of some sort of breakthrough. This dynamic is the very essence of a breakthrough in collective consciousness as the collective once again comes up with innovative, rebellious and  visionary ideas to continue to push through our dilemma, the world being ruled by heartless uncompassionate elites that we no longer want to rally for.  It is this intentive collective consciousness that has been coming together for many years now, has arisen and become ever stronger during these Pluto Uranus squares, and during Neptune in Pisces, leading the way of the revolution, however quiet it may seem at times. The collective intention is not weakening, but is getting stronger everyday. The belief that the values of the aware and the enlightened will shine through no matter what percentage of us there is, compared to the “consensus reality” people of this world, is what we need to stick by and believe in during these difficult and confronting times.

As the exact square takes place at 7:20pm 21st April UT,  we take this moment as the time to make an astrological judgement and synchronise where we are at this current time on the planet, as well as logging in this moment as a potent moment for birthing the new and the potential for breakthrough. We synthesise the moment, bring it into being and participate with the unfolding.

Venus is in Pisces with Neptune and Chiron and our collective yearning for less pain and heartache in this world is increased,  drawing some to complete sacrifice for the greater good. We are reminded  to keep weaving the eternal song of change, the flow of our  aspirations, the infiltration of our values into the flower of life that surrounds us, infusing the World Soul, the Anima Mundi. Each and everyone of us has a divine connection to this creative source and we are blessed at this moment in time, like no other with an invitation to partake.

” In Greek thought Apollo was the Logos or Word, the source of the Worlds’ harmony weaving an eternal song of all that is and will be. The Most sacred thing at Delphi was the omphalos stone that marked the sacred centre of the world and the place where all worlds met. The stone was covered by a net, mathematically generated by numbers of the gods’ names. This net depicted the world’s soul. It caught the thoughts and ideas of the great Cosmic Mind and pulled them into the material world. We each have a sacred centre like this in our body”
from “The Sacred History – How Angels, Mystics and Higher Intelligence, Made our world” pg 167 2013 – Quercus by Jonathan Black

Like in Delphi we have at our disposal another type of web, the WORLD WIDE WEB that connects us all in ways previously unimaginable, it is our net, communicating the ideals, thoughts and aspirations of the world soul. It is our Logos for much of  what we want to find out about. Apollo, Sun God of  greek mythology,  a god of light, truth, prophecy and healing who taught man medicine.  Apollo has an asteroid named after him which at this square sits diligently at 14 degrees Virgo, reflecting us back to the seed moment of the Pluto Uranus cycle  that  took place during 1965 and 1966 at 16 and 17 degrees of Virgo, tapping strongly into the generations born during these times who by now are playing out strong roles in the global revolutions sweeping our planet in more ways than one. Apollo was also the god that everyone wanted to be like, like our Sun, had followers, worshipers and devotees. With Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer lead by example and integrity wherever you can and take on a healing role with anything!

So as the Sun rises where you are on Monday , Tuesday this week, Uranus, Mercury and Eris in Aries rise as the scout planets, putting out the feelers of change rebellion and awareness, changing our perception and keeping us enguard.  Neptune, Chiron and Venus, with Venus high as the morning star infuse our twilight with the aspirations of all that is possible. The Sun then rises in Taurus and grounds the mission, soon to be eclipsed with a new moon on April 29th. At around midday Jupiter rises and the waning Capricorn moon sets.  The moon transitions over these 2 days from Capricorn to Aquarius, symbolic of moving from the established law to the new law, from the confines of consensus reality to alternative realities, with an intention of ultimate freedom for all humanity. At sunset Mars rises and Jupiter reigns high and the 90 degree angle can be traced with both in the night sky at once. Saturn rises about an hour later,  and as Jupiter sets Pluto rises. During these revolutions of the planets, remember that we are the ones that are revolving as our Earth turns in its daily motion. Take part, respond to these revolutions and infuse your intentions with the powerful archetypes that continue to ignite and inform the world around us.

URANUS IN ARIES – Being on the edge makes one do amazing things, the edge of chaos is full of potential.
PLUTO RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN – the system is crumbling and the power is in our hands, we just need to own it.
MARS RETROGRADE IN LIBRA – polish up our act, change our modus operandi, things can’t be accomplished the same way as before.
JUPITER IN CANCER- living our own truth that stands up against the system, trusting ourselves that we are right and believing in the changes possible.

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas



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