Keeping the Sacred Flame of the Revolution alive!
Pluto Uranus – take 3!

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas:

Uranus at 11 Aries and Pluto rx at 11 Capricorn:
Exact at 11:02 pm UT May 20th 2013.

– UR -PL midpoint 26 Aquarius
– Mercury conjunct fixed star Aldebaran
– Neptune conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut
– Moon at 3 Libra
– Vesta opposite Pluto, square Uranus
– Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini put on a great evening show
– Venus and Mercury inconjunct Pluto
– Moon inconjunct Neptune

Pluto square Uranus 2oth May 2013

Pluto square Uranus 2oth May 2013

The 3rd of 7 exact Pluto Uranus squares occurs on May  20th at 11:02pm UT. We are not yet half way through this testing shift as the final exact square will take place on March 17th 2015 and is still 2 years away. This intense REvolutionary dynamic has been winding up the world around  us much  before the first Pluto Uranus square in June 2012 and will do so much longer after March 2015.  The great  global shift upon us is evolutionary, it’s dynamic, yet plodding and deliberate with a good dose of the unexpected and the shocking, keeping us all on the toes of constant change. We can feel that we are in the thick of it.  As we witness many things change, Uranus in Aries, we also note the great resistance and stubbornness to changing too quickly, exemplified by Pluto in stubborn Capricorn.

For all the squares we will live through, the story of the Sun and the Moon during these exact squares tells us quite a bit more about the transition we are in. The Sun our collective purpose, the Moon representing us the people, together representing our collective consciousness and where that is leading us.

For the first 3 squares  a  waxing Moon tells a story of eagerness and hope, of working toward a breakthrough, leaping towards something, a goal.

June 24 2012 Sun Cancer , Moon in Leo – New Moon phase
Sept 19 2012 Sun Virgo , Moon Scorpio –  New Moon phase
May 20 2013  Sun Gemini , Moon Libra – First quarter phase

At this 3rd square a first quarter Libra Moon, emphasises the crises of consciousness we are all in. Dane Rudhyars example of this Moon phase describes “the instinctive rebellion of the man of action against a binding or inadequate social-ideological tradition, the ability to make decisions — at times, ruthless ones; self-exaltation in the thrill of activity and overcoming difficulties, negatively, a sense of defeat.” Although written to define an individuals Moon phase we can see how relevant it is to our collective experience now and during this 3rd square.

We can all relate to this crisis in our need to keep pushing toward our goal,  to act and build on what has taken root, despite the difficulties we may be confronted with. The Moon in Libra accentuates the difficulty in making the right decisions. The Sun in Gemini  accentuates  that our crisis is about seeing opposite sides, incorporating different views, learning and taking in more, more and more, in order to help us make decisions. We are in constant motion making decisions about which way to go and considering what is the best solution? We continue to question everything!  As much as we seek and see the light, we also see more of the dark. Yet with his perspective there is much hope for reconditioning, building a greater awareness to the  global shadow.

We see also that at this 3rd square a Libra Moon in first quarter phase shows a readiness to cooperate. Our crisis involves working with others even if they are the enemy with the need to rise above prejudice to get our job done. Weighing up the pros and cons, we strive to rebalance.

We may be needing to wait till the November 2013 square to find things have really started to shift in more definitive ways, as the next 4 squares deliver a waning Moon. It doesn’t mean we’ve given up, it means we will be ready to really work on developing a new cycle.

Nov 1 2013 Sun Scorpio,  Moon in Libra – balsamic
April 21 2014 – Sun Taurus, Moon in Cap – disseminating
Dec 15 2014 – Sun Sag , Moon Libra – last quarter
March 17 2015 – Sun Pisces , Moon Aquarius –  last quarter

Waning Moons radiate an energy of letting go, letting flow as the past cycle has culminated and the energy within is more easily released. Disseminating, last quarter and balsamic Moons, take charge in the next stages of the squares, when the purpose of the REvolution will be more easily shared,  the essence of which will be more mutable and the process will be about nurturing the seed that will be the next cycle.

The Sun  is joined by Venus close to her occultation degree of last year as well as Mercury and Jupiter, all accentuating, the vital need for communicating the story we wish to be part of. Mind expanding Jupiter tries to keep wisdom and truth alive in a stupid world, with Mercury calling for us to sharpen our wits. Mercury and Venus are inconjunct Pluto the 150 degree aspect, where two separate elements are forced to work together. Air and Earth in this case, creating dust storms or being smothered is what that feels like. We can all relate to that as we kick up the dust, create storms to voice our opinions, when quite often our efforts are smothered, or extinguished, momentarily sometimes only to rise up again like an untameable beast.  It shows the difficulty of implementing the voice of the revolution, the revolution that we want to have, that we are in the midst of.

A focus on Gemini is about taking a good look at the world around us, the environment that we exist in. We are asked to distinguish and define our reality, duality from  non-duality, the idea of living as one and wonder if that shall ever be?  The Sun squares Neptune, and Neptune is also inconjunct 150 degrees to the Libra Moon. We’d like to believe in oneness, cooperation and what is possible. Neptune has been hovering near the fixed star Fomalhaut and continues to do so, it strengthens our need to look beyond ourselves, beyond this plane of existence for guidance.

It may be best at this point to concentrate  on the beauty of the 3 evening stars Mercury, Venus and Jupiter,  grouped together  in our evening skies (look west at sunset) a spectacle and another reminder to keep our vision strong . Mercury our Agent of Awareness is strengthened in its own sign,  and is also conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus. The Eye of the Bull  a red star, Aldebaran is often associated with the nature of Mars, and being courageous and acting with integrity.  Courageous communicators  we must be, creating our own armies (think of an Army of Soldier Ants) that help fight for and play their role in the revolution.

Jupiter is sesquisquare Saturn at 135 degrees,  the two lawmakers are not seeing eye to eye, makes sense with so much agitation and discomfort around. We wince when we hear decisions handed down to us from our governments as they continue to disappoint. It is rare that we can say, “Wow isn’t it great, that they have done this or that!” instead it is most often the opposite. Who and what they continue to serve is beyond our comprehension and making us all the more eager to continue to implement our own change from the grass roots up, as we slowly redefine the Pyramid structure into a Circle. (Thanks to FB friend Rosmarinus Stehlik for these wise words – Pyramid to Circle)

Yet with all these difficulties we do have some breakthroughs!  With the growing water energy Saturn and Neptune in trine, some of our hopes are realized, more of this to come when Jupiter joins the water cycle in July in Cancer. After all our social networking efforts, more and more seems to be being done. The ideas and ideals that have been circulating about building a better world are now taking shape. The Occupy movement from 2011 may be silenced, but the message was loud and clear. The failing economies show their faults and keep reminding us that much is outdated and needs to be replaced. At this stage of the REvolution we are still working out what needs to go and what needs to stay, with Saturn in Scorpio as well as the North Node we get extra help. During this time with Pluto and Uranus squaring off, we are really only just shaking the system and many of our efforts will take a much longer time to manifest.

A few examples of positive change over the last few months are, firstly Australia has implemented a Royal Commission Inquest into sexual child abuse in Churches and other institutions around the Country,  leaving many priests reeling in their cloisters. On the subject of moving toward a sustainable planet, Bhutan plans to become the first country in the world to turn its agriculture completely organic, banning the sales of pesticides and herbicides and relying on its own animals and farm waste for fertilizers while the giant Monsanto continues to grow in power. Around the globe many continue the fight against pipelines, gaslines and Coal Seam Gas, trying to protect pristine environments from permanent damage, some campaigns succeed temporarily and others are extinguished. The giant of Industry continues to destroy as we collectively weep . or listen here to find out more

One of my favorite inventions during this time is an APP developed to help us boycott Corporations like Monsanto and Koch Industries.  BUYCOTT provides a platform of information that empowers consumers to make well informed purchasing decisions, in order  for us to not support these evil giants of industry. This APP has become so popular that the system crashed recently as the demand was so high, with more that 10 uploads per second, the creators have since tried to rectify the problem as they never expected such a response. More of these types pf applications are sure to follow. And if you are as dissapointed as I am with the Australian two sided Political System, then the new kids on the Block the Wikileaks Party will surely do their best to keep the bastards honest, do consider doing something different at the next election or join the Party, Another huge issue rising and circulating more and more is the disclosure projects connected to UFO’s, A research project working to disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy. Wondering why UFO sightings keep being hushed up,  or made out to be something to fear, makes much sense when we consider the acceptance of UFO’s and their free energy technology would disrupt much of the way the system works down here and the profits accumulated by oil, gas and other natural resources.  See more at: or listen here to find out more

With Venus square Chiron as they were at the first Pluto Uranus square of June 2012, all the above fits here and continues to plague our world. What are we prepared to give up,  what will be our sacrifices? Are you making some, are you involved?

Mars is with Pallas in Taurus as Pallas squares the PL UR midpoint of 26 Aquarius and the Black Moon Lilith squares  the midpoint from 27 Gemini.  Pallas trains the martian warrior in acts of diplomacy and thinking before acting,  Jupiter sextiles Eris, getting an earfull of complaints, Ceres aspects the Nodes as we work out ways to be more productive, to stand up and be counted, to just get up and do what we feel we have to, it is our responsibility too. The voice of the feminine continues to be raised, as we still need to strengthen the message wherever and however we can and shout and dance and make sure we are listened to, yet it is Vesta at this square that has the most prominent astrological placement.

Vesta, is now classified a protoplanet, is white and bright and can be seen in our night skies, she is much closer to Earth than Uranus and Pluto and is standing tall at this square determined to be noticed to make sure we clarify and focus on the task at hand. Vesta is the Agent of Intention and Focus. Vesta at 10 Cancer is opposite Pluto and square Uranus and is focused on the hearth of the home, protecting the sacred flame, ensuring it is not extinguished in the upheaval and uncertainly.  Vesta’s dedication keeps the flame alive and reminds us to focus, to channel the vision, to act with intention to keep the fire of the REvolution alight.

As confusion and uncertainty keep us pushing harder to find clarity, as we seek to implement the more enlightened path, to somehow make opposing forces work and balance, it is important to remember that opening squares like this Pluto Uranus one, are the most creative stage of a planetary cycle,  a crisis that ignites a strengthening of that which will continue to be and become something. So as we dig deeper to ground this next phase of the R-EVOLUTION, know that we are always creating the new as we focus our mission on the Sacred Flame at the Edge of Chaos.

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