Special Topic Webinar : Planetary Narrative: What’s Your Story?

with Agent 999 Patricia Walsh

Planetary Narrative: What’s Your Story?

w/ Patricia L. Walsh

“The horoscope is a field of imagination and reflection, not only through which we see ourselves, but by which we see through ourselves to the archetypal ground that has created this dance we call life.” – Charles Ponce  (Author, Jungian Scholar, Therapist)

In this experiential webinar, Patricia will take you on a journey through all the planets in your chart to discover, how combined, they create an underlying narrative which comprises The Story of Your Life!  By harnessing the power of your own creative imagination, you will connect from the cosmos to the inner reaches of your psyche and discover a storyline that is written in your subconscious, by the planets, forming the archetypal ground you stand on. 

Patricia will prepare you for this imaginal journey by describing the functions of First and Second Attention and Twilight Consciousness, as well as, give you some warm-up exercises before you engage in the processes of Active Imagination and Guided Journeying.  There will be some group sharing and processing also.

If you are joining live, please be in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed with earphones or ear buds.

This webinar will be recorded and all participants will have access to it after. 

Patricia L. Walsh


Patricia is a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner and Chief Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s Institute of Deep Memory Process® (since 2002). She is also a certified Evolutionary Astrologer from the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004) and author of Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy . Combined with astrology, she specializes in healing work based in Shamanic principles including Soul Retrieval/Fragmentation , Spirit Releasement (Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit work). 

Drawing from over 20 years of delving into the human psyche she recently created  – Kairos Astrology – An Experiential Training for Astrologers. 

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