The Fault in our Stars

In our modern times, in our “New Age Society”, we are all looking for a quick fix, an excuse, a reason, something to blame, something to point the finger at, some understanding, some insight, some knowledge of “why it hurts”; or, in more and more cases it seems, to try to understand further, the nature of our humanity, and what it really means, to be human.

Astrology for Month Ahead August 2020 -Plus your Sun Sign Update

August launches with Mercury/Pluto (August 1) digging for more answers and focused on getting a better handle on it. Mercury/Saturn (August 3) aims to bring it to an end or an official next step. Between these two Mercury transits lies a full moon in Aquarius (also on August 3). Immediately following, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are on the move. That is a lot of action packed into the first 4 or 5 days of the month!

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