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The Cosmic Intelligence Agency, founded in 2005 aims to awaken a deep sense of participation with the cosmos in
which we are embedded.
It is through conscious intention that we honour the wisdom of the Cosmos as sacred and make it part of our lives. We
adopt the ancient Vedic notion of rta – things done according to an over-arching natural order in space and time –
by envisioning the future through unified thought and intention at significant astrological turning points. These include
equinoxes, solstices and other occasions witnessed by everybody across the planet, irrespective of religious affiliation,
nationality, ethnicity, age, gender or any other group identification.
The goal of the Agency is to promote an understanding of humanity’s ever-present cosmic connectedness. Our
mission is to join with and encourage like-minded individuals who seek to actively understand and consciously interact
with the unfolding universe. We adopt a spirit of creativity, imagination and intelligence as we attempt to better
navigate the path ahead through global intention, celebration, participation and aspiration. The Agency aims to bring
together ideas from astrology, philosophy, science, psychology, politics, consciousness studies, mysticism and the arts
as a way of sharing and promoting our ideas about our cosmic dimension and advancing information that can help to
situate humanity in the apparent flow of time. We are deeply concerned with the zeitgeist (the spirit of the times) and
the constantly changing Anima Mundi (the soul of the World).
Our mission is to promote astrology, the age-old study of the correlation between the cosmic and the mundane and to
create further interest in and understanding of this ancient art. We aim to document the many facets of astrology, to
celebrate its rich traditions and to show its numerous applications and adaptations. We aim to demonstrate how
viewing reality through the astrological lens adds richness, vitality, depth and profound beauty to existence; how
observation of cyclic patterns and synchronous events brings a sense of profound order and justice to our lives and to
the natural world that supports us; and how the changing skies continue to act as a mandala in their reflection of
universal truths.
We invite you to join us in our mission as Agents of Change by participating with loving, peaceful intention in the
continual evolution and animation of the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, cognisant that each of us plays our own humble
but unique role in the ceaselessly unfolding drama of life. Join us in promoting this vision of a world awakened to its
cosmic context by sharing your ideas, thoughts, artistic work, stories, experience and intentions for the world. We
warmly welcome your contributions and invite you to contact us through this website.
Please note that the various essays, articles, videos or other items contributed by you to this website are clearly
attributed to their author or creator, but may be edited to enhance consistency of presentation style and appearance.