On the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

Rahu Ketu

“The Road of Excess leads to the palace of wisdom,

One who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.”

-a snippet from Proverbs from Hell by William Blake

The Nodes of the Moon always demand our attention. They do so by creating Eclipses. They also lure us in when contemplating the scaly roads of our own stories. Many say they are the past and future. Others say they are demons. To the Astronomers, they are simply the intersection points between the path of the Moon and Sun. From the beginning, they are what grabbed my attention with Astrology and continuously keep my imagination filled with thoughts of dragons and what powers they truly possess.

To the Vedic minded, they are Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes). Their interpretation of them is so vastly different than the common Western Astrologer, it can cause the modern Astrologer not to use them entirely. For me, I have never stopped trying to figure out their true nature. I have searched for overlap between traditions. I have journeyed with Eclipses and found many treasures. I have come to an impermanent conclusion that Rahu and Ketu are the shadowy creators of our stories and it’s in these stories where we can find ourselves, but also where we can lose ourselves just as fast. Here, there are many kinds of dragons!

The excerpt from Blake above is a poetic arrow shot into the heart of the matter. The road of excess is a trail blazed by Rahu, the head of the dragon; the one who breeds pestilence by not acting relates to a stagnant environment created by Ketu. If you agree with the perennial Truth found in the present moment, you too will see the hauntings of the past and sample the poisons of the future-places seemingly governed by the Nodes. What is celebrated in the modern West, is shunned in the ancient East. They both also have vastly different understandings of Time.

So, what of Nodal shift from Aquarius/Leo into Capricorn/Cancer?

.:The Capricorn/Cancer skins:.

Around every year and a half, the Nodes change Signs. Their mean motion is retrograde and they take 18.612 years for one nodal period (also known as draconic period). It was mid-November of 2018 when they slid back into Cap/Cancer and will remain until June of 2020. The last time they were here, it was April of 2000 through October of 2001. Helpful information for any existential detective…

Through my eyes, wherever Ketu (South Node/Capricorn) is transiting is where the old stories are losing their narrational appeal. They have come full cycle and the pages are falling from weak bindings like snakeskin. With Rahu (North Node/Cancer), this is the part of the story we could call novelty. We desire it, yet there is a dragon protecting it. In a mundane sense, we could say that we are all longing for a warm safety, a place we can finally call home, yet we are tangled up in contractual barbed wire and parts of us are stuck in the concrete of what we have already created and what we committed to.

Atlas shrugs

The West finds its black hole

And the Titan loses himself

in the arms of the Great Mother

In a personal sense, I think we will all be confronting the fuel of our ambitions and questioning what goals are actually worth pursuing. Depending on where they fall in your own chart, will make the story more specific. Perhaps one of the greatest drives to keep us striving towards that invisible end is a fear or irrelevancy. With Ketu in Capricorn now we will be asked to investigate our motivations, hopefully seeing clearly why we have taken so much on. Is it a fear of not being respected? Of losing control? Money? Status? Of needing to be at the top? (It’s lonely up there, remember). And so, Rahu in Cancer calls us into writing more relevant stories for our lives, right now! Seeing the value in family and loving friendships. Discovering the healing power in empathy. Remembering the importance of touch. Taking it all in less personally.

Let us not forget, the Nodes are asuras (demons). Both can lead us astray. A good storyteller understands the value of paradox and balance. This is where the surreal and educational Elf light (Thanks Becca) of Eclipses come in and tamper with our plot lines in wyrd ways.

.:2019 Eclipses:.

Whenever there is a New or Full Moon in close proximity to the Nodes, something like a dragon devours them. This mythic context shows up in cultures all around the world. Whether it’s the Vikings two wolves or the Great Bear tearing up the luminaries for many Native Americans, there is certainly something ominous happening with Eclipses. I like to call them dragon holes. And they reliably create unexpected plot twists in our stories.

There will be 5 Eclipses in 2019. In the first week of the year, we get our first: A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Then, two weeks later, never late, always punctual for the celestial feast, we will have our last Eclipse in Leo. One lingering from the previous cycle and waiting for many of us atop Haleakala on Maui for the Retreat. Here is a current list of Eclipses:

Eclipses are not just ominous, they are also sacred. I feel they are reminders of the perfection of the cosmos. They are also auspicious openings for us to consciously change our stories. To realize we are not our stories, and yes, they can be rewritten. Because if we are the authors, the course of our entire lives can be altered with the intentional work we can do with them. Much has to do with our language, as well.

One way of doing this is taking notes from Parzival and how he finally healed the dying Grail King. After many perfect and foolish mistakes in his pursuit of the Grail–not speaking, leaving to soon, allowing his horse to wander, losing focus–wisdom guides his tongue in the perfect moment to ask the Grail King, “Sir, What troubles you?” Instantly, the King is healed and Parzival has found the Grail!

Selfless inquiry. Genuine caring. The mantra: How can I help? The way through this Capricorn/Cancer quest orbits around such ideas. Last time they were here, 9/11 happened. Contemplate the responses and the retreats into Ketu (South Node in Capricorn) back then. Think of the where Rahu showed up (North Node in Cancer) as well. This meditation will set you right in your understanding. It’s not one or the other. It’s both. It’s neither. It’s dragon work!

…Excuse me, Mam’… What troubles you?