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with Agent111- Michael Lutin


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What is your deepest and most pressing preoccupation in 2017. We all know what Pluto is doing to the world, but there are personal implications to your most intimate issues. Join us in this webinar for some guided imagery to uncover hidden drives and wishes that lead you to a freer and more creative life. And I’m not kidding!  ML

Some feedback from our guests!
Insightful, humorous and deeply profound presentation.
The seminar was not only insightful but beautifully presented. Michael weaved his magic once again.
It was great webinar!

Through images and deep insight, Michael brings us a total of 90 minutes on Pluto in Capricorn in 2017 for each Solar Sign and more

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WEBINAR- PLUTO 2017 with Michael Lutin

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Agent 111 – Michael Lutin –  I believe in life on other planets, because of course there are sentient beings everywhere in the Universe. The fact is, some are sweet, some are sexy, others are total jerks, but I love ‘em all. I’d go up in a space ship any day of the week, although I prefer roomy business class and some nice, fluffy towels when I get to Planet X. Am I legitimate? That’s another story. Most favorite book? TheTibetan Book Of The Dead, so that shows you what kind of a fun guy I am..

Location : New York
Website –  www.michaellutin.com


FEB 5thBlack Moon Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius
Agent 55 – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

In this C*I*A webinar, we will be looking deeper into what Black Moon Lilith is really about – the lunar apogee, gravity, concentration of matter, forming the body, our visceral register – and what incredible life enhancing potential she brings!
Vanessa will also cover her next 9-month transit through Sagittarius (13/Feb to 9/Nov/2017)  at both collective and personal dimensions.Adventurous and rebellious BML in Sagittarius is a calling to own one’s ethics, and affirm the truth which comes from the core. She will ignite the mutable fire in our collective undercurrent, to further open our horizons, and inspire us to stand for what is truthful and meaningful to us, transforming culture and defying the status quo!
Vanessa, is one of the astrological world’s best researched astrologer on this subject.! Read articles by Vanessa HERE:

MARCH 5th  – Venus Star Point – 5° Aries – Julija Simas and Arielle Guttman – 2 Hours 
– Julija Simas teams us with Arielle Guttman to look at the next Venus Star Point at 5 ° Aries, the 40 day retrograde, the meaning on a personal and mundane level of this next Major Star Point of Venus.

APRIL Agent 144 – Alex Trenoweth, on Astrology in Education, understanding your kids and teenagers with astrology!.

More to come in 2017 – including Kira Sutherland, Sol Jonassen, Patricia Walsh , Ehsan Khazeni and MORE!