Wholeness and Unity

The New Moon in Mutable Earth Virgo – 27°27′
opposed Chiron and quincunx 150°Uranus (octile Neptune)

on the 20th September at 5:30amUT

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Within these Orwellian times where nothing is certain, ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength’, it may feel as if those pillars of certainty – honour and honesty are no longer stalwarts. The goalposts constantly changing within a world that is no longer feels solid, chaos reigning within a dense personal and public fog, it feels to me that within this challenging diffuseness, where even the best laid plans and commitments have been waylaid, all you have is your personal code of integrity and your heart’s intelligence.

Even if you feel lost, angry or despair at the empty promises made by the wolf in sheep’s clothing; even if you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of pain, fear and loss that consumes the newstalk or despondent that hope for you, yours and humanity has left you; even if you feel that what is not lOve thrives within this unclear land, your heart and your integrity are all you can stand by. Through this uncertain space, your heart continues to envision a state of wholeness, a place where everything comes together, where loss will be made good, where blindness will transform into vision and where damage will be made whole, and your integrity will guide your way, keeping your feet steady and your eyes firmly on your Path.

This process and the change invoked therein may not always feel comfortable or at time feel even more challenging for those being guided by the One eye that sees what the Two cannot, after all just because you have set foot upon a more spiritually conscious path does not mean that you get a free pass to Easy Street or that you automatically become impervious and immune to dealing with the gifts from those Enemies of your Soul! The path may feel as if it meanders towards judgement as you may need to confront or call out those who stand against what is not of gOd, what is not unifying, compassionate or encouraging of an open, free flowing, emotionally intelligent exchange. Furthermore, it may not always feel easy to give or to receive as you are called upon to acknowledge, challenge and grapple with forces that thrive within chaos; forces that often work in ways that are exceedingly subtle, cloaked and require even more wisdom and discernment from you than when such forces take clear and obvious forms. But this path is one of discernment as opposed to judgement, if your stance comes from a place of lOve, a lOve that permeates your being and is deeply infused within your Being for all that arise on your journey to Wholeness.

In astrology this Path is called the Virgo-Pisces axis and it exists within each of us. It is a path wherein service to yourself and service to the wider collective are the driving forces that motivate and impel a soul through space and time. It is a path that has been given greater accentuation over the past few weeks as you have been called to review what service to yourself has meant, ahead of renewing your commitment to your Path (and subsequently the Path that our collective humanity is walking) on the 20th September.

However, rather than feeling the underlying unity in our collective, the Path has felt increasingly decompartmentalised, fragmented, isolated and splintered, so far removed from the seed that was planted some twenty four years ago when a gap in consciousness to eliminate the divide between waking and sleeping consciousness opened up, accelerating, for many, their feel of time; encouraging a ’conscious’ thinning of the division within the various layers of consciousness; opening up a deeper understanding of ‘spiritual’ technology as humanity have projected their ‘pyramidal’ anthropomorphic structures into those ethereal realms; enabling imagination-technology to flow more freely, which in turn has transformed humanities use of physical technology as the gap between innovation and manifestation shortens; the increased dissatisfaction and disenfranchisement at the way in which the systems designed for another humanity remain has ‘consciously’ intensified over the past several months as a specific planetary archetypal coupling has reached a ‘sensitive’ turning point in its one hundred and seventy one year synodical cycle.

The seeds that were planted in 1993 that heralded a ‘new’ awakened Earth were followed in 2008 by the start of a sixteen year intense process of deconstruction which has targeted every system that humanity lives within, leaving nothing solid. Everything that you were ‘taught’ to be true has been questioned and everything charged by the egoic soul has been stripped bare, leaving you with nothing but everything at the same time! Sounds contradictory? It isn’t really, especially if you have been on a pilgrims path this past few years, as I realise that you may have bought into the illusion that once you awaken you have done the most difficult part and things get easier! But alas that too is fake news!!

Moreover, it may also feel ‘worse’ as you look through the One, instead of the Two. Why? There are more levels of consciousness to deal with once you become aware of them than there were when you were born asleep. You now have to consider so much more, since the scripts you carry you can now feel and experience at multiple levels simultaneously. Just think of how difficult it now is to answer the simple question – “How are you?” How is that even possible to answer, as you can feel mentally under pressure, yet at the same time feel quite inspired, emotionally calm, but also be working through deep ancestral and legacy scripts that make you feel frustrated and exhausted, yet remain physically in okay shape, despite the recent abstaining from certain foods stuffs that no longer work for your body!!!! Therefore chaos reigns and many facets of your life/ our life feels cloaked and foggy. It is as if the world is descending deeper into anarchy, dissent and polarisation.

Is it though?

Or are we just becoming more conscious of the splitting and fractioning of the world, at a time when ‘we’ are ‘supposed’ to be seeking unity and a more fluid system to accommodate the vast diversity of interests, skills and perspectives that exist?  That split between unity and wholeness is ever so apparent this coming month, as you can readily ‘see’ the dichotomy of a singular ego against one that is truly seeking to surrender and trust a vaster, more unified egoic consciousness. Since 2011, each September has given rise to the objective understanding of how to create a bridge between the personal desires to remain distinct and make your own way in the world, against the desire to do something vaster with your life, so that you can have an impact on raising awareness and to ‘make the world a better place’. However, this coming September, that impulse, whilst still transparent, feels more charged and potent.

If you could reflect for a moment on this seemingly contradictory dilemma – on one hand, you may have become increasingly aware that you need not to be bought, controlled or owned by anyone or anything; that you have been purifying and simplifying chaotic elements and people from your life, in a compassionate yet firm manner; that you have been moving away from a ‘traditional’ mode of education towards a wider, perhaps more holistic way of self-learning; and that you have been preparing your body in a more conscious manner to be a more pure temple to house this ‘new’ you. Yet at the same time, you have been holding a space so that you can merge within this wholeness so that those souls who are on a similar path can walk with you! Specifically, you may have noticed that you are craving a true companion to accompany you on this ‘lonely’ path, even though you know you have to walk alone and you have become increasingly conscious of the issue of unity consciousness within all your relationships – questioning whether you are mentally, emotionally, physical, nutritionally, sexually, economically and spiritually aligned, whilst at the same time remaining truly free and independent.

Trying to remain conscious of those scripts that keep you separate whilst at the same time feeling the desire to unite and share those insights and inspirations with someone, is not an easy task to juggle. Moreover the desire to walk a path with someone who is truly speaking their truth at ALL levels, and not just talking about it but not honouring themselves with a stripped down humbling honesty that befits someone who is walking towards being IN the world but not OF the world. It is no wonder that it has felt chaotic and confusing. It is no wonder that so many of your relationships are dissolving and your ego is trying to not descend into disappointment, anger and frustration, which means that your separate ego is dominating over your unified ego. And so you may have been feeling as if you have had to dive even deeper into this chaos as you are called to acknowledge, challenge and grapple with forces that insidiously thrive within chaos, forces that often work in ways that are exceedingly subtle and cloaked, or embodied within a ‘noble’ soul who in the clear light of day is a wolf in sheep’s wool.

A New Moon is an invitation in consciousness to re-fresh and re-new your relationship to one facet of your overall consciousness and this coming September it is the turn of the Mutable Earth or Virgoan consciousness, an aspect of your being that seeks to return to a virginal, or whole, state so that you can actively and compassionately participate in contributing to the Whole. It is because of the existence of Virgo, you do not have to give yourself away, nor do you need to sell yourself short, being diluted by the desires and demands of another. It is because of the existence of Virgo, you have the opportunity to bring into manifestation a deeper form of service that can enable you to free yourself from the fetters that bind you. And it is because of the existence of Virgo, you are being called to see yourself as a Temple and to both purify and sanctify your body so that within your Wholeness you can more clearly receive.

In the days leading up to this renewal, can I ask you to reflect on whether there exists some part of you that has become bound and therefore has splintered you from feeling both Whole (Virgo) and Unified (Pisces)? Do you recognise what is holy and crave its blessing but fear the change that would be involved? Is there a habit, a belief, a relationship, an aspect of your life that has you in its grip that confines you, that limits the freedom with which you move through this world? Can you envision what being truly free of that bind would feel like? Have you taken the time to confront, at all levels of your consciousness, the issue/ person/ situation and what they truly represent for you, so that you can free yourself of that which keeps you from feeling Whole? After all, this lunation illuminates those scripts that have prevented you from experiencing emotional unity with those souls who walk a similar path, or that have stopped you from meeting those who truly walk a similar path.

You could also reframe the ‘balancing’ dance arising within you as a blessing in disguise, as blessings that arise in facing chaos rather than turning away from it makes way for the wholeness you crave as it brings release to what has been bound; it invites and enables and calls you to move with the freedom for which you are made. So my hope for you, for us, is that you look with the One eye to see what the Two cannot; that you see through the diffuseness that masks an ever changing landscape; that you know in your heart that what binds you is being eroded and dissolved; that you are being called to look in and not out to find freedom and truth; that you stand resolute and firm to those ideals that bring you closer to lOve, even if it is easy to react from a place of fear and anger; and that you know that as you face the chaos, wholeness is eventually created. An opening into the stillness that lies beneath the chaos is there for you to embrace in the days leading up to the New Moon, wherein you can find a peace you may not think is possible and within which you can see what shimmers within this emotional storm and how that has become a legacy within your body. You are being given the opportunity to let what distracts and divides you cease as you can walk into this opening into the quiet that lies beneath this chaos where peace and wholeness co-exist and where you can truly bring into being your souls deeper wisdom.

All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. Written at 06:50 T, 10th September 2017.

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