Listening to the Voice of Nature within: The New Moon in Taurus on the 11th May 2021 at 18:59 UTC

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Listening to the Voice of Nature within

The New Moon in Fixed Earth on the 11th May 2021 at 18:59 UTC

We are not the first to express concerns over the direction of the 1518 redistribution of power. Yes, the intellectual revolution has brought much material comfort and innovation in every facet of life. But its shadow has meant that further and further away from the Earth we have walked, as Nature has been productised. Urbanisation spreads like cancer across the land, suffocating the very land we need to survive. Materialistic rationalisation encourages further disenchantment of a world slipping deeper into a black hole, divorcing us from the life that feed true meaning. Our addiction to the world of senses drives humanity to the brink of an environmental and psychological abyss.

Periodically we are reminded that Nature cares little for our collective greed, detachedness and narcissism even if those who voice out are deemed Luddites with quaint antiquarian Golden Age concerns. But something is different within this 2020 redistribution of power. It is not simply because of the earth making her voice heard, as the weather patterning continues to change in an accelerated manner; or because the massive growth in population demands to be fed in a manner that is unsustainable; or because the black blood of the earth thins at an alarming rate.


It is because we cannot avoid the simple fact that both your physical body and our collective body is unwell. For some time your digestive system has not been right. Many have been unable to consume poor quality foods or cheap alcohol; many women are turning away from ingesting horse hormones that dull them from the reality that they are women; gluten sensitivity has never been higher; so too the unwillingness to eat traumatised animals reared in the dark for the sole purpose of slaughter. The rise of awareness of food, nutrition and diet has been phenomenal.


The world you live within is one that has taught you that your mind is the only truly important part of your being. Thinking that your body has a consciousness is New Age claptrap! Consequently you have been encouraged to ignore your body by driving it into the ground through excessive work in pursuit of the ‘freedom’ that money brings. You have been taught to hurt it by telling it is not skinny enough, too wrinkly, too thin, too unattractive, too untoned, too lumpy, too short, too tall, too brown, too blond… And then you feed it – too much, too little, listening to experts who know your body better than you do, who teach you to follow a universal system that works for everyone; feeding it with food incompatible with it, downing poison in bucket loads as you numb yourself to the reality that perhaps happiness does not exist where you want it…

Yet your body has been trying to get your attention. It has been talking to you! But do you listen? That voice in your head that tells you ‘not to’ does not come from vanity. That voice that tells you that you have had enough does not come from guilt. That bloated feeling, that queasy feeling, that reflux taste, that ‘allergic’ reaction is your body telling you that it can no longer consume vast quantities of poison.


All ancient philosophies contend that everything contains consciousness – every organ of your body and every morsel of ‘real’ food that you eat. You are the embodied material form of creation. Your body encases your true essence – your spirit and it is merely a sleeve that you wear. And your body breaks down when you choose not to listen to the prompts that arise within your mind and emotional body as a last ditch attempt to get you to WAKE UP.

As the element of Earth shakes, planet Earth quakes!

Your body symbiotically reacts with the matter that arises from the consciousness held within the Earth’s chemical matrixes. Shamans remind you that rocks talk; your stomach screams at you not to poison it… everything, everything has an animated consciousness. The rampant spread of the artificially created ‘19’, a symptom of the widespread illness that exists in our world, has reminded many that consciousness is not merely an anthropomorphic entitlement, that everything is teaming with ‘mind’, that underneath the surface of anything physical lies an animate spirit that bathes and permeates of the world of form.

And it exists because of the presence of the Fixed Earth, or Taurean, archetype.

Fixed Earth (Taurus)

Taurus, composed of two energetic conditions – ‘fixed’ meaning internal and Earth, meaning matter – merely accounts for the fact that your body is alive and teeming with spirit.

This archetype reminds you that your soul is anchored within this physical realm of existence, encased within a physical body and subjected to all the aromatic delights that the world can offer – the wafting of a freshly brewed morning coffee; the freshly mowed grass on a cool sun kissed vernal morning; the crisp ionised air that surrounds a babbling and cascading brook and its fresh coolness that fills your lungs as you stop to breathe in the sounds of the water, as it crashes over the stones and rocks, eagerly chattering its way towards the contrasting quietness of the forest lake; the dense scent of vanilla-musk body spray that makes you feel dizzy as you linger in that first close embrace with a lover-to-be – can quickly wash you of your memory that you are to enjoy being in the world, but not being consumed by the world!!

While physical-desire may be but one dimension of the Taurean archetype, so too is the need to learn the deeper spiritual lessons of desire wherein you can transform the energy of desire into spiritual aspiration, as encapsulated within that exemplary Taurean philosophy – Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.

It is through your desire-nature that you are kept fastened to the Earth Plane on a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. Implicit to the teaching of most spiritual disciplines is the transmutation of desire into spiritual realisation by coming to terms with any unhealthy desire attachments which essentially keep you bound within your ego-mind and need to be eventually overcome.

It is within Taurus that your desires and your most materialistic impulses can be transmuted into aspiration through the light of illumination.

The Inner Light of Nature

Planets that you have within the sign of Taurus can teach you what specific dimension of your Soul is here to learn about the nature of desire. If you don’t have any planets within Taurus, then look to the house that Taurus is either on the cusp of, or intercepted by, to understand the arena of life wherein your desire-nature will be played out.

The path of Taurus necessarily involves a strong will and strong choices, for desire has the habit of leading your attention outwards towards worldly concerns. Those Taurean planets are custodians of the light of knowledge, enabling you to tap beyond the seduction of the world of form, releasing all attachments and security desires, thereby enabling you to acquire enlightenment as you open the eye of the cosmic Bull, bathing in the light that cascades like devotional tears from it, cleansing and purifying your soul.

Consequently, as you listen to those Taurean scripts, you can hear specific animistic voices speak to you, as each planetary archetype has its own language and perception, reminding you that matter speaks, matter lives, matter matters.

The Gift of the Fixed Earth New Moon

We have been moving through the illumination of this quiet Light of Nature since the Sun ingressed into the zodiacal sign of Taurus on the 19th of April. However, the day that the Luminaries meet within Taurus is a call to renew your relationship to the spirit that exists within your body. In the days leading up to the New Moon, you are called to remember the importance of your relationship to your body, your food, your environment and Nature as a whole. Further to the releasing and shedding that has prevailed, as symbolised by our reactions to the spread of a virus, you are being reminded to listen to the messages emanating from the consciousness held within your body, your food and your environment.

A New Earth is in the midst of being birthed and this forthcoming Taurean lunation serves beautifully for an initiation of intentions regarding your relationship to truly listening to what your body is telling you, not what your mind tells you about your body; to talk to the food that you are eating, thanking it for what it will do for you; to listen to what nature is telling you and being conscious of how you treat it, as it is an extension of your own body, keeping in mind that your body comes from the Earth and is inexorably linked to it.

I wish you a profound, gentle, conscious and compassionate relationship to your body, your food, your Nature and your World.

I’ve been a full time professional astrologer located in the Republic of Ireland since 1995, having stumbled across astrology in my last year reading Natural Sciences in 1993, where I specialised in Geography. I’ve been blessed by the generosity of both my national and international clientele who have supported my work through referrals.

Aside from my client focused work, I am the director of the Blue Rose, with my wife, Karen Morgan, and we host weekly classes (in person in Dublin, Ireland and online), monthly workshops, retreats and embodiments. I was invited to edit and produce the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, by Eric Meyers and Armand Diaz. I have been previously published in the Astrological Journal and the feature writer for Positive Life Magazine, a quarterly holistic magazine in Ireland and on the web.

If I was to describe my work for other astrologers, I would be a humanistic, psycho-spiritually orientated in my practice. My focus within my practice is to support the spiritual and psychological growth of my clients by helping them understand their choices and energetic patterns imbued within the fabric of their being. The merging of both space and time are central focal points of my work and astro-cartography, the focus of my talk on this forum, is a perspective that I see as essential in understanding the process of growth within this plane of consciousness.

Client centred astrological consultations, focusing on a humanistic/ transpersonal approach; Locational Astrology
Location:  Dublin, Rep. Ireland
Email:  [email protected]

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