Nature Awakens: The New Moon in Taurus: 4th May 2019 at 22:45 UT

by Agent IE, Andrew Smith

Nature Awakens : The New Moon in Fixed Earth

4th May 2019 at 22:45 UT

Listen to narration of article by Andrew Smith

When the great moment came and the Beasts spoke, he [Uncle Andrew (a “dreadfully practical” man)] missed the whole point; for a rather interesting reason. When the Lion had first begun singing, long ago when it was still quite dark, he had realised that the noise was a song. And he had disliked the song very much. It made him think and feel things he did not want to think and feel. Then, when the sun rose and he saw that the singer was a lion (“only a lion,” as he said to himself) he tried his hardest to make believe that it wasn’t singing and never had been singing – only roaring as any lion might in a zoo in our own world. “Of course it can’t really have been singing,” he thought, “I must have imagined it. I’ve been letting my nerves get out of order. Whoever heard of a lion singing?” And the longer and more beautifully the Lion sang, the harder Uncle Andrew tried to make himself believe that he could hear nothing but roaring. Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed. Uncle Andrew did. He soon did hear nothing but roaring in Aslan’s song. Soon he couldn’t have heard anything else even if he had wanted to. And when at last the Lion spoke and said, “Narnia, awake”, he didn’t hear any words: he heard only a snarl. And when the Beasts spoke in answer, he heard only barkings, growlings, baying and howlings. And when they laughed – well, you can imagine. 

adapted from Chapter 11, The Magician’s Nephew, The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

Permit me to ask you a few questions. Do you feel that we, as a society, are becoming increasingly docile or are we wiping the sleep from our eyes and seeing our world more clearly? Do you believe that we are truly becoming more conscious and aware or have we merely gained a lot of theoretical knowledge and are too immature as a species to truly understand what we are doing with those profound insights? Do you believe that consciousness and awareness is the privilege of humanity or do you feel that everything that exists within this plane of existence and within this timeline has a ‘consciousness’?

I appreciate how chaotic and overwhelming life has been of late so please accept my humble apologies for asking you to answer three questions that have no black or white answer, but are questions that are central to our relationship with one particular celestial archetype that has been actively awakened for the first time since 1942. Of course there has been much growth over the past seventy seven years and the world looks very different now, if you consider the vast advances in technology, of understanding nature, harnessing its power and resources and how those innovations have made our lives more comfortable.

But looks can be deceiving especially considering the arising of themes almost identical to what emerged in societal consciousness during the mid-1930s to the early 1940s. Are we, therefore, destined to live our lives out repetitiously, cyclically experiencing the rotation of the Miller’s Wheel, time and time again? Or are we merely revisiting our collective past to ensure that we have truly dealt with those potentially emerging patterns but in a more understanding, more holistic and a more conscious manner? Sadly, I do not have an answer to that last question, since I have not developed the ability to time travel forward to report back to you regarding the way in which we rose to meet those challenges.

What I can say, however, is that our collective consciousness became more consciously aware of Nature on the 1st November 1977 when a new cosmic archetype emerged to facilitate the expansion in our sOul’s awareness, a fact that gives me a lot of hOpe considering the proliferation of fear-based information we are being drip-fed. Therefore the quality of time that we are moving through between 2018 to 2025, whilst has a historical connection to four previous seven year periods – 1683 to 1690; 1767 to 1774; 1850 to 1858; and 1934 to 1941 – is likely to ‘feel’ a little different, even if it ‘appears’ similar. This is not because we have a better quality of life; this is not because we have greater knowledge; and this is not because we are a more tolerant, inclusive and unified society than we were previously. No. It is merely due to the fact that we can NOW actively ‘bridge’ what as a disconnect within our collective sOul between the profound, abstract implications of innovation and its impact on our reality. Prior to 1977, the advances that took place during the aforementioned time frames, had a massive impact on shaping our knowledge of how nature works. Moreover, many of the people born during those times frames became known for their theories on Nature and helped to shaped the development of the physical sciences. Yet, for me, the one striking feature of all those theories is an absence of true accountability and awareness of the implications of what they were doing. It is my hOpe that this time it will be different!

For example, during the period of 1683-1690, astrologer and alchemist, Isaac Newton published on his theory of gravity, opening up new frontiers within science. Sadly for Newton, much of his personal interest in the interiority of nature has been regarded as being antiquated and a forgivable eccentricity of a genius. During the late 1760’s to early 1770s, the element Phosphorous started to be used en-mass within agriculture, paving the way for developments in mass food production that changed the face of our landscape irrevocably, as we sought new ways to carve up the land to feed ourselves. During the 1850s, a doubly profound time considering the volume of profound thinkers born who irrevocably changed our physical, social, psychological and political landscapes, innovations in advancing the steam engine made possible the commercial usage of engines, again something that had massive implications for how we used and exploited nature.

It was on the 18th February 1930 that our consciousness further evolved thereby enabling us to no longer have an impact on a local, but on a global level, so when our collective sOul development turned its attention to the inner workings of nature during the mid-1930’s to early 1940’s, the advances in science that enabled us to harnessing the power of the atom now had massive implications for our entire planet, as research into nuclear fission and the accidental creation of the Transuranium elements paved the way for the atomic bomb, opening the door to the reality of an artificially created extinction event.

Despite these recent changes in our collective consciousness, time is needed to integrate these new cosmic categories, and our collective conscious awareness of the impact of our innovations on Nature are still fledgling. It will take time for our world to find a way for innovation to co-exist with Nature, as opposed to innovation taming, controlling or destroying Nature. You may feel that we don’t have that necessary time, as you may feel that we are hurtling towards something inevitable and unavoidable. But remember that there are many sOul’s born post 1977, who are now of an age that can have an impact on shaping our collective consciousness. There are many young sOuls who do not subscribe to the ways of their parents and predecessors that are very vocal and active in remembering what our ancestors took for granted. The time we are moving through is similar, yet different, to that of the mid 30s, and Nature is literally forcing us to become conscious that we are NOT disconnected from her. We are part of her and she is part of us. We are no longer able to maintain Uncle Andrew’s position and not listen to Nature and what she needs, even if we have had a little over 500 years of disconnection, when Martin Luther openly criticised the Catholic Church in 1517, thereby creating a movement that redistributed power, the consequence of which was to both simultaneously increasingly disenchant and detach us from Nature. Yes, the Enlightenment may have given us greater material luxury but it has also encouraged amnesia towards one dimension of our collective consciousness – that Nature is alive and teeming with consciousness. This fact underlay society until the seventeenth century, but was demonised as being quaint superstition by a world increasingly obsessed with evidence based, physical positivist reality. The knowledge that Nature has a sOul, that the Word became Flesh, that Nature is Immanent, was dismissed and later forgotten by a world distracted by the implications that technology created.    

I realise that those reading this article know that and may take it for granted. However, many don’t. Many still live in a world detached from reality; within a superior arrogance that assumes technological advances make us better people; within a world that has forgotten that everything is imbued with Spirit, that everything is part of an overall consciousness and that humans are not the only ones that feel/ experience and embody spirit. It is that detachedness that has led to such devastation on our physical world, let alone our emotional/ mental and spiritual world. It is that knowledge for knowledge sake that has created such profound changes, yet has not assisted our emotional maturity, leaving us bereft of maturity to handle the consequences of our technology – just look at what happened as a result of the 1930s obsession of harnessing the power of the atom and reflect on our obsession with technological speed and connectivity (5G) and what that could mean…

It is a shame that it took us to 1977 to start to realise what our indigenous ancestors have always known, what Rachel Carson and James Lovelock tried to give form to in the 1960s and what science has finally started to remember – Nature is alive and teeming with consciousness. It is a Being and not something inanimate.

For students of astrology, there is another name for the Immanence of Nature. It is called Fixed Earth, or Taurus. It is one of the twelve cosmic consciousnesses that exist within you, and it is this consciousness that has once again awoken and will remain active in the fore-front of our overall awareness over the coming six years. Your relationship to it can serve to deepen our collective relationship to it, since we now have the ability to think locally yet act globally. On the 4th May the Sun and Moon align within this zodiacal sign, thereby giving you one of six further opportunities to replenish your relationship to this part of your sOul. By truly listening to your body’s intelligence and not dismissing your gut as irrelevant or non-sense; by re-connecting to Nature herself, listening to what she says; by  spending time with animals and seeing them as sentient emotional beings, as opposed to merely creatures devoid of meaning; by taking time from a screen and spending fully present time with those you lOve; by remembering to breathe deeply in, walking in the air regularly and by giving thanks to the food that offers up its energy for your energy are but simple ways of developing a differing relationship to this sign of the zodiac. Yes, there is a deeper dimension to Taurus, encoded in the Christian stories of the birth of the Christ, but regardless of your spiritual convictions, the existence of Taurus enables you to connect to the embodied spirit of your sOul and to respect the embodied sOul that exists within everyone and everything around you.

Whether you continue down the path of increasing detachedness from your body, peers and family or whether you take time to honour the sOul within and without, is really a personal question that I cannot answer, but is a question that I will be bringing to my mediations in the days leading up to the Fixed Earth New Moon. I hope, however, that you take the time to listen to the evidence of a world teeming with sOul and develop a deep appreciation, and respect, of your world. It could alter the way that we interact with Nature and develop our research into the power of Nature, thereby altering the implications of our scientific developments and the future advances during 2102-2109.

It is your world and your choice. What will it be? 

I’ve been a full time professional astrologer located in the Republic of Ireland since 1995, having stumbled across astrology in my last year reading Natural Sciences in 1993, where I specialised in Geography. I’ve been blessed by the generosity of both my national and international clientele who have supported my work through referrals.

Aside from my client focused work, I am the director of the Blue Rose, with my wife, Karen Morgan, and we host weekly classes (in person in Dublin, Ireland and online), monthly workshops, retreats and embodiments. I was invited to edit and produce the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, by Eric Meyers and Armand Diaz. I have been previously published in the Astrological Journal and the feature writer for Positive Life Magazine, a quarterly holistic magazine in Ireland and on the web.

If I was to describe my work for other astrologers, I would be a humanistic, psycho-spiritually orientated in my practice. My focus within my practice is to support the spiritual and psychological growth of my clients by helping them understand their choices and energetic patterns imbued within the fabric of their being. The merging of both space and time are central focal points of my work and astro-cartography, the focus of my talk on this forum, is a perspective that I see as essential in understanding the process of growth within this plane of consciousness.

Client centred astrological consultations, focusing on a humanistic/ transpersonal approach; Locational Astrology
Location:  Dublin, Rep. Ireland
Email:  [email protected]

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