BE PRESENT – New Moon Taurus – April 28th 12:16 UTC

by Andrew Smith

Be Present  – The New Moon in Fixed Earth

26th April 2017 at 13:16 BST, 12;16 UTC


It’s been a frenetic past few weeks – heart deep in reflection; mind stalled amidst a swirling tornado of busyness; emotions vacillating; spirit weary; energy levels stoic but drained; sleep disrupted; eating merely for sustenance; and the speed to which time has moved… And that is before you contemplate the scale of processing that has gone on! Old heart-scripts standing resolute in the face of a new heart-dawn; persistent thought-forms that cast the shadow of doubt over those fledgling promises you have made to engage in relationships that feel comfortable but not familiar; copious distractions in the form of tedious legislative and administrative speedbumps, minor as they are, lengthy to sort out; and the on-going battle to keep you in a constant state of fear and anxiety as the double-speak volume has been turned up on the various media outlets, in a world that is living through an echo of 1933/ 34. 


Have you had a chance to remember that quintessential Aquarian activity – breathing deeply in and holding it before exhaling? I’d be surprised if you had the time as you ran through the fast paced, highly charged Arian landscape, this past month. Dreamlike, is something I’ve heard many clients mention to me – ‘so surreal’; ‘so weird’; ‘what’s going on’; ‘this can’t be happening’, along with comments of irritation and frustration of a world becoming increasingly bureaucratic, filled with people too frightened to think for themselves, lest they lose their jobs, hiding behind procedure and unable to apply common sense to issues that could be resolved so easily, yet creating so many insignificant tasks to perform, eating up so much time.


Yet beneath the busyness, calling from deep within, you can feel a pull to step away from it all. Thoughts of packing it in, taking time away from the chaos, heading to the ‘hills’, going on retreat surface, immediately to be met by a monetary rationalisation and a pragmatic voice telling you to get real as you have a life to maintain. Yet, that quiet voice won’t dwindle. Earthy in tone, deep in resonance, persistent in frequency, both ancient and still, you can feel it resound through your entire being – a call to nature, a call to quieten, a call to re-engage consciously with the Soul of Nature. And so you give in and head to the hills.


Everything feels so acute within this emerging new heart space, as your senses heightened. It is almost as if you are learning to reconnect to yourself, using your senses in a more discerning manner, as your sense of smell sharpens, enabling you detect minute changes in the air; your sense of sight becomes more perceptive as you watch the tells in the world surrounding you; your sense of touch becomes more responsive and your ear deepens, tuning more acutely into the nuances in tone, listening closely to the gap between words, that liminal space wherein the truth of another perspective lies. That has led to the exhaustion, coupled with the noise, the clutter and the busyness. And yet in this space, right now, you can feel need to embrace the stillness as you seek to calm your heightened senses.

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At first your mind races in contemplation – after all there is so much to process, sort through, deal with and get your head around. Those early first steps are missed as your eyes drop to the ground, unable to see the bigger picture, as your mind is lost to your body. Nature’s voice strengthens in an attempt to gain your attention – the birds chirrup loudly, the wind rustles through the leaves and branches, the trees creek in consort, the aromatic scent of the land envelopes you… And in time, you look up; in time, those voices soften; in time, your awareness is brought out of what has happened; in time, your mind is brought back from the future, as it tires of conjecturing projections of possibility ahead; in time, you are brought into the present; in time, you are brought into the now; in time …

Be present…

Sounding like a statement from that quintessential Taurean philosophy, Buddhism, walking as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet, as Thich Nhat Hahn would say, is not as easy as it sounds. Remaining conscious within any given moment means that you draw your awareness to what is going on right here and now, and not projecting your heart and mind back into your past or ahead into some perceived notion of the future. Stilling your being, slowing your consciousness down, being physically aware of all that is going on within you and around you in the moment is one of the deeper truths revealed within this cosmological archetype.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.” ~Eckhart Tolle

When complete presence is engaged, external forces no longer feel such a problem as only you and your immediate world exist. If your job demands that you focus on an urgent task, despite the multitude of other pulls on your time and energy, in being present, focusing completely on that task, there exists only that one task and you. When you’re done, you can move on to another task. Being present is tough in a digital age, when a screen distracts your mind, interrupting your focus and providing you with ‘entertainment’ that takes you away from your ultimately soul task, to prepare your way back home. Yet, choosing to listen to what you need in the moment, listening closely to your body and soul, you can navigate with greater discernment, remaining focused on what needs to be done, learnt, communicated, felt and experienced in your immediate moment. One of the lessons experienced with in the state of consciousness called Fixed Earth, or Taurus, is to completely focus on doing one thing at a time. All that is required is to draw your breath in deeply, as you learnt during the Aquarian month and paying attention to every aspect of what you’re doing, to your body, to the sensations and to your thoughts. Initially you will notice your thoughts will jump to other things, but ironically, by becoming aware of the swirling nature of your thoughts you have found the tool for gently bringing yourself back to where you are in the present moment!


Being in the moment is very difficult when everything in your world is designed to keep you from being present. Everything. Distractions abound, many of which are reasonable, since you live within a social world, as opposed to living hermitically in an isolated bubble. It would not be surprising, even if you are born with a plethora of planetary archetypes within Taurus, if you found it a challenge to slow, still and be present. So all you can do is patiently practise to become more Taurean! Don’t worry if you can only muster a few moments, whether at home, or within Nature. Rest if you grow tired. Go and do something else and then in time, return your mind to the moment and practise being here and now. Alternatively you can drink some tea, but drink it with reverence as if it is the axis on which the earth revolves – slowly, evenly and without rushing towards the future (words from Thich Nhat Hanh). Even better again, drink some tea under a tree in a forest, surrounded by the majesty of Nature herself. Breathe in her stillness and let your mind focus on the immediate noises that envelope you. Let your mind wander and don’t follow it. In time, that state will grow deeper and become more familiar. In time…

Regardless of whether you have an immediate relationship to this Fixed Earth consciousness, whether being imbued with planets in this sign or living with someone who has attuned their consciousness to this sign, Mercury has been slowly and steadily retro-stepping and the Sun and Moon are about to reunite, therefore offering you a chance to rethink and renew how present you are with yourself. A space has, therefore, opened up to re-ignite your relationship with stillness, being present and ultimately anchoring and embodying yourself in the here and now. So you will turn off your phone, unplug from technology, stop reading the constant stream of fear of the future in the media, address the regret of things from your past not working out the way you would have liked and remain here and now, if even for a couple of hours? It is a perfect time to be. It is a perfect time to still. It is a perfect time to concentrate on your immediate world and all that flourishes therein.

Enjoy the moment. It will not come again.

All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. April 2017

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All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith.
Written at 23:55 GMT, 19th November 2016.

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    My name is Spencer Moore, a 48 now 49 year old as of April 13th. I’d noticed something was missing from this discussion. Aren’t there three sides to every story. I was on the way to the UCLA MED CTR. to be born, as my parents were the neighbors of the DOORS /Jim MORRISON in Santa Monica, California-Where they’d performed that night & begain recording “Waiting for the Sun” album that day- Taking into account my name was Morrison at birth and later adopted to MOORE Finally born at 04:48 AM missing Friday; Although, it was a FULL MOON ON A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE and my birth cert reflects the precise exact time and place LA, CA as the MAX U2 UTC UMBRA of this great BLOOD MOON on an April morning which happened to be Easter And then It gets really interesting… My question is. Since I’m a musician, vocalist, writer and lyricist- Born an Aries, in conjunction with the identical way JESUS CHIRST DIED and was born. I look like sound like Jim Morrison as I was on stage with Robby Krieger last year in LA –
    My question▪ Do I have a say in this discussion? Because in this case. I can handle a Taurus as I am currently doing, and I was born splitting both the Sun and The MOON while I’d finally went from MORRISON MORRISMOORE MOONTH




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