New Moon in Taurus – Intention activation:

with Agent 126 – Louise Senior

New Moon in Taurus – Intention activation:

New Moon Taurus, 
26th April 12:16pm UTC @ 6° 27′ Taurus

PST 5:16am EST 8:16am UT 12:16pm Thai 7:16pm AEST 10:16pm

I found my inspiration for this report in music and lyric. The moon is exalted in Earthy Venus ruled Taurus and Venus delights in the garden of music for the soul. 

The lines “Rooted to the earth” and “But deliberate in the motion” are the essence of Taurean energy. 

THE STEEPLE (Tim Snider)

I feel a strength in the trees
Rooted to the earth
‘Cause these roots grow deep
Grabbing food from the dirt
I feel a spirit in the breeze
Steady like the ocean
A push and a pull
But deliberate in the motion
Said I look to the mountain
Hear the birds’ melodies
Thank the sun for the show
As it hides beyond the trees
I thank God for creation
For it is a gift just to exist
Feeling small in this vastness
But my heart beat persists
Like a whisper in the stillness
‘Cause this life is a peep hole
But that’s all we get as people
Sometimes we make ours so important
We forget that we’re all equal
And I’m not the first or the last
To leave my judgment at this steeple
But I ask you to keep a steady eye on this horizon
While we keep training for the sequel

This new moon is inviting you to breathe deeply, to become present and aware of your senses. 

An offer is extended to make a commitment to yourSelf to Be the Change you wish to see in the world. 

This is our time for Healing through Connection – to Planet Earth – and to each other. 

A time to Plant Seeds of rEvolution. Nature is our greatest teacher, so Be outside and delight in her fruits.

Get your hands in the dirt. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Remember your connection to your own body and that of Gaia.

Plant Seeds of Change – Seeds of Hope – Seeds of Joy – Seeds of Peace – and Seeds of Love. 

The above song’s title, “The Steeple” speaks of the energy of the associated Tarot card – The Hierophant.

Tarot card – The Hierophant.

The Hierophant  may appear in your life as a wise counsellor, a priest, or a spiritual mentor/teacher/facilitator to whom you might look for wisdom and knowledge. He can be known as Chiron, the Pope and the Shaman.The Hierophant stands in his authority in the community, issuing and nurturing spiritual awareness, with the ability to bring the esoteric teachings and wisdom of the High Priestess to those who seek. He holds his hand in a benediction offering “Spiritual Blessing”. 

I intuited his message today as “Practice what you preach” -and the Reiki Precept (instruction) of Be true to your way and being, then came to mind. There are many preaching “spiritual” messages, and it’s most important that we take the time to learn from our own experience, and be true to Our own way, Our own Being. Our own inner Truth.

Intention Activation

Make your intention to connect to the Earth (ideally do this literally with bare feet on the Earth)

Take 3 long slow breaths. Breathe in fresh air and exhale any old stored or pent up energy.

Continue with conscious breathing, with awareness on your breath.

Feel the energy of your body going down through your legs and feet and all the way down into Earth’s centre.

Feel the energy of Earth returning up into, and throughout your body.

Feel the stillness within. 

Notice a sense of peace within this stillness.

Take in your environment with all of your senses.

Allow this sense of peace to extend to firstly your immediate environment, 

and then slowly and gradually take it out further, and further.

Feel it extend right across borders, until you have the entire globe encircled in your energy of Peace. 

You may like to bring your hands into prayer position, you may even like to say your own prayer of peace to the world. 

Finish with a long slow deep breath of Gratitude, for your breath, for life, for Love. 

Wishing Peace on Earth to All and may we bring Heaven to Earth in our daily lives. 

Louise Senior – Agent 126 


Agent 126 Louise Senior

Louise Senior – An Agent of Change – (with a Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 10th house) is a passionate, multi- disciplined teacher, tarot reader and energy worker and Usui Reiki Master, with a strong background in spiritual disciplines. Louise offers an insightful, compassionate and empowering approach as a facilitator and spiritual counsellor with an aim to share a journey of co-creative transformation of both self and the planet! Creator of My Sacred Space, a place to share a journey of heart and soul transformation, discovery and healing.

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