The Bridge The New Moon in Fixed Water quincunx Uranus and trine Chiron

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith

The Bridge

The New Moon in Fixed Water quincunx Uranus and trine Chiron

On the 18th November 2017 at 11:42am GMT 

26°19′ Scorpio

“Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”  Kahlil Gibran

NARRATION by Andrew Smith

Let us pause and reflect on the inherent paradox of being human – in the same way that you leave this world alone, yet are surrounded by many, alone you arrive, yet are immediately held in an intimate embrace; you can know so many people, yet rarely truly know another; you long to find meaning, yet busy yourself with distractions who merely serve to take you away from that path; you know that you are not your body and hunger for someone with whom you can merge, yet also find yourself judging another on their physical and surface personality, at times unable or unwilling to penetrate deeper to discover who they truly are; yet you also acknowledge the influence on your perception of your own scripts, patterns and dysfunctionalities, yet are surprised when someone else presents themselves un-whole and thoroughly human!!

Despite your body maintaining the semblances of an outer stability and consistency, your heart is truly an eternal nomad consumed by what Shakespeare called an “immortal longing”, a longing that is deeply creative; a hunger to belong to someone or something; to connect to something that gives you meaning; a desire for true union yet a thirst to remain uncompromised; a dream of walking free and yet to be held at the same time. It is as if our heart is divinely restlessness as it desires true intimacy yet longs to remain free. At some level, you know that this restlessness will never be finally stilled by any person, project, or place, yet you still feel compelled to find someone or something to satisfy this primal compulsion.

Why? Because we have all incarnated during a time where we live within an actively encouraged split of consciousness into two fundamental states – a reflective, emotive, interior state, or Yin, and a proactive, doing-orientated, exterior state, or Yang – and in recent eons homage has been lauded onto the latter over the former. We celebrate outward success and appearance, drive and initiative, concrete achievement and pushing towards the future, connecting outside of ourselves and exploring space, the ocean, the world, but rarely pause to ‘big up’ reflection, celebrate emotional well-being, to encourage an exploration of the inner space and its constantly shifting landscape (unless there is a dramatic and overt reason to do so), or realise that perhaps objective reality does not exist, as it is filtered through an individual’s unique perception, given that education may lie beyond the mind!

And so you have felt it gradually build in waves – sometimes forcibly, sometimes gently; sometime angrily, sometime compassionately, as She slowly awakened from her slumber or has risen from the darkness of ignorance to be acknowledged as an equal part of a reciprocal union. She is Yin and cannot exist without Yang. He is Yang and cannot exist without Yin. Yet they have and they do. He longs for Her yet is terrified; She wants Him, but is wary. He does not dive within too frequently and actions on issues so that he can solve them; she holds a space to permit that which lies deep within to arise, so that it can be brought to light, acknowledged and healed in the process, slowly, cyclically and over time; he gets frustrated at the lack of speed or obvious change; she gets irritated by the lack of understanding of the dance and the intimacy of the insights. He thinks I am referring to Man; She knows that I am not! And so they feel separate and maybe even separate!

Her presence has been palpably stronger in recent times, as She rises, but not to impose or impress. She rises not to dominate and control. She rises not to get even and seek revenge, despite her demonization by those enthralled and encamped on the other side of the canyon. No, she is rising and seeking to bridge this paradox, so that both side can co-exist, so She can be held in an embrace without action being expected or required; so that She can feel and not have to justify and explain why she feels; so that rhythm can be honoured and linearity can co-exist together; so that the world of Newton and of Einstein can find commonality; and so that space and intimacy no longer feel threatened or misunderstood.

Of late your world has been consumed with powerful emotional responses as you have seen overt evidence of this chasm between the Yin and Yang forces. It has also been emotionally intense, as deep insights into the truth of your emotional body have arisen offering you the chance to objectively ‘see’ the scripts and patterns that you have been working on played out in your working life, as well as your private life. Something within you has eagerly embraced the Inner Path and has dived into your own Lake, submerging yourself in the darkened waters of your personal and ancestral patterns and scripts. You have journeyed to that vulnerable, yet sacred place and laying yourself bare, you have stood naked so that nothing untruthful can clothe you. You have invested time and energy into growing, truly growing, as you have felt her rise within you – that powerful feminine source from which you were conceived, and you no longer want to deny the full potentiality of all you can be and all that you are.

Consequently, you are no longer interested in a one-sided emotional exchange with someone who does not own or express their inner world; who does not recognise the power and wealth of their feelings and imaginal world; who opts to focus on the illusion fed to them by a broken system that continues to dangle the carrot of “freedom” in front of them, while continuing to tax their time and energy with needless distractions that merely serves to drain them of their life force, further distancing them from you and allowing to let fester that fecund source of life, as they opt to live from a fraction of what you know they can offer; and you are no longer prepared to play the role of therapist, listener and fixer, only to be drained of your life’s energy by a psychic vampire who refuses to truly dive deeply into the waters of their own inner lake, opting instead to drown in the fetid waters that have not been circulated and given life.

Yet you have felt impatience build. You have been owning and doing your work, as you have acknowledged the rising presence of Her. Yet, He still cannot hear. He still has not seen. He still has not got it. He has been enveloped by the seduction of the masculine light, and His line of sight is distracted as He is ever consumed by the addiction of busyness and the quick fix, hungrily scrolling, scanning, clicking and scrolling again, filling His mind with soundbites, enabling Him to sound wise, yet impoverishing His soul with every second that this agitating spirit electrifies and exhausts Him.

And it has been made so easy by the Darkness to cast this spell, as anything and everything is at the tip of their fingers, ever enticing them to gain access to everything, to build their knowledge, to broadening their mind, yet all the while by simultaneously denying the necessary time to integrate. Frustrated you see them move on to the next one and on again and on again, attending anything, while their soul dreams, longing and seeks She who is There – right in front of Him… He knows what He has to do, after all there is such a wealth of knowledge at His fingertips, knowledge that can set Him free; knowledge that can serve to wizen and enrich Him; knowledge that can open Him up and stretch Him to use all that He is to the best of His abilities; knowledge that can help Him navigate with greater surety and conviction. And yet, together, your worlds feel more isolated and lonely, unbalanced and splintered, rich yet sterile, because the bridge has not been fully built.

The arduous task that has arisen for you to set your soul’s energy on during the forthcoming November lunation, is to build this bridge so that longing and belonging can connect, so that Yin and Yang can work with each other to ensure that all the potential and gifts that sleep in the clay of the heart may be awakened and realised in your life. Not an easy task and undoubtedly one that will release much tension and anxiety as you have to acknowledge your longing for connection, for a sense of belonging to something larger than yourself and then to orient yourself differently toward that core yearning, to envelop it with more gentleness and less judgment! You see although you long for integration, you are fundamentally fragmentary. And if it is any consolation, we all are! After all, we are made up of twelve differing consciousness and at least fourteen dimensions of our souls, all with differing scripts and patterns, all with differing perceptions and realities, all vying for attention, all seeking to be acknowledged as an equal and important aspect of your overall soul!!

As the world soul, of which you are part of, feels compelled to dive deeply into the emotional waters that control and dictate the way in which we create our emotional realities, your individual soul is focused on the fine line between what it means to adhere to what you need to emotional nourish your soul whilst you union with an external agency, yet at the same time respecting and maintaining your independence and autonomy. The dynamic interaction between these two poles is, and has been, a central animating force in your life. Everything that is alive holds distance within itself. It needs room to reflect, to be still and to know itself; yet at the same time wants to merge and lose itself within the embrace of another. Paradoxical, yet not, as you have felt a vague awareness that there is some strange blood connection between these two states, as if Distance and Closeness are sisters, two sides of the one experience. Distance awakens longing; closeness is belonging yet they are always in a dynamic interflow with each other! All that is needed is a bridge, a bridge that enables intimacy and freedom to co-exist.

But how do you create this bridge? Through a simple choice! 

The first step is to acknowledge and let exist space in soul for these differing states to co-exist; that they are alien to each other, yet absolutely necessary for each other. The next step is for you to become comfortable with those differing states within you, where you become content with asking for space, without expecting rejection; where you understand that intimacy is neither demanding nor needy. And as this sacred dimension of your life further awakens, so too the necessity to listen to what your gut is saying arises more powerfully so that you ‘feed’ yourself only with that which nourishes and sustains, reconnecting with the effervescent nocturnal world and honouring your sacred connection to life, realising its wholeness and recognising the interconnections that form the web of life. Everything, every act, even every thought, affects the whole and during this time you can feel life to speak through you as it communicates the secrets of creation so that you can participate in the wonder that is being born. It is time to return home, to claim what belongs to you, this sacred life of which you are a part. This is what is waiting for you and its signs are ever present, pervading your consciousness at all levels. Agitating your soul through discontent, magic can begin to appear, like the wing beats of angels you cannot see but can feel as you are being reminded of who you truly are and of the divine presence that is lies within. 

So raise your eye beyond the horizon towards the heavenly patterns of the cosmos this coming week, and see and feel the eternal beauty which presides over the journey between awakening and surrender, the visible and invisible and the light and the darkness as the Lights of our Solar System, the Masculine Outer and the Feminine Inner, unite. Their coupling, which may happen every twenty nine days, takes place within the Lake, a region of consciousness that deals with the emotional intimacy of the inner world. This coupling is a conception moment, as something can birth, or bridge, itself through us and through you. And the potential is for the acknowledgment of the inner worlds of the masculine and feminine; the sharing of a sacred intimacy with respects for the individuality of both.

My prayer for you in the space leading up to this togetherness is to acknowledge the desire to live in union but apart at the same time, and that the winds of the heavens dance between these scripts, enabling a moving sea between the shores of your two souls scripts, filling each cup but drinking exclusively from one or the other and as you stand together you grow at the same rate, sharing a similar view of your landscape but within touching distance so that in time you do not grow into the other’s Shadow.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 08:04 GMT, 12th November 2017.

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    Jaynice says:

    Is it not remarkably interesting how a certain amount of The Collective humanity are receiving and sharing This Same Message –
    – Key Words are THE SAME
    (and knowing how very important meanings are) I personally find this to be Very Unifying – in a “Messenger” kinda way xx

  2. Avatar
    Thedark1 says:

    Not one word differentiates from my life. Down to having the you to my yang. The power struggles and how they have evolved. How both of our mind sets are exactly as discussed. Crazy stuff


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