Belief – The New Moon in Sagittarius 26°31’ Dec 18th UT

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith


The New Moon in Mutable Fire conjoined Saturn, trine Uranus, square Chiron

on the 18th December 2017 at 6:30am GMT

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The world is not simply there. Everything you experience, everyone you meet, anything that you see, you view through the lenses of your belief. So much depends on your belief: how you see yourself, who you think you are, how you interpret others, what you think the meaning of life is, how you ultimately see life – its beauty and darkness, its jOy and sorrow, its immanency or hollowness, its magic or flatland – is all determined by the style of belief you have.

Your beliefs, therefore, are your greatest treasures.

Understandably you may have become so taken up with the world, having and doing more and more, that you may have come to ignore who you are and forgot what you see the world with. But something stirred within our Collective two and a half years ago, moving from deep within Source, percolating through the multiverse and consequently into your personal sphere, prompting a more conscious conversation concerning the true nature of what it is that you believe and whether you are living, at all levels, in collusion with that belief. Furthermore, the deeper question that has arisen within this stirring has been whether you are aligned with that belief with all those souls you interact with and not just when you are reminded of that belief. The world without has responded in turn, offering you countless opportunities to view the way in which you and those in your world believe, as every “institution” you belong to has been turned inside out as revelations concerning their integrity has arisen. And it has had devastating consequences, as our Collective prepares to start a new leg of its cyclical journey, preparing now to set about designing and creating an alternate reality, based on the shifts in belief that have transpired.

So take comfort in the knowledge that you have not been alone on this journey towards a more conscious exploration of belief. It has been impossible not to have questioned the meaning of your life in a more visceral and conscious manner even if you have attempted to stem the rising waters that have threatened to break through the dam that has been erected to keep you contained. Everything that you have invested your time and energy into; anyone with whom you have walked your path prior to the past two and a half years; everything that you have experienced and accomplished has been deeply tested and the reality that you have been living within stretched and squeezed so that you can return to making choices that are not only authentic but also utterly conscious.

Many of the people that have been in your life; many of the routines that you have lived within; many of the systems that you have ‘created’; many of the decisions that you believe that you have made for yourself, have merely been moulded and shaped by someone else’s opinions that you have taken on board and made your own. Consequently, as you have clinically broken apart all that you lived by, you have discovered that you have lived within a limited version of ‘free-will’. Choices that you felt that you freely made, have had their origins in the external world, influenced by a system that is hungry to be fed by your unlimited creativity and energy; guided by fear and security; puppeteered by deep family and ancestral legacies; orchestrated by ego love, a love that merely wants you to feel important – to someone, something and ultimately yourself.

The question of what you believe in has been pushed forth into your awareness colouring all your actions, inactions and interconnections as you have felt impelled to question everyone and everything that has helped you build your reality to date. It has felt both testing and tiring at times during this existential ‘crisis’ as you have been compelled to enter into a cave, a place that initially felt overwhelming and frightening yet has become a sacred place where you have re-discovered yourself, having had to shed, release, simplify, re-structure, re-align, let go, clear, slow down, mourn, grieve and allow anger grace your awareness – an ego fuelled anger at how blind you have allowed yourself become.

From that darkened place, you have seen light in a new way; you have started to truly understand the power of belief and how it has defined the world that you see; you have started to feel why those in your life have been drawn towards you and why you are in their life. From that hidden space, you have freed yourself from many of the conditions that have burdened you and have understood how you have accepted the charge to hold yourself back and not to express yourself openly. From that sacred place you have started to realise that you too have impacted others with your perception and beliefs… and the question forms in your mind – how do you truly want to impact those in your world; what do you want to share; what do you want to infect your world with? After all, because of the existence of Mutable Fire, or Sagittarius, there exists a two way mutual exchange of your soul’s energy and light with the world and those within your world. This past two and a half years has made you more discerning of the impact that the world has had on YOU, but what about YOUR impact on those in your world?

But that time is coming to an end, as ahead lies the knowledge that you are about to become a conscious architect, designing the structures that will house your life over the coming three decades. The pressure has been building over the past year as you have felt something compelling you to more urgently shed and release relationships and a lifestyle that was moulded to a prior version of you. It is why it has been so intense of late – the jOy and the pain; the calmness and the anxiety; the deep sleep and the sleeplessness; the purifying of your body and the relaxed dance of moderation.

Honesty has been the only currency and confidence is the agency through which you can permit yourself be the person that you know in your heart you are. You have felt as if you have no options other than to be true to you, even if you have to take the time to re-structure your prior life choices to support your actualisation. The pressure you have felt from within stems from a knowingness that you cannot hide, that everything you do is now transparent and that the true essence of your elemental being is shining forth.

And so, at the end of this long process, a dawn approaches and a new era is about to rise, an era wherein you are the designer and creator of your own reality. That fact has always been there. But it may have been lost beneath a deep layer of conditioning – personal, ancestral, gender, race and/ or cultural. None of that truly matters, if you believe that it does not matter. And that is the point. What you believe will define the world that you live within and the world that you create. Albert Einstein is reputed to have said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.In other words, anything is possible or nothing is possible – you are either an unlimited source of fecund creativity or you are merely a battery animal reared to feed someone else. If you believe that anything is possible, even the apparent obstacles become merely experiences that serve your development and perfection of what you believe in. On the other hand, if you believe that nothing is possible, then that becomes you.

And that has led you to this point as you look ahead at the emerging New Moon-Sun, rising over this vast and open landscape, a truly blank canvas onto which the full extent of your creative spirit can be expressed. Will you create from that which is familiar or will you create free from those binds that have held you within structures? That choice is yours but remember that you are free to define your own perimeters and to use your freewill in an unlimited and unimaginable ways, a fact that is so apparent if you have taken the time to openly and willingly embrace time in your cave, a space that reveals how pulled you have been by the illusion of commitments, expectations and financial responsibilities you have taken on board as a result of the influence of other’s people’s visions of your reality. The deeper lesson of Mutable Fire, a sign that has been pushed forward into our collective awareness by Saturn’s two and a half year transit and more recently by Mercury’s loll, Venus’ and the Sun’s ingress and now the pending New Moon, is that YOU impact the world as much as the world impacts you. Again, YOUR light is infused into the world as much as you have received the light from others. By freeing your light from the beliefs of others, by consciously defining the scripts that you want to live by, and by knowing what YOU belief in, will influence the quality of the Light that you emanate, infusing it into those you come into contact with. You matter. What you believe in matters.  That choice is now. Cardinal Earth, the creation of your reality, looms. What will that look like? That is the message of the Mutable Fire lunation of 2017.

Choose well.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 13:10 GMT, 9th December 2017.

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    Robin Fivecoat says:

    Thank you for writing this! I’ve been journaling about this since the new moon in Sagitarius. Your words are colorful, yet common-sensed to explain better than I. My misunderstanding has been feeling this is for the new year not the December eighteenth new moon. I appreciate how it’s still sensing through me now.


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