The Water Lily – The New Moon in Mutable Water conjoined Chiron

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith

New Moon Pisces – 17th March 1:11pm UT

‘Flower work is not easy. Remaining soft in fire takes time.’ Angela Economakis

Listen to Andrews’ Narration of this article HERE :

She had not expected the ground beneath to have become so soggy, so quickly, as a dense mist descended, obscuring her sight, washing out the path, concealing the way forward within the greying light. What was clear, looked strangely in-between, no place looking like itself and the loss of outline created willowy shapes that hang in the thick air, toying with her mind, giving permission for darkened memories to be projected out onto the wan light.

Angry at herself for not being prepared, after all she has always been so meticulous, preparing for every eventuality, diving deep within to reflect on all that befalls her, she had failed to look up to the fragile sky, fresh from the bedarkened and weeping winter from whence she came, to clearly see the heaven’s changing omens as the frail, angel white clouds of hope, darkened to become churlish and kraken-cruel, deepening with gouts of emotion, thunking balloons of sopping moisture, before merging into one greedy beast, silencing her landscape and blanking her visibility.

Out of light with nothing to guide her but herself, the path that was clear is now washed out and the way forward concealed. Her mind awash with a surge of thoughts, unable to hear clearly despite the impenetrable eerie quiet, unable to lay claim anything in the enveloping greyness, she is no longer sure of what has been or what might come. Her thoughts, once clear, her emotions, once aligned, her spirit, once uplifted now feels dissipated in this interim time where everything feels withheld.

From deep within, a voice quietly whispers, ‘Hold confidence, Little Spirit, and do not permit confusion to squander this time. All that holds and binds you is loosening, and those tendrilous roots that have held onto false ground are being freed to find new ground to thrive in.‘

‘But I am sad’, she replied to the Voice, ‘that I am on my own journey. I thought that I had company. But it seems that I don’t. I thought I had people who felt me, who shared my Path, who knew me. Perhaps I was wrong.’

‘Fear not that others have lost sight of your heart, Little One. They have not, but they too are moving through this transfiguring time, wherein they too have to slow and reflect on their complex and fragile emotions. What is being healed here is your heart and the more faithfully you can endure, the more refined your emotions and sense of lOve will become.’

‘Take hold of this water lily, and hold it gently but firmly whilst you walk through this place. Don’t lose sight of what you hold, as this lotus is a reminder all that is true and good in your heart, something that you will forget when the path becomes awash with those struggling to swim within the waves of their own drama and reactiveness. It is all too easy to get drawn in. It is all too easy to feel their pain. It is all too easy to come to the belief that you are impacted but that you have no impact yourself. And so the fog comes to narrow your focus and to help you withdraw, for a while, into your own tranquillity and to free you from gazing without, so that you can look within.

As you tread softly over this sore ground, remember that the stem you hold is your path and the flower is the star that guides you. With every step you take, hold fast in your mind’s eye, the flower and let it speak through you. What says she?’

Little Spirit looks down into her hands at the ivory white flower. Its stem was thick and fleshy, strong and firm, in contrast to its waxy, brilliant white petals bestowing an unearthly glow. How is it that in all this chaos this delicate bloom should survive?, she thought. How can I possibly protect this flower?

With gentleness…

The thought paralyses Little Spirit. With gentleness…

‘Being vulnerable when being totally honest, being true when it is easier to join in, being silent even when the tempest rages, being kind in the face of emotional violence, being firm, yet gentle when you define your boundaries amidst the maelstrom of other people’s tempest.

Yes, Little One. Gentleness. In the end, all you have to guide you safely to solid land is the lOve you create. As hard as it, when you have to navigate through unkindness, your lOve allows understanding to dawn, from which acceptance and compassion arise. Have confidence in the belief that within you lies the ability to affect your world with your feelings, in the same way that your world has impacted your emotional equanimity. So look deeper into your heart and trust that the ‘work-in-progress’ that engages you concerning your emotional scripts and patterns is working, as you react less and lOve more, even when those in your world are too busy taking everything what they can.

In your hand is a reminder of the delicate beauty of a pure heart, the hope of rebirth and the wisdom of heart-centred enlightenment. This time is passing and there is much to gain from being obscured. Draw deep from your own dignity as you walk with an open heart to free yourself from your wounds as those ancient scripts surface and despondency has arisen. Exhale into softness, as you temper your inner world with gentleness. Honesty is always vulnerable, in the same way that the lily is vulnerable away from its pond. Take the lily back to its home, as you walk with your truth that lies within your heart. Share that truth, but do not expect return. That is your ego. Just speak with your heart, without expectation. Speak from your heart, not with the intention of justifying yourself, nor with the hope of being heard or felt. Just let flow your heart, let it guide you and in time this fog will recede and the path that you feel is unclear, becomes once again solid and defined. The more faithfully you can endure here, the more refined your heart will become as the light once again dawns.’

And so, this wan light surrounds her, blurring boundaries and making everything indistinct, the perfect opportunity to loosen her vision, widening it and opening her up to a deeper, more experiential knowingness that she has to not concern herself with details, yet implicitly trust that her deeper Heart has not lost sight of her Path. Step by step she moves, not knowing whether it is forward, up or down, nor whether she is progressing or advancing, all the time holding gently the Lily. With no signs or pointers, she gleams that what is being slowly transfigured is her faith and belief in herself and has nothing to rely upon but herself. She closes her eyes and opens the One up into heart. Letting go, she ‘sees’ the false ground fall away, feels the freedom from all that she has outgrown and senses the dawn light pending.

The signs of the zodiac are merely metanarratives to account for the universal stages of consciousness that are ubiquitous to residing within this plane of existence. Thirteen times a Solar year, the Yin and Yang Lights, aka the Sun and the Moon, embrace offering all living entities the opportunity to let go the scripts and patterns associated with the consciousness wherein this union occurs and to set intentions to establish a more conscious and more affirmed expression of that ‘sign’.

In the weeks leading up to any rebirth, the omens of death abound. Many fail to read the signs and get caught up in the drama that ensues, as desperation to hold steady and maintain how it has been, arises. The tidal surge of emotions – sadness, anger, fear, pride – has been exhausting, as old judgements and self-rejection have once again dominated your emotional landscape. It has also been tiring seeing how little work is being done by many and that the Path of emotional awakening that you are walking is a lonely path, as you have had a deep insight into the complexity of fear and control and how many in your life have been consumed by the addiction to survival.

But you have also been challenged not to walk a path of judgement nor a path above those in your life. You have had to walk with them, but that path has required you to define strong boundaries, even amidst the dense fog that has served to eclipse your sight. It has not been easy but yet in your hands is held the lily, reminding you of the fragility, yet beauty, of life.

With kindness and gentleness, firmness and clarity of the intent that exists in your heart, you can now set an intention to whisper into the frozen wastelands warmth of lOve. It will melt, in time. It may have felt cold. It may have felt isolating. It may have felt frustrating. But it is part of this liminal time as you have been called upon to feel how you have allowed the world impact you; as you have been called upon to feel where those in your world are truly; as you have been called upon to reflect on what emotion truly lies within your heart, as you have witnessed your emotional responses to those dramas in your world. It is easy to feel as if you are soaking up all that you wade through, forgetting that others too are soaking up what you are offering. It is a two way process. Not one way. Two way. And the evidence of that reciprocation has been made clear since late February as you’ve walked a more sodden path of late. 

This path is called Pisces and on the 17th March you are being called upon to set a new, more conscious intention for the feeling that you are putting out into the world, and the feeling that you are permitting to permeate your soul from your world. Pisces, simply refers to the fluid exchange of emotionally charged light and sound between all living and non-living things. Wherever this sign falls within your birth chart, regardless of whether you have planetary archetypes extant within this sign, shows you where you can actively and consciously lose all sense of Self, letting go all notions of ego, merging with someone or something, as you move beyond the illusion of the ego mind and return to the One-ness of Source Consciousness.

Perhaps it is the human level of experience and our addiction to it that blinds us to the reality that we are one thread inexorably bound and connected to all other threads within the matrix of life, as we often think and feel that we have no impact on the world around us. We tend to feel the impact on our state of mind that the world and the people in it constantly have. However, our eroded self-esteem tends to deny the impact that you, in turn, have upon the world. But impact you do have.

If the existence of Pisces demonstrates that emotions are a two way path, and if the New Moon is an invitation to consciously refresh your relationship to this archetypal structure in your life, let me ask you a question to hold a space around in the days leading up to this emotional rebirth – what is the quality of the emotion that you are radiating in the world?

lOve or fear?

A famous Piscean is reputed to have said “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe(Albert Einstein) since the feeling that emerges from that decision will guide and inform how you approach all those in your life and how you interpret their approach to you. It is always a two way process and if you believe in lOve, then no matter how unkind things feel, lOve is all you can come from. It is not an easy path. It will be lonely. But it is a path, as a Sun/ Mercury in Pisces man that I openly and consciously choose to walk. You have Pisces in your soul and I would lOve to walk with you on this path. So I invite you to walk with the Lily, gently and confidently, as we set intentions to give and receive lOve.

My best to you for your intention setting this coming Irish day, the 17th March


All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 09:05 GMT, 11th March 2018.

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    Sherry says:

    Thank you. So well said and right on the mark of this time in Pieces. I’m a
    Pisces and have be the n the emotional roller coaster hold strong with my water lily roots to keep the beautiful flower above the water line blooming. Peace out ✌️


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